BREAKING: Sig Sauer Offers To Upgrade P320 Pistols In Wake Of Drop Safety Failures

In the wake of the news that the P320 has failed when drop tested by independent sources, Sig Sauer has offered to upgrade P320 pistol in the wake of the failures. Note that Sig Sauer is not issuing a recall of any kind, just that they are offering a program to upgrade the existing pistols with parts that Sig may have already developed.

Just 4 days ago, Sig reassured us that the P320 was safe and did not indicate that they were aware of a problem. They even stated, “All SIG SAUER pistols incorporate effective mechanical safeties to ensure they only fire when the trigger is pressed.” in the press release 4 days ago, recent independent testing indicates that this may not be the case after all. While I am not saying that Sig concealed anything from us, I do find it interesting that Sig seems to indicate in the most recent press release that the parts needed to upgrade the P320 have already been developed.

Sig Sauer has not returned our request for further comment at this time.

Sig does state that the upgrade program details will be released on their website on Monday, August 14, 2017 but does not indicate how the program will be run and what parts will be replaced. I have pasted the whole press release below.

SIG SAUER Issues Voluntary Upgrade of P320 Pistol   

P320 pistol meets requirements for industry and government safety standards;
performance enhancements optimize function, safety, and reliability.

Newington, NH (August 8, 2017) – The P320 meets U.S. standards for safety, including the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) / Sporting Arms Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute, Inc. (SAAMI®), National Institute of Justice (NIJ), as well as rigorous testing protocols for global military and law enforcement agencies.

The design of the SIG SAUER P320 overcomes the most significant safety concern in striker-fired pistols today: the practice of pressing the trigger for disassembly. This can be performed with a round in the chamber which has resulted in numerous incidents of property damage, physical injury, and death. The disassembly process of the P320, however, uses a take-down lever rather than pressing the trigger, eliminating the possibility of discharge during the disassembly process.

Recent events indicate that dropping the P320 beyond U.S. standards for safety may cause an unintentional discharge.

As a result of input from law enforcement, government and military customers, SIG has developed a number of enhancements in function, reliability, and overall safety including drop performance. SIG SAUER is offering these enhancements to its customers. Details of this program will be available at on Monday, August 14, 2017.

The M17 variant of the P320, selected by the U.S. government as the U.S. Army’s Modular Handgun System (MHS), is not affected by the Voluntary Upgrade.

“SIG SAUER is committed to our approach on innovation, optimization, and performance, ensuring we produce the finest possible products,” said Ron Cohen, President and CEO of SIG SAUER. “Durability, reliability and safety, as well as end-user confidence in the SIG SAUER brand are the priorities for our team.”

Does this confirm that there is a problem with the P320? My personal opinion is that it does. I don’t believe that a manufacturer would offer a voluntary upgrade program for a problem that does not exist if there wasn’t some truth to the claims that the P320 is not drop safe. But again, that is merely my opinion.

I do find it interesting that the M17 variant of the P320 is not going to be upgraded like the rest of the guns, I wonder if the contract will not allow for any changes to the design after it has been adopted. I would like to see ALL P320s upgraded to include the M17 models, but that is not Sig’s current plan.

We should have more information coming out soon, make sure to check back for updates.


  • feetpiece _


    An upgrade for the unloaded turd in the safe/trunk/atv. Just like the Steyr M they ripped off.

  • Petto

    “Voluntary Upgrade” a nice way for so much needed fix haha

  • Jason Wallace

    The M17 version has an additional safety installed in it (that was required for the contract) that probably would prevent it from ever happening. That being said mine was dropped in the exact manor that was described onto the concrete floor of a shooting range and it never went off.

    I will say though that it makes me think that they should upgrade the US drop test requirements to drop the firearms onto concrete and/or asphalt vice a thin rubber mat for all future tests.

    • feetpiece _

      Cool story, now you go Jump with one loaded and report back 😉

      • Given that ALL weapons jumped are supposed to be jumped chamber empty, regardless of design, I would have ZERO hesitation jumping an M17. Hell, I’ll even unholster it and drop it 25 feet below me on a 550 cord lowering line, just so it hits the ground as hard as possible.

        Hell, I’ll jump a loaded, late war Nambu (the one that can fire if you press on the wrong spot on the frame)… with the chamber empty…

        • Angus Alba

          nice burn…….

    • Flash Gordon

      The manual safety should prevent an AD from happening unless the gun is dropped without the safety engaged.

      • int19h

        Are you saying that the military doesn’t do drop testing with safety disengaged? That … feels like a significant oversight.

        • Flash Gordon

          Yes, the military did drop test. If they did test with the safety engaged or not I could not say.

  • Carlos Velazquez

    Grab a bag of popcorn, this is starting to get interesting.

    • Treiz

      only a few hours in and the hurricane of top shelf memes has arrived.

  • NINJA del TACO
    • Giolli Joker

      Are you an alias of RaptorFred?

      • NINJA del TACO

        He is what I is or was will be at a time in the future.

  • Brett baker

    An upgrade….c’mon SIG, this is ripping off GLOCK a little too much!

    • PK

      It’s an upgrade to remove the feature where it fires when dropped.

  • Jaune Arc

    I think I’ve translated the totally-not-a-recall Upgrade:

    Part 1: It’s totally safe, for realz guys.
    Part 2: SO much safer than those Glocks, that can TOTALLY kill you just by taking them apart! SERIOUSLY. WE’RE THE SAFEST.
    Part 3: Okay, so MAYBE, if you drop it in this actually realistic orientation we weren’t required to test for, it’ll go off. Maybe. According to the internet. We’re not admitting to anything.
    Part 4: Some people told us how to not kill you if you drop our guns, so we’ll tell you how in a couple days.
    Part 5: But it’s cool, the Army gun they didn’t actually finish testing on is TOTALLY safe.
    Part 6: PS: Sig is awesome.

    • txJM

      That sh*t was kinda funny ten years ago, when you were still wondering what AOL was.

      • Gus Butts

        You were wondering what AOL was in 2007?

        • KestrelBike

          Back in 2007 I was wondering why so many accounting clients were still paying $29.99/mo for AOL… On top of their cable internet bill :

          They wouldn’t listen…

          • burningwar

            Wow, you just reminded me, AOL used to offer a services package that went on top of your broadband, that included email! We are so used to free email, nowadays.

      • Mikial

        And this has what to do with what he said?

        • txJM

          What he said was unoriginal, and played out.

    • JohnnyCuredents

      It’s clear to the military, at least, that it’s safer than the LOSER called Glock.

      • Mikial

        And what exactly makes that clear? Exactly? C’mon, examples will be appreciated.

        • JohnnyCuredents

          Friend, can you read English? I said it’s clear to the military. They picked Sig, not the loser Glock. Now, go back to sleep.

    • DennisBechtel

      sig p-320 striker fired 9mm not quite awesome ,returned my copy and FN509 should be here tomorrow am earily.actually found a pistol that will out shoot the sig 320 …

      • Barry Gaddis

        Not only will the FN509 outshoot the P320, the FN 9c is far and above superior to the Sig offering. I am quite amazed why the FN line of Handguns are not mentioned more with the “sacred three” of Glock, Sig and S&W. My experience with FN is they are far superior than the “sacred three” and their entire weapon lines are excellent. True military grade and tough as nails. If and when I ever am heading down range again, an FN will be on my hip and a FN BU on my ankle. Semper Fi.

  • Friend of Tibet
  • koolhed

    Hipoints… STILL dropsafe.

    • Ubama’sTrueLegacy

      I dunno– try droppong one on your toe.

    • Mikial

      Actually, that’s true.

  • GordonTheDog

    The M17 isn’t being offered the upgrade, as news from other sources seems to indicate, because the upgrade *is* the M17’s fire control components, which were already different than the 320’s.

    • Rob

      If true, the XM17 was submitted over a year ago. That seems to indicate that Sig has been sitting on this for a while and only came forward when called out.

      • GordonTheDog

        Sure, but, by all accounts, no problems with the 320 had been reported to them in that time frame. So, there was no impetus to change the already established production line to incorporate parts for a gun you didn’t know if you were even going to make.

        • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

          Not entirely true. They said that the American COMMERCIAL market hasn’t seen a drop safety failure. That means the mil/Leo market and overseas is still up in the air as far as I am concerned.

          • GordonTheDog

            Sure, there’s some CYA language, but I’d think we’d have heard about it. There’s also the very real chance, as indicated by some language, that other contract guns are different than the commercial 320’s and already had one or more of the changes in them. I’m still going to hold judgement on the one guy who filed suit, in case he’s just trying to cash in on the frenzy because he ND’ed into his leg.

          • DennisBechtel

            sig tests and re evaluates each weapon system (platform commercial speak),they test and re do each component continuously throughout production runs ,not many p-320’s will fire when dropped ,mine absolutely will not fire when dropped or hit with a plastic mallet ,yours if its a mil spec variant might, do the fix if offered it will be free of course ,moss magnussen act.also try the sig 716 dmr rifle at your fav range ,its a literal blast .even the 1st model patrol 308 will hold an inch at 200 yards ,168 grain black hills gold ,Winchester match 168 seem to shoot best ,try your own hand loads for best results ,do not ever go beyond sammi specs ,for any reason.

      • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

        The plot thickens. There may be some truth to the timeline.

        • Angus Alba

          that’s just more inflammatory conjecture – you openly accusing Sig of conspiracy or just keep trying to imply it as “opinion”?

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            I am saying that it is kinda convenient that they had a fix ready to show the world within 36 hours of the first video being shown to the world.

          • DennisBechtel

            no not even close ,sig is really that good ,ruger is bestest colt is hmmmm owned by dunkin donuts now (maybe not).smith &Wesson and walther have teamed up ,do a back ground check ,find out who or what real entity owns your favorite firearms company,you will be surprised ,my fav rifles are made in Israel and called su 95s models (thats a tavor )to the uninitiated.shooting the tavor 308 rifles today out back.there chambered in 7.62 nato and called the tavor 7 have a great day Shabbat shalom.

          • Mikial

            I’m assuming the English is your second language and you really don’t understand the punctuation, capitalization and grammar rules at all.

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            No, they aren’t that good.

          • Secundius

            I think you mean Daniel “Colt” McCoy of the Redskins and Dunkin Donuts!/? Not Colt’s Manufacturing. He plans to Open a 23 Dunkin Donuts Stores in the Greater Austin, Texas area…

          • DennisBechtel

            oh my goodness ,inflammatory conjecture ,sig and glock make good pistols ,I have more colts than I have sig and glock its cause I inherited a huge collection actually three huge collections I rareiy shoot my 1967 colt commercial 9mm ,but when I do its the most accurate 9mm I own cause its totally custom o model from colt custom.sig sauer is as reputable as any other weapon company,welll may be not as reputable as just one ,can you guess which one ?starts with an R. ends with an uger.

          • Mikial

            No, he’s not saying there was a conspiracy, I think (and I may be wrong here) that he is simply saying that Sig knew there might be a problem and instead of manning up and getting it fixed, they decided to be quite and hope for the best so as not to affect their bid.

        • Flounder

          I suspect the issue with not being drop safe is only on some trim levels/guns where they used trigger parts to get a lighter trigger pull.

          I suspect the M17 has an upgraded trigger group for more reliable function and durability.

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            We probably will never know.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      Unless you have proof, that is pure speculation. What I am privy to seems to indicate that the parts for the fix will probably be something we haven’t seen yet.

      • J.T.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if the upgrade is the tabbed trigger they showed as an option when they originally announced the gun.

        • jp2336

          Its not. The voluntary recall parts will include a lightened trigger and if I recall correctly from the conversation from my conversation with my Sig rep today, striker, and a couple other components that will go into effect once all components are available, tentatively next month. Until then people should stop freaking out and acting like the sky is falling, the platform passed all the required tests set forth If the tests need to modified then so be it. I don’t recall the last time I dropped a loaded weapon ever or witness someone do so. Maybe I’m a different type of animal.

      • Angus Alba

        no more pure speculation than yours and arguable much less given how you are writing the articles and your replies

        Just because you flagged it as your opinion but then claim another one of your “insider” leaks after the fact just raises questions about your motives.

        Your closing statements are more than just opinion if you have info you are prepared to stand by or just wild ass guesses if you are not prepared to stand by the comments and insider info you claim to have

        if you have data then state what it is and stop with what comes off as smug “I know something you don’t”

        • Kivaari

          What ulterior motive would exist behind writing an article about non-drop-safe P320s? There seems to be a lot of evidence that the guns are unsafe. “Exposing” that fact does just what to promote just what?

          • Angus Alba

            Go back and read those last couple of paragraphs of this post again

            Patrick’s CYA by saying something inflammatory is just his “opinion” but then later in the comments to claim he has insider info (that of course he doesn’t share) is suspicious at best and malicious at worst

            Either he has data to back up his claims about Sig covering this up and needing to also fix the M17 or he doesn’t. Show some integrity, be open about your sources and stand behind what you post,but to flat out try to accuse Sig of something malicous and trying to hide behind calling it an “opinion” is hinky

            its sloppy journalism, immature and feels like click bait rather than a properly researched story.

          • Kivaari

            You implied he had a hidden motive. I want to know what that motive is.

          • Angus Alba

            please point out where I said he had a hidden motive? I didn’t say that but he sure does have a clear bias.

            I did point out that he was flat out implying (more that once) that Sig was being untruthful, and more than once made malicious statements (covered as “his opinion” as an out), that he had insider information that he will not reveal – like the push that M17 also HAS this fault – when NO public evidence says that and in fact what is public would indicate is not the case.

            His original DPD post was just as bad and TFB had to walk that back based on how the title was written.

            oh and he has more than once has made it very clear he is Glock fan himself and clearly believes there was a M17 conspiracy of some sort (but that’s more of his secret insider knowledge we mere mortals don’t see him post)

          • Kivaari

            I disagree.

          • Barry Gaddis

            Angus, what’s up man? Do you have a compulsive need to judge? Relax a bit. We’re just a group discussing Firearms. We are not taking or providing depositions here. Perhaps you are a Journalism Professor, Sig Legal Council, Psychologist or whatever? Maybe you just haven’t been able to go to the Range and shoot for a few weeks and are “frustrated”? Patrick doesn’t need me or anyone to defend him, yet get off his back. The wisdom in learning is the ability to discern differing opinions and information. Try it and relax Bro.

      • Angus Alba

        that is unless you are not prepared to stand by your sources……..

      • Barry Gaddis

        Patrick, keep on keeping on. I and many enjoy your work and appreciate it and thank you for it. In TRUTH, how the hell can anyone from a keyboard tell what you do, how you do it and what your “motives” possibly could be. Just goes to show that anytime you gather more than two people, the drama and hating begins. I am confident of this, you and your associates have far deeper access to the weapon industry than myself and 99% of the participants providing comments on here. I use Firearms as Tools personally and professionaly and am spot on within my own paradigm. Keep it coming. Semper Fi.

        • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

          Thank Barry!

    • J.T.

      As far as I know the only difference with the M17 is the manual safety, which would also be why it doesn’t need the upgrade.

      • Flounder

        Every single part is a little bit different. But would probably fit and work in a standard p320.

        Like the two spanner screws that makes caliber/modularity conversions an armorer only operation. The safety… which is in the trigger group so everything in there is gonna be a touch different. The slides that can accept red dots appear to be slightly different from the commercial ones.
        The color is different and unavailable to civs
        The color of the small parts is unavailable to civs
        The mags… Might be different… idk

        Like i said, every piece is different, but would probably work in a p320 off the shelf.

    • PersonCommenting

      Are drop tests tested with safety on or off with the Army? Would that make a difference?

    • They CANNOT change the design of the M17, unless the Army tells them to. That’s how “milspec” works. It doesn’t MATTER if you have a better idea – if the contract reads, “grip frames will be made out of used bubblegum”, then, by God, you better supply guns made out of used bubblegum.

      What the Army tested and approved is ALL that SIG is authorized to sell the Army.

      • jp2336

        Incorrect. MILSPEC does not work that way, MILSPEC is a parameter set between A and be and tolerances must remain between those tolerances with a deviation no more/less than X. But a change may be submitted provided the contract language stipulated it, which in the DoD I’m sure most contracting officers that are worth their salt ensured the i’s were dotted and t’s were crossed.

        • Robert Blake

          I work in DOD acquisitions, and Rick is closer to being right than you are jp. I’ve seen plenty of deliverables that met the language of the contract perfectly, but not the intent, thanks to minor communication failures in a 20,000 page long specification touched by too many hands and not reviewed well enough by a program manager. Then, the follow up corrections and ECO’s can easily double the IOT&E delivery price.

          • jp2336

            While I won’t disagree with your past experiences, PM’s are “supposed” to have competent people in the correct places which has always irritated me; that doesn’t negate client difficult clients though. But an EC seems to have become far to common place and used as an “oops sure we changed our mind again after the 4th final one we agreed on”. Being on the same sheet from the get-go seems to be a lost art in an age of “endless money”. I’ve seen/been on both sides Mil/Civ with the latter being the Civ side working Gov contracts. Especially the controversial PMs.

    • Sean

      I guess Patrick R and his sources weren’t invited to Sig today to get the real scoop like a bunch of other gun writers did.

      • Angus Alba

        why would Sig invite him? He has published several stories with misleading titles, implied very heavily that they were lying and served up all manner of “opinions” about what Sig was or wasn’t doing – all while claiming he has insider knowledge (which he doesn’t actually post)

        • Kivaari

          Maybe so they can BS him into thinking everything is OK, when in fact everything is not OK.

    • DennisBechtel

      the glock m-17 is a much more tested platform than the sig 320 ,I have many sigs and glocks ,but my favorite 9mm is NOT striker fired ,its a sig p-210 legend ,2nd is a S&w model 39 ,3rd a revolver that shoots 9mm fro moon clips.a ruger.there are over 400 9mm pistols and revolvers in my collection,i just don’t like striker fired pistols,you have to do a trigger job on each of them ,that’s an extra 350 bucks bucks a piece.

  • feetpiece _

    I should get one to keep my Gen2 556R company in the safe. I’m sure there are a few556xi owners that feel the same way.😉

  • Kivaari

    Shameful performance by SIG. They had to know this was an issue.

    • Flash Gordon

      They did, back in January.

    • DennisBechtel

      they did not know for sure but were convinced that any changes would cost them money off a paper thin margin on the 320 platform ,sig is a great company as is GLOCK ,I still think that fabrique national should make the service pistols ,the 509 comes to mind.

  • Joshua

    My wife and I have one. Guess I’ll be sending them in come the 14th.

  • Paul Rain

    To be fair to SIG- Audi also put out a ‘fix’ to the ‘unintended acceleration’ problem with the Audi 5000, which was not an actual problem with the car but a problem with it being driven by trophy wives.

    At least there’s some merit to this being considered a fault.

  • Tim

    Any one want to take bets on the updates?

    A: trigger with safety tab.

    B: heavier trigger return spring.

    C: lightened/plastic trigger.

    D: all the above.

    • Joshua

      I hope for A, and that tabbed trigger they have.

      • Tim

        I’m betting on A too, especially since they originally had shown one as a option for the platform.

        I’m betting the R&D was completed years ago and it’s just a matter of supplying the assembly.

      • jp2336

        Nope, our Sig rep called us today.

        • Joshua

          What are they doing with them?

          • jp2336

            They’ll pass the official word in the coming days but it’ll amount to a lighter mass trigger and a few other components to compliment. They just want to have all the parts in place before before everyone freaks out more than they are now. But they have it covered, our rep still had about 80 more calls to make after us. I’m still carrying my 320 with zero concern…then again I’m not clumsy.

    • PK

      Safety tab on the trigger, like practically all other striker fired handguns.

    • B&C, if not D

    • Flash Gordon

      Doubt a trigger with a dingus. A lightened trigger yes. See the Recoil mag article for the details.

      • Tim

        CooI. like to see the article. Which issue? I have a P320C, so I have a vested interest in this.

        • Rob in Katy

          P320c RX – Me too. But I have a nice XDs to fall back on until…

  • mosinman

    will we see an article on how Glock can overturn the MHS trial to win in light of these developments? Methinks that would be a piece that Patrick would love to run

  • transvaluation

    Doesn’t the M17 have a manual safety? With a manual safety doesn’t that negate the drop test issue of trigger mass moving the trigger disengaging the trigger safety??

    • Joshua


    • Treiz

      If it’s left on, there are other guns with manual safeties like the Shield that a lot of users just leave off.

  • jpcmt

    How the heck does something like this not only get past basic R&D at Sig, but how does our military pick this POS gun without such basic battery of tests like drop tests??? I now know that military picks of firearms has little to do with practical use and safety and probably has more to do with favors, politics, and other influences. They should cancel their order and pick something reliable…glock 20 would be my choice.

    • Joshua

      The XM17 has a manual safety.

      • Treiz

        If it’s left on.

        • Flash Gordon

          ^ This

    • Adam D.

      Don’t be fooled by the drop safety issue.
      Yes, it’s very serious and SIG has made a huge mistake (just as usual it seems, it’s their specialty), but other than this the P320 is a sound design and a nice gun to shoot. A bit front heavy, but that’s true to a lot of designs recently.
      It’s a good gun.
      The real problem is the company itself, or the people running it at least.
      I just can’t imagine a safety issue like this slipping through the T&E dpt.
      of Glock or HK, or even CZ.

    • Ben

      “…glock 20 would be my choice.” Lol. Thanks for that.

    • They passed “such basic battery of tests like drop tests”. The problem is, these failures are being reported when the guns are subjected to SIGNIFICANTLY higher forces than the industry standard drop test that has been used on ALL GUNS produced for sale within the US for literally longer than I’ve been alive.

      • jpcmt

        Actually, the tests they do are barrel down and with the gun flat and they are done at 4′ of height so these tests we’re seeing are not significantly higher force really. They don’t do one where its dropped on the rear end. But the MHS tests the military does doesn’t follow those standards and do their own, which is why they do demand a manual safety, which is still not something to remedy this defect. Problem is, they don’t perform a realistic drop test like the ones we’ve been seeing videos for. Honestly, take 20 minutes and drop that gun at every possible angle and at realistic heights like from the top of an armored vehicle. For that,I say that I’ve lost faith in proper testing going on before picking a fighting weapon for our armed forces.

        • Angus Alba

          but at the same time, drop a pistol that many times (which is unrealistic in real life) and you have induced system changes that mean it longer represents the gun as sold

          even the OO video admits they had already torture tested the guns they managed to fail.

          that combined with it not being part of a standardised test means it a huge leap of faith for Patrick and other to open accuse Sig of some sort of conspiracy – which is exactly what Patrick has been trying really hard to imply (not very subtly I might add)

  • Alan

    Did Sig not perform the drop tests we are now seeing online? Did the US DOD?

    Will a trigger safety be enough to stop the rearward movement of the trigger when the pistol strikes a hard surface at the specific angle?

    • Um, NOBODY in the industry or DoD performs drop testing the way we are seeing in these videos.

      Now, it may or may not be a smart idea to change the standard drop test to one along these lines, but the fact is, there are standardized tests for a reason, and those standardized testing protocols were followed.

      Just from an engineer’s POV who deals with military acquisitions and ensuring both that equipment is tested AND that any previously run tests were conducted proper, I’ll point out that if you deviate from a standardized test protocol, you generally have invalidated the test… even if your protocol is more stringent than the standard. If the contract says, “Production articles will pass MIL-STD-XYZ,” and you test to a different standard, then you have failed contract compliance — unless you can show that your protocol DID meet MIL-STD-XYZ en route to it’s higher threshold.

      • Angus Alba

        finally someone calling out the highly suspect way these videos are being done

        like using “torture tested” pistols of questionable provenance to do them

        • Flash Gordon

          Not correct. Some torture tested, some new out of the box. All, so far, (sans X5) dropped at -30 degrees have fired…repeatedly. If you look at the various videos they are not really suspect. Sig was able to reproduce the AD in their tests.

  • Adam D.

    I like the innovative design ideas of SIG, like the MCX, MPX, or previously the 516 guns,
    and personally I think the P320 is a nice design as well, but absolutely detest the attitude of this company.
    What SIG is doing is just disgusting.

    They’ve been pumping out unfinished, half-ass tested guns for years,
    they make their customers do T&E for them after shoveling out hard earned money for their guns, do all sorts of crazy running design changes every year,
    ditching guns that haven’t even spent a decent year on the market,
    and on top of it all, they even lie to their very own customers and never admit the truth.
    Most of their people from marketing, customer relations and T&E should immediately be fired.
    It’s no wonder good designers leave them, they don’t want to be associated with all this.

    If this whole drop safety issue is true and it turns out the officer who was injured by the gun is right, at the very least SIG should immediately recall all the P320s,
    admit that they were wrong, suck up the cost for all returns,
    pay as much for the injured officer as he asks, and finally feel like sh@t as a company themselves.
    SIG is really pissing me off with their shenanigans in the last 5 years.
    Someone should really set their s&@t straight.
    Their designs are really good, but the company behind them is outrageous.

    • PK

      “SIG… good enough to sell”

      • Rob

        Sig… Because you suck, and we’ll shoot you.

    • feetpiece _

      It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if Sig USA folded. They’re a poorly run surrogate shilling substandard clones of European firearms – kinda like Springfield Armory.

      The link between the M17 and the P320 is a deal breaker. I’m willing to eat the turd sandwhich as a consumer. But as a recent retiree who wasn’t fond of the M9, the M17 selection is unacceptable on principle alone.

      • Angus Alba

        or as was pointed out, SOP calls for jumping with no round chambered…..

        but hey lets ignore that to push a conspiracy theory….

      • Flash Gordon

        Agree. And after slides were coming off frames and hitting folks in the face, Berreta fixed the 92 (aka M9). I believe this was identified after the contract was signed. It was an issue, it was addressable and fixable. The M17 is not impacted by this issue as it already has the parts to correct. Remember, lowest bidder

      • JohnnyCuredents

        You don’t know what you’re talking about. Sigs produced in NH are as good as anything the company produces in Europe. And, what’s more, Sigs are among the very best guns produced on either side of the Atlantic. Period. You just don’t like Sig, for whatever reason. (Hey, is that a Glock that I smell near your writing desk?)

  • Oh, a voluntary upgrade program! Well that’s mighty big of ’em!

  • Tim Pearce

    Alternate possibility: Sig made a change to the P320 to cut costs, probably early on. Possibly something as drastic as leaving the drop safety entirely out because, even without it, the gun won’t fire when dropped the way the mandated testing drops it. They knew it wouldn’t pass realistic drop testing, but they’re not required to make it do so. So, this “upgrade” is returning your P320 to the way it was originally designed.

    • Kivaari

      There is another video showing it discharge while dropped at a “45 degree angle”. The trigger can be seen moving rearward, and it goes bang. This is a bigger issue than just dropping it on its rear.

  • Bill

    4 discharges in a pool of nearly half a million pistols.

    • Kivaari

      More than that. Others are taking new pistols and recreating the discharges. IF YOU CAN BUY A PISTOL OF THE SHELF, STUFF A PRIMED CASE IN IT, DROP IT AND IT FIRES, SOMETHING IS WRONG. There is something wrong with the design.

      • Bill

        Any and every mechanical device can be made to fail if enough effort is put into it.

        • Kivaari

          It didn’t look like much effort was made. Add in the other videos where it isn’t just dropped rearward. Add in the lawsuit, if that’s as reported, there is a real problem. Taking 4 guns and having three of them fail repeatedly is a clue something is wrong.

          • Angus Alba

            you do understand the major video – the one by OO is using pistols they already acknowledge as abused…..

          • Kivaari

            I watched others. If the guns OO used failed, I see that as a problem. I think you are a SIG fan that just cant stand the fact that your pet pistol has been shown to have major safety problems. Enough people have now posted clips of new pistols failing that I believe there is a serious issue. I too read the manual warning. I’d never pack a gun that has such a warning. With the examples now being shown, I’d accept that SIG is hiding the truth and is just now caught in a conspiracy to first cover their ass’ and since they have a fix already in the wings, they knew about this a long time ago. Sure that’s my opinion. I am sticking to it. I am convinced that this will become a huge issue for SIG as it will involve hundreds of thousands of pistols and it will be a recall not a cosmetically disguised voluntary fix for a non-existent issue.

  • TechnoTriticale

    When posting further articles on this evolving story, it would be useful to summarize what the standard safety features are on the P320, pre-XM17 … for the benefit of those unfamiliar with it (including me),

    Just looking at the Photoshop, I see no “trigger safety”, probably no palm safety, and the incorrect side of the pistol to observe any manual safety (which likely isn’t there, since that was added for XM17). What internal features might be present are equally mysterious.

  • Flash Gordon

    Per the article, there is more than just the trigger that gets replaced. More details to come next Monday.

  • conrad

    “Sig, because hey, nobody’s perfect.”

  • lowell houser

    This NOT a recall! Because the US Army just picked this handgun after putting it through such rigorous paces. In fact there’s not even really a problem, but if you WANT to send us your gun, it just so happens that we have already figured out changes we can make to fix the not-a-problem.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    From the beginning Sig has marketed a “Tabbed Safety Trigger” that nobody knows about because nobody actually likes them. Im pretty sure this is the upgrade Sig will do.

    What we dont know is if Sig offered this just because a few people might like it or if it was a ready-to-go solution to a problem that may or may not ever creep up.

    • mig1nc

      Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

      • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

        Unfortunately (or fortunately because I dont like the tabbed triggers anyway) with the news in most recently posted article of this saga I was incorrect.

  • Jason Lewis
  • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

    I stand corrected.

  • Seamus Bradley


    Unless there is a significant difference in the MHS/M17 version of P320 that would not make them subject to this drop safe issue, then this is terrible. If it comes out that Sig knowingly sold unsafe guns to US Army then there will be more than a firestorm, there will be political hell to pay and politicians will be more than happy pick this low hanging fruit to be able to look good on behalf of “the troops”.

  • Iblis

    Screw Sig. I won’t buy one. When a company acts like that toward consumers, officers and the military, forget them. “no, there’s nothing wrong.” BANG! Injured Dallas Police officer. “There is an upgrade for those wanting one, on one of our safe pistols….” I think they knew ahead of time and was just hoping that no one would find out.

  • Realist

    I don’t know what the fuss is all about…just about every weapon systems had its “short comings” in the field.

    I could see Sig’s P320 being the subject weapon system in “Best Defense”…though a trigger system failure isn’t as whiz-bang as a AAA tracked platform.

  • Tom

    A manufacturer does not have a voluntary “upgrade” ready that fast unless they already knew there was a problem for awhile. It’s not like they just redesign and output parts overnight. It sounds like the military contract guns will have this trigger because of a Engineering Change Request, those are not made lightly and for no reason, so they probably knew this was coming in the civilian world as well sooner or later.

  • Fantastic Mr Buck

    Nothing is perfectly safe. There is a level of force in a particular direction that when applied to any gun will cause it to go off. The question is whether that level of force is something you will encounter–and all manufacturers make choices based on what is likely to happen. Personally, I will accept the fix on my gun, and don’t fault Sig. Even without the upgrade, I probably wouldn’t sell my P320 without more evidence, because I will bet it is an unusual combination of factors. It shows good faith on Sig’s part to upgrade this when they have no legal obligation to do so.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    Why do we always hear the CYA marketing/management spin before the engineering analysis?

    Marketing/Management: Just 4 days ago, Sig reassured us the P320 was safe, and did not indicate that they were aware of a problem. They even
    stated, “All SIG SAUER pistols incorporate effective mechanical safeties
    to ensure they only fire when the trigger is pressed.”

    Engineering: recent independent testing indicates that this may
    not be the case after all.

    Almost all of us are quite reasonable about technical issues… even serious issues like this that never should have occurred, but we don’t like being lied to. Sig reputation and industry goodwill is suffering a lot more from the lie than the FUBAR attempt at a P320 drop safety. They’re going to need to fix the problem, so why is their first weasel instinct to cover it up? That always looks way worse. It’s not that complicated, managers. When there is a problem, quickly verify the problem, publicly acknowledge the problem, and fix the problem. That’s what any engineer would do, and it’s what any competent manager should do. It’s the difference between having a big problem, and having a huge hairy stinking problem.

    Fortunately I’m not impacted by this issue because I’m professional enough to carry a Glock 10mm.


  • Justy

    So, “upgrade” is marketing newspeak for “fix?” I’m getting a bit lost here.

  • Secundius

    I kinda curious about THIS specific HORSE?/! I mean Beating-Up on Sig Sauer manufactured weaponry, in a HERD of Weapons that have FAILED to past Muster of those that have either Used Them or those that have Owned Them. I’m No More Likely to Buy a Polymer Pistol for Sig Sauer, then I am from Glock, S&W, Steyr or anyone else…

  • V-MAN

    Well said Yosemite Sam and thanks for the link you provided … I also am not a sig fan boy, I own many firearms from a variety of manf. I’m tired of reading the bashing going on with the 320. It is as safe or safer then other striker fired pistols on the market.

  • DennisBechtel

    the double click is to let your trigger finger know that a round is in battery and about to be discharged(fired) fabrique national does this very same thing. and I happen to think that a f.n. 509 with a 22 round magazine is a superior weapon to sig or glock ,but then the 5 and a half inch barreled fn 509 is a totally custom piece ,and at least 38 bucks more in price ,this is whay I prefer F.N.”s weapons in combat situation like in gaza when the stabberstinians get rowdy and try to attack israeli shin bet or border gate guards.ok and in the end my fav pistol is actually an F.N.X. 45 acp holds 15 rounds 16 with one chambered ,stops any pesky stabberstinians dead in his tracks.

    • Barry Gaddis

      Dennis, as stated earlier I am with you on the FN’s. Excellent battle proven Handguns. In my book, none better.

  • olegunny

    Much todo about nothing.

  • johnmosby

    This has never happened with any of the Glocks I own – I can throw them across the room or drop them from a ladder or down the side of a mountain in the ass of nowhere (and have) and this didn’t happen.
    Contract to the lowest bidder…..

    • Secundius

      They Did!/? Sig Sauer’s contract was ~$169.5-Million USD, ~$103-Million USD “LESS” than Glocks…

  • Barry Gaddis

    As I posted on another fine TFB article, LE & MIL best identify if a Perp has a P320 before you tell them to “drop your weapon”. Might be your last command!

  • NeverDroppedAGunEver

    Sig wins mil contract, then this? There’s coincidence then there’s petty, backstabbing, dirty tricks, mountain-out-of-mole-hill, straw grabbing Glock-fan-boy “coincidence.”

  • Lying Bastard

    Which striker fired pistol requires you to press the trigger to disassemble it?