Trijicon MRO mount from Spuhr

There’s a new Red Dot Mount from Spuhr available.

This time it’s a mount for the Trijicon MRO called SM-3002 MRO Mount FDE.

If you want it Ceracoated in Field Dark Earth you better hurry as it’s now available in a limited run, only 40 pcs by the looks of it.  The standard product is black.


The SM-series of red dot sight mounts was designed to be the most rugged mounts possible.
The mount consists of a mount body, a rail clamp, a set of clamping screws with washers, and screws for attaching the MRO to the mount.
The mount can be installed with the clamping screws facing either left or right.
Once the MRO is attached to the mount body the clamping screws can be attached.
The clamping screws are waxed from the factory. Customers working in extreme conditions may want to degrease the screws and screw holes and use Loctite on all screws instead.

The mount attaches to any Picatinny or STANAG NATO rail with the use of two Tx20 screws.

The height is 38 mm/1.5″ and offers absolute co-witness.

The weight is 52 g/1.83 oz.

Below: SM-3002 MRO Mount FDE with Tricijon MRO and optional cover.

The price is €145 and it’s available in their webshop.

For US customers Mile High Shooting and Quantico Tactical carry a lot of the Spuhr products.


Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • Michael Boudreaux

    fde=flat dark earth not field dark earth as stated in the article

    • Rogertc1

      So true

  • Friend

    Seriously? That’s not an MRO patrol in the picture.

  • Christopher Wallace

    `145 euros is a lot of coin for a tiny piece of aluminum. i confus

    • Frank

      For a mount that looks to be cast too.

      • MeaCulpa

        It looks cast because the machining is done properly with beveld edges and so fort.

  • Cyborg Fred

    I’m gonna wait for the mass produced Blaze Orange version. These limited edition units make you feel uneasy about scratching them, when you go on secret operations. It’s a good thing they are only making 40 Limited edition, never to be seen again, really special, last chance, it’s now or never, don’t be left out, once they’re gone they’re gone for ever, credit card slaughtering special units.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    Which particular shade of brown is Field Dark Earth again? I’m losing track of all of them.

    And the black that you state the normal edition comes in, is that Flat black, Tactical black or, Dark black?

    • mig1nc

      Black Earth?

  • Daniel

    What the hell is a €? I only make my online purchases in bitcoin or Sacajawea dollars. Cut. Paste. Post. Feet up on the desk. My day is done.

  • Luke Yost

    I could get an american made qd mount for cheaper.