Apex’s Freedom Triggers… Now With More American Freedom

    There are a few things that I look forward to every year as cyclical product releases. While there is the usual plethora of products prior to SHOT and NRA and the various companies looking to capitalize on the shows’ exposure, few look to the other times of the year for their product releases. One of my two favorites is 5.11 who shows their sense of humor every year by having the tactical kilts available for April Fool’s Day purchases and the second being the unabashed patriotism of Apex Tactical Specialties and their Freedom Edition Triggers. 

    For this year, the opportunity to get your own Freedom (edition) is expanding with trigger shoes being available not just for Apex’s typical M&Ps, but now includes the Glock platform. The new options include the trigger by itself, a trigger and trigger bar combo, and a full “enhancement” set including the trigger, bar, plunger, and disconnector.

    Apex claims the following results:

    • – Direct drop-in replacement of factory polymer trigger
    • – Smooth uptake and reset
    • – Reduces trigger over travel and reset distance
    • – Shortens reset length
    • – Delivers crisp trigger break
    • – Center mounted pivoting safety maintains factory safety values

    The triggers are designed to function with all Generations of Glocks, but the packages are specific to the Generation 3 weapons. Pricing for the triggers ranges from $89.95 for the bare shoes to $184.95 for a full-up M&P kit.



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