Experimental Russian Pistol Designed in MOLOT

Several days ago we published an article telling about a new Vepr rifle. The source of that article was the information published by Mikhail Degtyaryov of Kalashnikov Gun Magazine. Recently, he has also released a couple of images of an experimental Russian pistol that he came across during his MOLOT factory trip.

The pistol is designed by a gentleman named Pyotr Mokrushin (an employee of MOLOT). He started the development of the pistol about five years ago. It is a striker fired, aluminum framed pistol chambered in 9x19mm and fed from a double stack single feed magazines.

Images courtesy of “Kalashnikov” Gun Magazine

At first glance, it may look to be an ordinary pistol. However, what makes it unique is the way its mechanism works. It uses a blow forward action. The barrel and slide are attached to each other and form an assembly. The breech block is permanently attached to the frame. Upon firing, the barrel/slide assembly starts to move forward driven by the force of the bullet engaging the riflings and the forward dragging force of the bullet traveling down the bore. By moving forward, barrel/slide assembly clears the cartridge case held by the extractor on the breech face and allows it to be ejected through the side ejection port. After that, the reciprocating parts start to move backward driven by the recoil spring. Then feeding and chambering happens and the gun gets ready for the next shot.

As you might have guessed from the description of the action, in order to charge the pistol, one needs to grab and push the slide forward and let it go back – the opposite motion of the slide racking seen in the majority of modern pistols.

The dust cover portion of the prototype aluminum frame started to bend during test firing, that’s why they welded the triangular reinforcement piece in front of the trigger guard. Should the pistol be further refined, that reinforcement bar wouldn’t be there. Note also the “Glock-style” trigger safety mechanism.

For unknown reasons, the designer halted the further development of this handgun.

This type of action is nothing new. It has been previously seen in handguns like Hino Komuro Model 1908, Schwarzlose M1908 etc. Nevertheless, it is extremely interesting to see arms designers attempting to employ this rather unusual mechanism in a modern firearm. It would be great to see more designers experimenting with various uncommon actions.

Many thanks to Mikhail Degtyaryov for providing the information.

Hrachya H

Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. His knowledge of Russian allows him to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
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  • Twilight sparkle

    Looks like a vp 70 and a glock got drunk one night…

    • Anonymoose

      And had sex in a dumpster.

      • civilianaf

        May I say that I am a fan of this comment.

    • TheUnspoken

      If California ever bans picatinny rails this will be the new Cali legal pinned rail cover.

      I was thinking vp70 and Mauser HSc. I usually don’t think of Glock as svelte, nor hi point as an object of desire, but if this is where handguns went then hi point all the way!

      Definitely a novel approach to the action, I would like to see slo-mo footage.

    • Glocker

      I was thinking more VP70 and Hi-Point… (ralph!)

  • Tim

    Wow. Kel Tec, eat your heart out.

  • Red McCloud

    Me: oh boy, can’t wait to keep working on my proprietary blow-forward pistol I’ve been literally working on for like the past half year!
    This article: *appears*
    Me: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c048f4519552213a96f392f85e4eecb3bb3ccffd5a488c4ae94f329ff9b97537.jpg

    A-Atleast I’ve got my straight pull which has a bolt mechanism to another straight pull shown in an article on this website, right guys?

    • Michael Kokot

      proprietary? have you not heard of the Schwarzlose 1908? This concept is nothing new

      • Red McCloud

        I know a lot about that pistol, but that’s a direct blow forward, not a gas operated design like mine…

        • Igor Reznik

          Go to google patent search, you will find many blow forward designs with gas operated and without

    • I know this feeling very well.

  • I wonder if a blow forward design would have less recoil / muzzle rise, due to the momentum of the forward slide travel cancelling out part of the rearward recoil energy?

    • Paul Rain

      The existing ones are much worse than any other system, apparently (and are chambered in early 1900s .380 tier cartridges or below).

    • JT303

      Check out Forgotten Weapons’ videos on the Schwarzlose. They’re actually much snappier than a conventional weapon in the same chambering because you have the impulse of the slide pushing off the breech face as well as the recoil of the round.

      • Damn. I suppose that would explain why blow forward designs have not taken over the world.

    • SGT Fish

      I think you mean the slide being pushed forward would ADD to the recoil. the slide moves forward, the slides gotta get pushed back

    • civilianaf

      May help keep barrel down?

  • Madison J Coleman

    I think the question everyone wants to know is… is it drop safe? Can you hit it with a hammer? If I throw it out of a helicopter at a 42 degree angle will it dent a primer? This is all that matters anymore.

  • Amplified Heat

    Whitski Wolverine

  • Evan

    Protip, Iver Johnson invented the split “safety trigger”(in modern parlance) in 1896.

  • iksnilol

    What about suppressor use?

    • Anonymoose

      Suppressors and lights are for decadent capitalist pigdogs!

  • PK

    Blow-forward! That’s an unusual choice, I hope it works out. There aren’t too many of them in the world, little further development was ever done.

  • gunsandrockets

    Still wondering why no one seems to be experimenting with applying to a handgun the inertia recoil operating principle used on some current shotguns.

    • Paul Epstein

      Difficulty in getting the recoil impulse directly back? Handgun recoil is almost always rotational as well as back towards the shooter. It might also be too heavy to be competitive with other handgun designs, a central principle of the operation is the bolt remaining stationary due to inertia immediately after firing and you can’t have inertia without weight.

      • Haulin’ Oats

        If you limp wrist an intertia driven gun, then it will fail to cycle; which is why you need to properly shoulder the stock on a benelli or it too will have its failures.

        • gunsandrockets

          Do you speak from personal experience? If so I would like to hear more.

          Because my understanding of how the Benelli inertia mechanism works indicates the exact opposite.

          Something like a Browning long-recoil operated shotgun is what might be thrown off by ‘limp wristing”

      • gunsandrockets

        The system works best the heavier the recoil is, or rather the faster the firearm moves reward under recoil the better.

        A firearm clamped down to a shooting bench so it couldn’t move wouldn’t function at all. Likewise a firearm with pipsqueak recoil, like a 5.56mm rifle, would be an extremely poor candidate for this method of operation.

        Such a mechanism would be ideal with a light handgun shooting a powerful cartridge. The very direction that handgun development has been moving in the last twenty years.

    • Stephen Paraski

      I like that sport coat.

  • White American

    “I’ll bet you can’t rack this slide”

  • Bradley

    I seriously doubt it would work in 9×19 without some sort of locking or delaying device.

  • Vitsaus

    Molot engineer: “Man, Glocks are the ugliest guns on the market.”

    Pyotr Mokrushin “Hold my Vodka.”

  • snmp

    Look Like some inpiration from Mars Automatic Pistol & Colt SCAMP

  • BrandonAKsALot

    There aren’t enough blow forward designs in the world. I feel like there’s a joke hiding there somewhere.

  • Allan

    well it’s better designed than the p320 it has a trigger safety

  • shooter2009

    Sorry, but that design blows.


  • rychastings

    so whts the advantage?

  • John

    I’m sorry Hi-Point…you’ve lost your crown….THIS is now the ugliest gun on Earth!