Glock Mag PCC Feeding Problems? Fix it with TACCOM Glock Lower Feedramp

The explosion of the pistol caliber carbine is fascinating. While certainly a fun type of weapon to shoot, the weapon type has not exactly been known for reliable operation. Sure, purpose-built PCC platforms have been excellent for reliability, the PCC genre suffers from the adaptation to the AR-15 and its fusion with other platform’s components such as Glock.

The main issue is the feeding of rounds. Having a single-feed magazine with no immediate contact with the barrel and positive guided feeding has been frustrating shooters looking to take their supremely reliable Glock magazines and have them dispense gun food for their blowback carbines. Often, the rounds nosedive down impacting the barrel instead of being guided by the feed ramps that typify purpose-built weapons.

TACCOM has a nifty little solution. Knowing the gap between magazine and feed ramps was a major issue, they presumed to solve this by adding in a feed ramp to the upper receiver. While a likely excellent solution, the problem lies in installation, which requires the home modification of the upper receiver to fit the new feed ramp. While instructions are given in reasonable detail, quite a few shooters will not be willing to start cutting chips.

The TACCOM Glock Lower Feedramp retails for $19.95 directly from TACCOM. 


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  • SGT Fish

    and that is why my 9mm rifles use colt mags. Never had an issue with them. no reason to buy different kinds of lowers to run mags that are harder to load

    • Kelly Jackson

      Other than the obvious fact that Glock magazines are ubiquitous and plentiful.

      There is an OEM Colt 32 rounder on CheaperThanDirt right now for $71 compared to a 33 round OEM Glock magazine on the same site for $31.

      • Jeff Smith

        Cheaper Than Dirt kind of sucks.

        I read that C Products are OEM for Colt. They can be had sub $25.

        • Kelly Jackson

          Got a source for that?

          • Jeff Smith

            Still waiting for my other reply to post (it had a link in it, so it has to be moderated). I thought I was mistaken and that it was Metalform mags that were OEM (the response that will post when moderated says I was mistaken), but both of my statements were right. Metalform was contracted to produce OEM mags (marked with an “M” on the base of Colt OEM mags) and ASC (now C Products Defense, from my understanding) was adopted as OEM by Colt.


          • SGT Fish

            PSA had deals selling their steel mags for 12 bucks at one point. then the price went to 18 bucks

          • Jeff Smith

            Are you signed up for PSAs email list? They do daily deals like that constantly. It’s horrible for your bank account.

          • SGT Fish

            of course. but if you want some even cheaper prices you’ll have to shop around. try deltateamtactical and schuylerarmsco. always check the sales pages. PSA still continues to amaze though. the Sub $500 AR-10s would be on their way to me right now if I wasn’t closing on a house right now. I put a PSA ar10 together last year for 700 with various components and never shot it but 25rds. guys were begging to give me 900 bucks for it

          • SGT Fish

            it shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes of googling to find 32rd colt pattern mags for under 20 bucks. ive found them for 12 and 13 dollars pretty regularly. ASC mags are cheap. I have glocks and like shooting them. but I can speed load colt mags like crazy and not waste time loading and making my thumbs sore.

      • Big Daddy

        You can use the Metalform mags that Brownells sells for under $30. They are the same as the older Colts. The only reason to buy an older Colt mag is to match names no other reason. It’s cork sniffing or collectors, that’s why it’s so expensive.

      • SGT Fish

        LOL. 31 bucks for a 33rd mag? I guess my all steel 12 and 13 dollar 32rd mags were a ripoff!

    • Big Daddy

      Not true in fact if you push down on your mag the gun will have a malfunction after firing. What the Colt pattern needs is a magazine overtravel. I have less issues now that I use a QC 10 upper with the larger ejection ports.

      As for the Glock pattern it has some issues solved with a very heavy buffer. I use the KAK 10 oz buffer in my 2 9mm and 45ACP AR pistols. All 3 are close to 100% reliable now, just have a hiccup now and then, like the Kriss mags not working well in the 45. I’ve got them close though.

      • SGT Fish

        I haven’t had any trouble with colt mags. the ejector works as a magazine over-insertion stop if you have it set up right

        • Big Daddy

          Have you tried what I said?

    • Sledgecrowbar

      I have both. I always liked Colt SMG mags better because you can load them with stripper clips and the very slightly wider 9mm cartridge really makes 5.56 stripper clips tension on 5.56 ammo just right for me. Now that ETS came out with a working speedloader for pistol mags, it’s nicer to take the Glock mag AR out, but both needed buffer weight and spring strength tuning to really run right, neither is an easy gun to assembly from scratch unless you like going to the range to shoot five rounds and go home frustrated again. It would be nice if someone came out with a short recoil action for the AR but I don’t know how you’d do it without a cost-prohibitive steel upper. Blowback is mechanically simple but it’s not the nicest to shoot.

      • SGT Fish

        I haven’t had any trouble at the range. I must be lucky. only issues ive had is having to fit some parts together and bend ejectors to get them to line up with the slot in the bolt and throw brass properly. They are super simple in 9mm blowback. Mine even feed some really wide hollowpoints without issue

  • Jared Vynn

    Gotta love part instructions that include jb weld.

  • Keiichi

    The AR platform is such an inefficient form-factor for a PCC… the rounds are small enough to feed through the grip, so no need for the added weight and size of an AR-style lower with a forward mag well.

    AR-pattern PCCs are just such lazy designs.

    • JSmath

      Fools and their money…

    • richard kluesek

      UZI s and Kel Tec SUB 2000 s do fine by me.

  • civilianaf

    How about we design 9mm Rifles that feed reliably. Cant that be a thing?

    • FightFireJay

      Don’t the MPX, CX4, and EVO have good reputations?

      For that matter, the hipoint carbine and the mectech ccu.

      • civilianaf

        Exactly my point.

  • Walter Williams

    Just getting to know my PSA AR9’s. I had a feed problem trip#2 to the range. I am blaming it on the Magpul 21rd mags. They gave me fits in my G19. First trip for the Magpuls