Dueck Defense RBU Leupold Delta Point Pro Sight Base

Red dots on pistols are the bee’s knees these days, everyone is doing it. There are a few different ways to mount a red dot on your pistol. You can have your slide milled to accept one of the various pistol red dots on the market. You can turn your gun into a space gat by using a frame mounted red dot system like the 6 Second Mount from ALG Defense, this method requires a custom holster and you do lose your iron sights however. Or you can use an adapter that mounts to the rear sight dovetail with no milling needed. Or you can just use your pistol’s iron sights like people have been doing before newfangled red dots were invented.

Dueck Defense are the folks behind the RBU sight bases that feature integrated sights built into them. Why have iron sights on your sight base? With some red dot pistol setups you’ll no longer have iron sights or they’ll be blocked. With the RBU sight base if your optic dies you’ll still have iron sights. Another reason is to help with faster target acquisition. It can be easy to lose the dot when you’re aiming, the integrated sight on the RBU can help make it easier to acquire the dot. The RBU bases are made in the USA and require no gunsmithing, they mount right onto the rear sight dovetail. Dueck Defense’s first RBU base was for the RMR sight, they now have one that fits the Leupold Delta Point Pro Red Dot for both the Glock and S&W M&P. They retail for $129.95 over at dueckdefense.com.

Ray I.

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  • Hyasuma

    so….does it come with a front sight plug?

    • PK

      First thought, probably not. Second thought, it ought to.

      The install video I just watched does show the packaging, and there’s no plug. Funny enough, they didn’t even remove the front sight as there’s no real reason to.

      • Dorothysgreer

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        • Drew Coleman

          F*** off with your spam.

          • Dougscamo

            Apparently your admonishment worked….it doesn’t show….nice job!

      • Hyasuma

        of course they don’t. They never do, just like the over price Meprolight FT’s

      • noob

        They chould later elect to have suppressor height front sights installed for co-witness.

  • Jared Vynn

    Not my cup of tea, but thanks for telling us the price :).

  • GaryOlson

    An accessory for two pistol types I will never use. Why do rear sight dovetails have to be different for every manufacturer? Standards organizations are useful for simple specs like dovetail slots for rear sights. Then these types of gadgets would be easier to sell. Yes, I know about the problems with these types of committees.

    • William Elliott

      hell, if they’d just offer a set of compatable dove tail wedges, that would solve the problem. Case in point, the See All slide mount. Instead of having a very tight wedge, it slides in easily. Then when you tighten down the mounting screws it pulls up on the wedge, tightening the fit. Those same screws that tighten the wedge can also be used to remove it, and replace it with one appropriate to the firearm you are mounting it on.

  • noob

    6 second sight mount? Can it make me shoot a six seconds of arc group?

  • Madcap_Magician

    I think the ‘front sight’ is probably of limited value. With a sight radius consisting solely of the 1.5 or so inches between one end of the MRDS and the other, it seems like you could shoot just as accurately by simply indexing the gun along the slide. Having an integrated, cowitnessing rear iron sight as part of the MRDS so that you can use a suppressor-height front sight really is a good thing, though.

    • EdgyTrumpet

      I think the idea is the sights will help you find the dot.

    • William Elliott

      its a BUIS…yes the irons help you find the dot, but mostly they are there in case the dot goes down. If they were meant to be primary sighting, I would say, Yah, you need the full sight radius.

  • TheNotoriousIUD
  • Quasimofo

    I’ve used Leupold’s Glock rear sight mount (~$30) for the DP Pro in combination with a 0.625″ front sight (~$25) from Dawson Precision on a 17L. A little odd looking, but it worked pretty good for cowitnessing using the DP Pro’s adjustable rear sight. Not necessarily a carry gun, IMO, but you get the benefit of sight radius, and at a lower cost.