Carrying a Tiny Gun is Stupid.

Before we get started, I need to get something out of the way. TFB readers are the smartest, most handsomest human beings on the planet. But in any group there is a small, but extremely vocal sub group who simply cannot get their heads around ideas like relative differences. So when I say that small pistols suck, and when I tell you that I mean that in relation to carrying a larger gun they will predictably make specious comments about IWB M240B. If you actually did have to choose between carrying a tiny gun or no gun at all, carrying a tiny gun would obviously be better. But that’s rarely the choice for grownup men who don’t dress like they’re headed to the basketball court every day. If you want to wear pants, shorts, or a even a skirt (please don’t insult our intelligence by insisting on calling it a kilt) that’s your business, of course. But if your chosen attire has belt loops and if you’re not wearing your wife’s shirts, you can probably carry a larger gun than you think.

Of course, ladies have different wardrobe concerns than men. They typically can’t wear clothing that fits as loosely as men can without looking dumpy. That doesn’t change the hard fact that carrying a larger gun is still better. It just means that females have to work a bit harder to carry a bigger gun on their person.

Now, please don’t misunderstand my point here. It is true that 9mm 124 gr Gold Dot is more terminally effective than any .32 Auto load, but the difference is not profound. Both are still just pistols. It’s the “shootiness” a bigger gun offers that’s the important part. Given the same caliber, a longer sight radius and greater mass contributes to faster, more accurate shooting. Bigger guns aren’t just able to carry more powerful ammunition, they are better at the things that actually win fights: poking a lot of holes in the right bits quickly. Of course, that same argument applies to carrying a larger gun all the way up through a 20″ AR-15, but there is a point where carrying a bigger gun does get to be impractical. You probably don’t need me to tell you, but I will anyway, that carrying a 20″ rifle slung at all times is rather inconvenient. To put it mildly.

Still, most folks who think they need to carry a smaller gun, actually only need to use a proper belt and holster. Sure, if you need to be extra super careful to be perfectly concealed so you don’t get fired or arrested, it is understandable that you not take any chances. But if you aren’t facing jail or job loss for being “made” then you can probably carry a G19 or similar sized pistol comfortably and without notice. If you doubt me, try carrying openly for a day, if it’s legal where you live. Most people won’t even notice an openly carried gun, let alone a subtle bulge under your clothing. Odds are fairly decent that you have a box or dresser drawer full of holsters if you’re a “gun guy”. Some of them are garbage and some work pretty well. But even some of my “gun guy” friends don’t have a decent belt. If you don’t wear a stiff belt, the gun is going to move around and it won’t stay close to your body. It will sag and you will find yourself pulling it back into place. You’ll keep feeling like you “need” a smaller gun. You know that you can’t get by with a cheap nylon holster, I’m sure, but just because you spend more money on a holster doesn’t mean that it will work properly for you, either. Unfortunately, there is no substitute for trying in this case because everyone’s body is different. If you can borrow a friend’s holster, you might save yourself some money. A good place to start is with hybrid leather and kydex holsters made by a variety of companies including Crossbreed and Comptac.

It may take some experimentation, but you can probably carry a bigger gun than you think you can. Instead of finding a gun that’s “small enough” to carry, choose the gun that you shoot best and find a way to carry it. Assuming that gun isn’t an M240B, that is.


Andrew is a combat veteran of OEF and has performed hundreds of ballistic tests for his YouTube channel, The Chopping Block ( He is an avid firearm collector and competitor and lives with his family in Arizona. If you have any questions, you may email him at


  • Tom – UK

    Why is this article just aimed at men?

    Terminal effectiveness etc is important to all shooters not just Male shooters.

    Seriously you need to think how the other side might think when they read an article like this, focus on the facts when you give an opinion, provide logical reasoning behind how you came to a conclusion.

    Don’t just stick a rant full of
    – “grownup men who don’t dress like they’re actually grownups”
    – “wearing your wife’s shirts”, or did you mean shorts?

    Etc etc

    • Chop Block

      Yeah, my mistake, I forgot that women don’t wear clothes and belts don’t work for them. They’re probably too stupid to apply generalized opinions to their specific situation.

      Actually, the problem of wardrobe is more acute for women. What is normal for a man would look dumpy on a woman. Women really do have a better excuse for carrying a small gun. It’s still best to carry the biggest they can pull off, but for most women that’s more likely to be a Shield than a G19.

      • Dougscamo

        I dunno….with the availability of CCW purses and their social acceptance….with women that is….they may have the greater advantage of carrying full size….

        • Chop Block

          Yes, but carrying off your body has its own problems. First is that many women (my wife included) are not fond of the style of any of the CCW purses from several manufacturers. Another is that, for purse carry to be safe, it needs to stay on the body and it must be carried with the strap over the head and the straps need to be tough enough to resist an attempted grab. Finally, drawing from a purse can be much slower, but I think the speed of your draw isn’t normally a deciding factor in survival.

          • PK

            Strangely, yet another consideration is the legal angle. It can be legal to have a concealed firearm “on your person”, and in some situations/areas, a purse or handbag doesn’t count.

          • Chop Block

            Good point. Some states have some really bizarre laws. I hear some even require that you get prior permission from the state before exercising a Constitutional right.

          • Dougscamo

            That is strange….glad I live in the South!

          • Dougscamo

            So you’re saying Coach needs to design a line of CCW purses?…. 🙂

          • retfed

            The main problem with purse carry is that that’s the first thing a thief will grab. I know of four incidents where female LEOs, either off-duty or working in plainclothes, were the victims of purse snatches. In two of the incidents, they were forced into vehicles and saved themselves from being raped or murdered by killing their assailants with their on-body-carried weapons (both ankle guns). In the third case, the LEO shot her assailant with her ankle gun while she was on her back getting her head pounded on the sidewalk (sound familiar?). The fourth LEO lost her purse (stolen from her car seat next to her in a grab-and-run) but not her gun, and later identified the offender in a lineup.
            “…[T]he straps need to be tough enough to resist an attempted grab.” I disagree, having seen more than one woman who was knocked down and dragged across a parking lot by her purse straps. I think all purses should have breakaway straps, and nobody should carry a gun in a purse.
            But that’s just me.

      • Mack Greer

        To stupid?

    • Chop Block

      Despite my facetious reply, I take your point as valid and edited the article.

      • Tom – UK

        Good man, we’re all shooters after all.

  • DanGoodShot

    I don’t always carry full size. But when I do, I carry G21.

    • Bob S


  • Tym O’Byrne

    Next up, pocket knifes are for girls and BMW GS riders,

    real men ride Kawasaki’s and only carry Bowie knives!


    • ActionPhysicalMan

      I am sure Andrew approves of Kukris (and K-Bars when it is real hot out).

  • Worm

    Good article, spot on. I teach CPL classes. People with the tiny guns have the most trouble. Tiny guns also tend to be more ammo sensative and have more stoppages in my observation.
    People worry to much about “printing.” A pro criminal or terrorist or switched on cop will spot you as carrying anyway from numerous other giveaways.
    Most people carry tiny guns because it is easier and lazy people take the easy route.

    • PK

      People don’t see what they aren’t looking for, in my experience. Wearing a tightly fitted shirt such as a tank top, so long as the fabric physically cover the entirety of a G17 carried in a IWB holster, doesn’t even tend to ring any alarm bells for people!

  • T

    Nice article. Pity it got ruined in the end by recommending lousy holsters.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Have you actually tried the holsters?
      I don’t use crossbreed- I don’t care for the holier-than-thou attitude of companies that use their religion for marketing purposes. But Aliengear is nearly identical, and quite a good holster.

  • QuadGMoto

    Didn’t someone famous say something about the purpose of a pistol being to fight your way back to your rifle?

    • Iggy

      And following the carry a bigger gun logic the rifle is to reach the quad mount on your truck, which in turn is to reach your Abrams, which in turn is to reach your missile silo.

      • Swarf

        And eventually you’re on another planet, problem solved!

        This article opinion piece is trying way too hard. We get it, you’re a grizzly bear and you carry a big gun. Have a juice box and chill out.

  • USMC03Vet

    But, Bruh. 29 oz!!!
    James is going to be so triggers by this article.

    • notiksninolIpromise

      James clothes are so tight he could carry a kolibri and print

    • Yeah, I disagree entirely, but this publication would be bad (even worse?) if we all agreed on everything.

      • Dougscamo

        Heck, it’s more fun when no one agrees….on anything….where’s Notorious when I need him?

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          I carry a gun shaped like a Toyota Tacoma and it shoots old Led Zeppelin tapes.

          • FulMetlJakit

            Now that’s “heavy metal.”

          • Dougscamo

            THANK YOU!!

      • ActionPhysicalMan

        I think the code duello applies here.

  • Lew Siffer

    Terrible advice, because you do not have enough experience with human nature. The G19 in the IWB holster will be left at home in the drawer, or taken off and put under the seat of the car. It is just too big and too uncomfortable. The LCP will be in the pocket when it is needed. Just ask our Secretary of Energy.

    • Phillip Cooper

      What does SecEng have to do with anything?

      • flyingburgers

        Rick Perry shot a coyote on his morning run with an LCP back when he was Governor of Texas.

        • Twilight sparkle

          I was never sure if the coyote special lcp was a joke from ruger or if they were serious

          • Swarf

            They were serious…ly pandering to idjits.

          • Al Shartpants

            That is funny. I never knew they had this, but I shot at a coyote with an LCP this year. I am sure the noise scared it.

        • jonp

          Glad someone remembered. I have a couple of them. They are not my first choice but they always work and are small enough to carry in a pocket holster

    • Chop Block

      Yeah, because something worked one time, that means it is definitely the most bestest plan all the time.

    • Bradley

      I have carried full size pistols iwb daily for years with no significant discomfort. Just because it doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for anyone. I am curious what holster and belt you used when you came to this conclusion.

      • Zebra Dun

        There it is from the other side, skill and personal choice.

      • angrymike

        For me it isn’t about discomfort, it just sticks out ! I’m 160 soaking wet, so anything with a double stack, sticks out like a source thumb, sadly……

        • JD

          Time for you to bulk up.

          • angrymike

            As try as I might over the years, 170# is the most I ever weighed, I’m just a small framed guy, I am also 52 with a bad back, getting pumped is no longer an option ! 😊

    • JD

      It’s obvious you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Zebra Dun

        It is obvious he does.

    • John1943

      I do not know about you little guys, but I carried my 5″ 1911 IWB for quite a while in a custom Tim Thurner leather holster before deciding that OWB was just as effective. You just have to persevere a little until you get used to it. These days, I am scarcely aware it is there. How many seconds does carrying in your pocket add to draw time when adrenaline flows freely?

      • Zebra Dun

        I understand Manila John Basilone carried his 1911A1 Mexican carry when it wasn’t held between his teeth.

        • John1943

          I had never heard of this hero until I read your post and looked him up. Now I know who this is, and what he did, he was indeed a tough man and an exemplary Marine Gunnery Sergeant. Thank you for extending my knowledge.

          • Zebra Dun

            John Basilone was a very tough Marine, He was credited with firing a water cooled Browning .30 caliber MG from the hip using his 1911A1 for support.
            One heck of a Hero and one hell of a Man.

  • PK

    I compromise!

    I carry a pocket .22, a subcompact, and a G19.

    Sometimes a G17 instead or in addition.

    Sometimes I just push a wheelbarrow of guns and ammo around, and since it’s made from AR500 and pretty thick, it offers some ballistic protection as a bonus!

    Seriously, I do compromise by simultaneously carrying different size classes. A little of this, a little of that. It’s what works for me, and it’s always with me.

    Someone who “should” carry a G19 or something in that size class, but doesn’t because it’s too big/heavy due to their lack of proper wardrobe/experience, so they can either go unarmed or go with a .380 pocket pistol… they’re better served with the pocket pistol, not by going unarmed.

    • nova3930

      Yep. My typical carry is a P320C. If I’m going coat + tie, I step up to either the 320RX or sometimes the FNX-45T OWB. If sans coat and need to tuck my shirt in, I have a .45 Shield. Usually I have a LCP II in a pocket as a BUG when I have the others and I almost always have it in a pocket around the house, no matter what I’m wearing.

    • Zebra Dun

      I agree, summer I have the pocket compacts Taurus TCP-738 and now the Ruger LCP II winter I carry the S&W M-640 it’s easy to haul the weight and size in more clothes.

    • angrymike

      I like your idea, I would sling my HK 19 pver my shoulder if the law enforcement didn’t mind, but I’ll stick to my lil 9 mill, it’s more than enough with today’s ammo….mmm

  • Joe

    Weekend clickbait?
    The author isn’t wrong, but the individual has to decide where the axis of small and usable cross for themselves.
    Generalizations about carry don’t take the myriad of physiological and social factors into account.

    • PK

      I’m fairly sure any thinking individual rolls a HMG/AA piece around in front of them where ever they go.

      • noob

        You win the “first comment about an IWB 240B” award.

        • TXMarine1

          It would have been a bit better if it would’ve said M60 than M240B. I’m old school Marine. Oorah. Good article. Semper fi

      • jonp

        Got that attached to a hitch on my Softtail Custom. Oddly, I never get any road rage incidents. Might also be that my wife has an AR at Port Arms with her head on a swivel behind me at all times.

      • Hervoyel

        I rarely ever draw as much as a raised eyebrow with mine.

    • PersonCommenting

      Its just a compromise. Risk vs reward. Odds are youll never need it but that doesnt stop most of us from carrying. For me it is dependent on what I am doing. If I am going out with friends it is a small gun. If its during the day ill pack a glock 19. Depending on if I am wearing nicer clothes ill go between an LCR or Beretta bobcat.

    • Zebra Dun

      I use the M-40 on an old M-274 when my M-151A1C is in the shop but I short myself on ready rounds from 18 to just 6 I mean if I can’t do it with 6 it cannot be done!

  • Major Tom
  • Zach Robinson

    Women between the ages of 29-45 are the fastest growing segment of the shooting and gun owning population so addressing concerns like this are valid. Yet I’ve found that a lot of women are more receptive to how shootable a gun is versus how concealable it is — not uncommon to run into a lot of women in my area carrying a G26 or 19, or S&W M&P compact in addition to other similarly sized firearms.

    • John Scott Major

      “Fastest growing” is statistical code for, “there was 1, now there are 3”.

  • FlaBoy

    During the summer in Florida, we have to dress for the weather (hot and humid), which makes it difficult to carry a “real” gun concealed. My “always carry” gun is a tiny NAA .22 mag mini-revolver…definitely a “mouse” gun. But I look at it this way: it’s better than a rock.
    (note: it does make a big “bang” with an accompanying theatrical fireball. It is also surprisingly accurate at close range. Obviously designed for close up, personal protection use only. Still…better than a rock, or a knife (at least in my hands), or just being “naked”.)
    During cooler weather, I still carry it a a backup gun to my “real” gun.

    • Chop Block

      Yeah, I forgot to include that excuse. I live in AZ. Wearing a proper belt and holster will allow you to carry a much larger gun.

      • Dougscamo

        Winter with a jacket….full size in holster, subcompact in pocket….summer with un-tucked shirt….full size in holster, subcompact in pocket….summer with tucked shirt and it’s too damn hot to wear a jacket….subcompact in a pocket….

      • Phillip Cooper

        I live in Charleston, SC- it’s not much better than FL in terms of heat and humidity. I carry IWB in an Aliengear holster, and I carry a G17 most often. It’s not difficult, but it’s not comfortable either. But then, CCW is meant to be comforting, not comfortable.

      • RocketScientist

        And what about situations where you can’t wear a pistol belt and “proper” holster, and where the weight of a G19-sized gun isn’t possible? The two examples that come immediately to mind are when im out for a long-distance training run (ie 20-30 miles at a 6-min-mile pace) in the summer, or when im at the beach? Ain’t no way anyone can carry a gun that big or the clothes/belt/holster necessary to support/conceal it without seriously injuring myself from blisters/chafing or getting myself arrested for having a non-concealed pistol. Now don’t get too caught up in the details, but my point is there actually ARE some combinations of situation/activity where the options are carry a small gun, or carry no gun. I know which option I go with in those circumstances.

        • Chop Block

          From the article: “If you actually did have to choose between carrying a tiny gun or no gun at all, carrying a tiny gun would obviously be better.”

          The point is that many people, especially those new to carry, mistakenly believe they need to spend several hundred dollars on a new gun when they really just need to spend $50-$100 on a decent belt and/or holster. For most carry, most of the time. There are exceptions for working out, swimming, working in a building where being noticed will get you fired, living in a commie state where you can get arrested if a pistol becomes momentarily visible…

    • PK

      The NAA in .22mag is the gun you carry when you can’t carry a gun, in my view. It’s pretty much always with me.

      That said, a G26 disappears under a tight tank top, so that’s what I carry if I’m wearing a shirt of any kind. At the beach, it’s just the NAA.

    • BillC

      That NAA .22mag is not better than nothing. It’s giving you false confidence. A knife would literally be better.

      I live in Texas. It’s hot and humid. I carry a G19 everyday, in t-shirt and shorts, in office clothes, and even scrubs. I’m also a smaller guy. It’s called a quality belt and holster, bud.

      Dear god, somebody defending a .22 revolver and blaming it on the weather.

      • Goosey

        Those tiny .22s have been used with success in gunfights… look up the one that occured in May 2008 on Southern Cross Drive in Constantia, Cape Town. The homeowner fended off three armed men with his NAA .22 Magnum, killing one. “…not better than nothing… A knife would literally be better”…. yeah, not sure about that.

        • Paul Rain

          Aren’t you forgetting to mention something about that incident?

          “As I pointed my revolver and fired at him, the revolver blew up in my hand and I had no choice but to take him on bare handed.”

          Not saying a knife would necessarily have been better, in that particular circumstance, against those particular criminals- but I bet he carries his .45 in similar situations now.

          • iksnilol

            It blew up after he shot three guys with it.

          • Goosey

            I didn’t forget that, I just didn’t think it was relevant.

      • SuperFunkmachine

        It not about the gun it’s about haveing a gun any gun.
        No one wants to get shot by even a 22.

      • canoeal

        Funny there are more people killed every year with a .22 caliber than ANY other … FBI statistics…So explain why they are no good?

      • canoeal

        So you will stand up in front of me holding my target for me?…I didn’t think so. But after all it is only a 22 mag…

    • nova3930

      If you miss, you set them on fire. win win!

    • Bradley

      I don’t get your whole weather argument. What are you having to wear in the heat that prevents you from carrying a weapon normally? Most men’s shorts are the same as pants above the knee, and why would you need anything more than a t shirt to cover with?

    • David Jenkins

      TN in the summer is just as bad or worse. Upper 90’s and humid as hell most of the time. Carried a G19 for years with no problems.

      Had a few days over 100 as well. I even go hiking in that, wearing long sleeves and pants(redhead, so sun protection is more important), with a boonie hat, with no problems. Heat sucks, just deal with it and drink plenty of water.

      I can’t imagine weather hot enough where I wouldn’t be fully dressed. I’ve heard this argument a lot, and it doesn’t make any sense.

      • RocketScientist

        Try running 20-30 miles in that weather at a marathon pace. Or going to the beach. Maybe you’re not aware of this, but other people lead different lives than you and their circumstances might dictate different decisions than yours. This does not make them “wrong”.

        • David Jenkins

          I was speaking of “normal”, everyday life. Not activities such as running or going to the beach. Of course, that is going to have different mitigating circumstances.

          He was merely speaking about “dressing for the weather”, not mentioning special activities such as long distance running and such.

          Also, I might be misreading it since there is no body language present, but don’t talk condescending to me, I’m not an idiot, I have a chemistry degree.

          I’m not the average dumbass that frequents these forums.

          • RocketScientist

            For some of us, those activities arent “special activities”, they’re “daily life”. And i was DEFINITELY being condescending, because your post was dripping with it as well (Heat sucks, just deal with it … I can’t imagine weather hot enough … it doesn’t make any sense). Or if not condescending, at the very least so ignorant and solipsistic as to assume that everyone’s experiences are the same as yours, and as such anything they do differently from you is because they are “wrong”, or stupid.

            Also, this part is ripe:

            “don’t talk condescending to me … I’m not the average dumbass that frequents these forums.”

            You’re either a fairly advanced troll, or so far up your own a$$ you don’t see the blatant hypocrisy and condescension in that statement. In case it’s the latter: I’ll talk however the hell I want to you, bud. This is murrica after all.

          • David Jenkins

            You are an idiot. Blocked.

    • JD

      That that gun is a joke, I would rather carry a large knife than that keychain gun.

  • gunsandrockets

    Why stop at a Glock 19? When you could just as easily carry a Glock 20?

    The reality is everyone should use the handgun, of whatever size, that best fits that individual. Just like shoes.

    • GaryOlson

      Why Glock as a quality measure of size? Some of us are not Glockinated and have no idea what the comparison means.

      Glocks may be available in a numerically superior quantity. But as a quality measure for a discussion of concealed carry, the author is being inadequate.

      • DangerousClown

        So true. I had a 10mm Glock, and honestly, I can’t remember what the designation was. Also, what a horrible gun that was.

      • JD

        Because the glock 19 is THE most carried concealed handgun in the world. The author is not being inadequate, he is correct.

        • Robert Schwartz

          The glock 19 also has the highest number of negligent discharges.If you own a glock you drank the kool aid,I did once-never again.Any REALISTIC gun expert will tell you a gun without a grip safety or manual safety is unsafe.I don’t care what todays experts say it is unsafe and you have been fed BS.Now get off my lawn, punk !

          • The prevalence of Glock Leg doesn;t invalidate the point.

            If you had to choose a representative example of “most common modern defensive pistol in the US”, you’d end up with a Glock 19 by default. (Note — I don’t like Glocks, personally. But facts are facts.)

          • JD

            You are a complete moron.

          • David Nichols

            because Robert Schwartz disagrees with you on pistol safety requirements..??
            I’d say being a moron is dismissing contrary opinions as automatically invalid…

          • JD

            He is a blithering moron. And anyone who subscribes to his bunk is also a moron. What he states is that people arent skilled enough to carry a weapon without a safety. Just because he is an untrained idiot doesnt mean the majority of instructors, law enforcement, special ops soldiers, trained private citizens, cant carry glocks. Glock leg is a result of other said untrained morons not keeping their fingers off of the trigger. The weapon does exactly what it was designed to do, and it does it well, and thats to fire a round when the trigger is pulled. End of story.

          • Matt C.

            Bullshit. Show me actual stats.

          • richard kluesek

            condition 1 sa, revolver, or da pistol ?

        • Zebra Dun

          I have never owned a Glock, I like them and should I wish to buy a handgun and a Glock fit the bill I would earn how to use it and use it safe and well.
          I guess when it comes to Glocks I am agnostic.

      • gunsandrockets

        Why Glock? Don’t ask me, ask Andrew.

        If there is some confusion about the context of my comment, hopefully that is now clarified. I edited my comment by adding the quote from Andrew I was replying to.

      • Zebra Dun

        OK some places a Ruger Super Black Hawk in .44 magnum and a 7 1/2 inch barrel will draw undesired attention where a North American arms .22 lr derringer would not be seen, one is too much gun one is too little a gun the happy medium is personal choice and skill.
        I did once wear by mistake my old Super Black hawk in an open carry belt holster to a sporting goods bait shop to buy ammo and a hunting permit and I got maximum attention fast, good and bad!

    • Jack Morris

      Exactly. I don’t ever want to have the conversation explaining myself when a full size handgun makes an untimely appearance when I’m out grocery shopping or having dinner out with my wife. LCP all day every day. Maybe a Kahr CM9 in the winter. The only time I ever rock a full size pistol is when I know I’m going somewhere slightly more dangerous than usual. I won’t be stopping any mass shootings, but I won’t be getting car jacked or mugged either.

    • richard kluesek

      best and most sensible comment yet. Thats why I own a variety of handguns in different sizes. But there is still the school of thought to use the same manufacturer and /or action type with any assortment.

  • Stu

    For a lark, I once wore a SIG P226 and a S&W 625 Mountain Gun on either side of a Kramer Confidant under a polo shirt. No one indicated that they could tell. I finally asked one of my shooting friends if he could see them. He indicated that he could not. I must’ve checked for bulges in the mirror ten times. I was around 5’11” and 190 lbs then. So, it can be done. Like most things you have to want it badly enough.

  • Blumpkin

    This is precisely why I appendix carry that draco.

    • Dougscamo

      I occasionally do the appendix carry (fast!) but I still can’t get comfortable with the subconscious….or conscious….idea that I have a barrel pointing at my junk!

      • Blumpkin

        I was really just making a joke about AIWB carrying an AK pistol.
        Normally I’m a 3 o’clock guy. However, I have on occasion experimented AIWB carry while walking the dog in shorts and a tshirt. i.e. when I’m not sitting down.

        • Dougscamo

          Especially uncomfortable with an AK pistol! But think of the admiring looks of passing ladies!

          • Blumpkin


          • “Is Avtomat Kalashnikov in pocket, comrade, or are very happy to see Raisa?”

      • Phillip Cooper

        “Do not point a gun at anything you do not intend to kill or destroy”.

        Yeah, no-go on the AC. I’m still using my wedding tackle.

        • Dougscamo

          “Wedding tackle”…haha….good one!

      • nova3930

        I’ve tried appendix but it is honestly the least comfortable carry method I’ve ever come across. 3-5 works a lot better for me…

        • Dougscamo

          Now that I have gotten older and my ass has migrated through my body to my stomach, appendix is VERY uncomfortable if I am sitting. I sometimes volunteer at a non-profit event where a relatively large amount of cash is in the station where I sit and, after much thought, use a holster, just for that occasion, in a cross-draw (10:30?) position since I would probably have to draw from a sitting position and my back against a chair. But, like you, I prefer 3 o’clock position if I am wearing a jacket….

        • Zebra Dun

          My Appendix always rebels.

    • PK

      You’re not worried about the shorter barrel and lack of a stock? I suppose it’s okay, so long as you’re carrying with a 75rd drum.

  • Herp

    You’re telling me about how small guns suck and I can carry more but wrap it up by telling me everyone’s body is different. You’re also telling me about relative performance and diminishing returns, but that I don’t know enough to choose my NAA over a Glock, even though I have never been attacked in my life and probably never will be at this point. You’re also telling me how I should dress to not be stupid. You also can’t be bothered to check your writing before you submit it. I’m disappointed in myself for reading this article to the end.

  • Phillip Cooper

    Have you taken a poll? Are you quite certain there is only one woman in ten thousand readers?

  • Phillip Cooper

    More opinions as articles. Is TFB really that thirsty for actual gun info ?

    Oh, it’s an “Andrew” article. My mistake for expecting more….

  • RocketScientist

    Alright. Next time I go out for a 20-mile run in 95* heat and 80% humidity, or go to the beach wearing just a swimsuit, you can bring along your pistol belt and your G19 and let me know how that works out for you. I’ll be there with my small go-literally-anywhere gun laughing as you collapse from heat exhaustion or the pain the the chafing, or get hauled off by the police for not having your concealed weapon concealed. Or I guess you could be the guy at the beach in jeans, pistol belt, and a full shirt capable of supporting your pistol belt and keeping your G19 concealed… but I prefer being able to swim, and actually being allowed to mate with the opposite sex. Thats just me though.

    • PK

      Going to the beach in a swimsuit? NAA .22mag in a plastic bag – seriously. I like to notch the vacuum bag with a pair of scissors before placing it in the cargo pocket or hip pocket of my swim trunks.

      It stays dry, no huge bubble of air to make it obvious/buoyant, and I’m still armed. “If it’s stupid but it works…”

      • RocketScientist

        Are you me? My exact beach gun.

        • PK

          Stainless, tiny, mostly rounded over so it’s easy to vacuum seal without tearing through a bag… you have to figure there are at least a handful of people using them for exactly that purpose.

          • RocketScientist

            Never thought about vacuum sealing mine… i Just give it a good rinse/cleaning afterwards and replace ammo with fresh if it gets dunked. Its held up surprisingly well so far.. I’m sure eventually it’ll need replacing, but they aren’t THAT expensive.

          • PK

            True enough, I just don’t trust the ammo to be 100% if I’m spending hours at a time in the water. Easy enough to use the vacuum sealer and spend a few cents’ worth of the bag material.

          • iksnilol

            Won’t the seal prevent the cylinder from turning?

          • David Jenkins

            I think he means you tear open the bag like a cheese bag or something and pull out the gun.

          • PK

            Sure! I wouldn’t ever try to use such a gun, being single action and fairly small, without tearing the bag open first. That’s why I notch the bag with scissors. To open, grab the bag, tear the top off with teeth/other hand, remove revolver, apply five rounds of .22mag (as needed).

          • RocketScientist

            The way I read PK’s suggestion is to seal the gun, then cut a “starter” notch in the edge of the bag (like on packaged food). So you’d tear open the bag (using the starter notch to make it easy) and extract the gun before use. Don’t think he was suggesting firing the gun from inside the bag. Not even sure that’d work, the vac-seal bags I use are fairly thick material, when sealed down its pretty tight. You wouldn’t be able to manipulate the trigger or action through it. I’ve never thought of vacuum sealing mine though. Some brands of ammo come wax-sealed from the factory, so are waterproof enough to fire reliably after submersion (done some testing of this myself). Some brands/versions arent, but a quick application of paraffin wax or nail polish around the crimp solves that issue. Just to be safe I always replace the ammo after it has possibly gotten wet (whether from sweat or submersion in water). No, its not a perfect solution. But if options are no gun, or small 22 mag, I know which one I’d want if being threatened by an aggressive animal (of either the four- or two-legged variety).

          • iksnilol

            Makes sense, I just was under the impression that cutting a starter notch would ruin the vacum seal.

          • RocketScientist

            The most common vacseal bags have about a 1/4″ to 3/8″ flange/border/edge where the two plies are fused together. Cutting into this portion wouldn’t affect the seal (so long as you don’t cut far enough to get into the actual bag portion).

          • iksnilol

            For some reason I think of those sealed condom packs that have a similar starter cut to make it easy to tear open.

            Both those and the gun is something you’d need quickly so I can see why it’s a good idea.

          • canoeal

            That is what’s in my BW.

          • canoeal

            That is what is in my BW

        • David Jenkins

          Although I have carried my LCP .380 at my gas station because the owner’s policy was we couldn’t carry a gun. Same with the modeling school I went to, hard to hide a G19 IWB when you are getting your waist measured.

          • RocketScientist

            What are you talking about dummy? Your response doesn’t even make sense as a reply to my comment. Also, I’m the guy you just blocked because you got all butthurt when I “done talked all condescendling-like” to you.

    • ARCNA442

      Carrying a 2 pound gun instead of a 1 pound gun will cause you to “collapse from heat exhaustion or the pain’?

      • RocketScientist

        Apparently reading comprehension ain’t your thang. That’s cool though, I got you fam, I can dumb it down enough for ya. what I said was that running 20 miles in 95*F, 80% RH weather while wearing clothes that will allow you to follow the author’s instructions (ie to wear a pistol belt, and a holster capable of carrying a G19, and the other cover garments required to conceal all that) will either result in heat exhaustion or chafing and blisters on the hips and thighs that will make you unable to complete your run. And my beach/running gun weighs in at about 1/4-1/2 pound loaded.

        • Michael Powers

          ever heard of the marines or the army?

          • RocketScientist

            Heh. Yes, I’m somewhat familiar with those organizations. And I can assure you, my pace when I’m out on a 20-30 mile competitive marathon training run in practically no clothing would have been unsustainable for myself or the Navy/Corp/Army boys when we were out on geared-up joint training runs/marches in BDUs, boots, rucks, under arms, etc during my stint as a combat controller. We would have all fallen out trying to run at those at that pace for that distance with that load. Look, im not trying to get in some d**ck-measuring contest. I know there are millions of americans who are much bigger badasses than I could ever be, and some of them are probably regulars on this blog. What I AM saying though is that there actually ARE some circumstances where is it just not physically possible to carry and/or conceal a G19 or similar sized handgun. Not without compromising your ability to perform certain physical activities, or successfully conceal the weapon. In those cases, where the options are carry no gun or carry a smaller gun, it actually may make sense to carry a smaller gun. Are you seriously trying to claim that there is literally NO combination of situation/activity which would preclude you from being able to carry and conceal a G19?

          • Michael Powers

            Changing your story and the topic…thanks for the reveal.

          • RocketScientist

            What are you even talking about? Theres no change of story or topic. Been saying the same thing from the get-go. When I go out running, or to the beach, or any of a half-dozen other scenarios I can think of, its literally not possible to carry and conceal a G19-size pistol as the author asserts. So I carry a smaller one. Thats it. You brought up the military. So I patiently explained that theres a world of difference between a geared-up military training run and a competitive distance training run. You can do one with lots of heavy awkward gear and clothing, but not the other. Answer the question you avoided: are you claiming there is literally NO combination of situation and activity that would preclude you (that means to prevent/make impossible) from carrying a G19 sized handgun?

          • David Jenkins

            It doesn’t work well for backpacking, either. No place to really put it where you can get to it quickly, so a small pistol in the hip belt bag would work.

            Also, glad to know I’m not the only crazy person hiking or running 20 miles in that weather, though I burn easy, so I wear pants and a outdoor button up(columbia is great) when I go for long hikes.

            Also, for chafing, gonna sound crazy as hell, but wear jockey string bikini panties, they are super thin, lightweight, and stretchy enough for your anatomy, and I’m up there in size in that department. Most panties don’t fit me, not enough room up front. Bonus for ultralight hiking, they weigh 0.8oz compared to men’s 2.3oz, that’s the weight of a firesteel and photon microlight.

  • Brett baker

    The .38 snubbie hate is a little obnoxious.

  • Tom – UK

    And do you think addressing articles to men and about only men helps with that?

  • Edison Frisbee

    Cut shells and small guns are not optimal….paging Captain Obvious….

    • Chop Block

      Your comment would ring more true if there weren’t hordes of commenters lamenting about how awesome birdshot and NAA revolvers are.

      • Edison Frisbee

        I don’t think “lamenting” means what you think it means…..

        • Chop Block

          You’re right. I should have said “crying like babies”.

  • Keiichi

    Inane “advise”.

    Even the “shootiness” point is debatable – I shoot my LCP II just as accurately at appropriate distances as I do my Glock 20. Not because either is inherently less “shootiness”-able, but because I train with both regularly.

    … shootiness …

    • Chop Block

      Wow! You have a 10mm LCP? That’s awesome!

      • Keiichi

        Excellent reading comprehension there.

        I was wondering if anyone would pick up on that.

    • Paul White

      9mm LC9s.

      Torso targets at 25 yards are 0 problem, even if the group is bigger than it is with most other guns.

  • Nicks87

    I carry a Glock 41 from time to time, if the outfit I’m wearing will allow it. Size of carry gun for me is based on what I’m wearing and the weather outside.

  • ozzallos .

    “Now, please don’t misunderstand my point here…”
    Then maybe don’t make it under such a trollish headline?

    • Chop Block

      Yeah, the entire article, with all its nuanced points should be contained in the title or it’s click bait.

      • int19h

        The entire article cannot be expected to be contained in the title, of course. But the title is expected to be a concise summary of the point you’re trying to make in the article.

        When the title is instead worded in such a way as to elicit an emotional response, while the actual article contradicts it, that’s what we call “clickbait”.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Sure, buddy.
    Let me shoot you with a 9mm and a .380and then tell me the difference.

    • Chop Block

      Hahahaha hurrdurrrrrrrrrr.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Thats about the equivalent reply id expect from the person who blarfed up this click bait.

        • Chop Block

          If you can’t even be bothered to read the whole thing, don’t expect to be taken seriously when you use stupid reasoning to make a point that’s addressed in the article.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            If you want to take the day off then just do it instead of writing the laziest possible thing anyone can imagine not to mention something thats been plastered all over every gun blog only about 11 million times.
            You should be glad anyone read any part of this since you can already tell from the headline we’re getting re-heated garbage.

          • Chop Block

            Point taken. Your refund is in the mail. Sorry I upset you.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Donate it to a charity that provides sub-compacts to poor kids.

    • PK

      “It is true that 9mm 124 gr Gold Dot is more terminally effective than any .32 Auto load, but the difference is not profound.”

      Come on, that’s right from the article.

    • john huscio

      Sounds like the same guys who say “radical firearms ARs have the same build quality as daniel defense” or “the scout rifle was a great idea”……….that said, i’d rather not be on the recieving end of any pistol calibers.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Any time I see “Blah Blah You Could Carry A Joint Strike Fighter If You Knew How To Wear Pants” all I see is “GUN BLOGGER DOESNT FEEL LIKE WORKING TODAY”.

  • Professor Kingsfield

    I am a tenured professor at a fancy university. Guns are not permitted on campus. I believe there is a reasonable likelihood that I’ll be close to an active shooter situation at some point during my career. There’s a G17 very cleverly stashed in my office that no one will ever find, even if there’s an earthquake and fire in my building.

    I cannot carry a big gun in dress slacks and button-down oxford while I teach in front of 60 students, turning, writing on the board, and doing well in the job I’m paid to do. So what do I do? For a while I carried a Baby Browning in a plastic wallet in my front pocket. Now I carry a NAA Pug with folding grip in .22WMR in my front pocket. It’s loaded with Gold Dot hollow point. I know it’s a mouse gun, and I know what Jeff cooper said. But every time I go to the range with a real gun, the last thing I do is to cycle through the five shots in the little revolver at 7 yards, taking only bullseye head shots. That’s my strategy and it’s way better than getting down behind the podium when a stressed out, perfect SAT kid on anti-anxiety meds come to class with an AK.

    • PK

      That Gold Dot JPH short barrel load is something else out of the NAA. I’ve been amazed with it, personally.

    • Chop Block

      You can probably still get by with something a bit bigger, like a Shield, but you’ll note that I specifically stated that losing your job or getting arrested is a good reason to err on the side of caution.

    • Stuki Moi

      If you want to carry larger, and assuming you intend for drawing and deploying a folding grip single action to be more of a deliberate response to a confirmed active shooter than a quick reaction to an ambush, you could look into a Smart Carry rig.

      J-frames and Shield size autos pretty much entirely disappear, the former even when wearing bicycle shorts at a gay bar. While a G26 and the like, is goners in anything but the tightest of hipster jeans. And there is no chance of the gun falling out, regardless of how you happen to sit or tree climb.

      The draw is awkward, slow and unpredictable, which is the biggest drawback. But only compared to regular guns from regular holsters. Not so much compared to unfolding and rendering operable a single action.

      • Norm Glitz

        “even when wearing bicycle shorts at a gay bar.”

        Personal experience?

    • canoeal

      I have a wooden boat shop. So I deal with customers every day. Not one has ever noticed I carry an NAA Black Widow. It fits i my pocket cleanly in several holsters my favorite being a Sticky Holster designed for it. 22 mag is enough for a ‘get off me gun’. as long as you pare a good shot. No I don’t like the folding grips and i do like the bigger grips of the Black Widow.

      • canoeal

        Oh and I am not looking to be a hero in some imaginary gun fight.

  • Arandor Thinnorion

    In other words, if you can possibley carry a semi-auto .30-06 rifle, that’s your best bet. Maybe a BAR or an HBAR. Anything else is “small”.

  • Matt B

    I can shoot my G27 just as well as I can my G17 and I am 10x more confident in my ability to keep it concealed. Tell me exactly how I am making a mistake here?

    • Chop Block

      You might not be. What are the consequences if someone became aware that you were carrying?

      • wetcorps

        I thought the point of carrying concealed was to conceal the firearm.

        • Chop Block

          Concealed is relative. No matter how small your gun is, someone who is really paying attention can probably tell.

          • Matt B

            .000001% chance of anyone getting in a gunfight. Maybe 10% chance in your lifetime of an accidental exposure and having the cops called. What should you prioritize when selecting a carry gun?

          • ARCNA442

            By that logic its probably safer not to carry.

          • Chop Block

            Survival. You should place survival at the highest priority, assuming that exposure won’t get you fired or arrested. If you live in one of those commie states where you can go to jail just because someone saw your pistol, no one could fault you for being more cautious.

  • BeGe1

    I disagree.

    We’re talking about the daily life of normal here. In any task addition to daily life there’s a SMALL percentage of people that will go all out and do it no matter what the inconvenience, and then an ENORMOUS majority that will only do it (long term anyway) if it has a negligible impact on their life.

    Example: you’re going to the grocery store and actually have to put on a belt and thread a holster through it to carry? Average Joe, for whom concealed carry is not a major part of his self-identity, may do that for the first 3 months…but after that is quite likely to say “f*** it, not right now”. However, if it’s an LCP that you just grab and throw in your pocket he’ll probably actually do it.

    The attitude of trying to get people to always carry bigger is destructive in my opinion. All it does is turn a large amount of people away from carrying regularly. I’d rather have a large amount of people armed with .32 ACP pocket pistols every day than a tiny tiny fraction of that armed with full-frame .45’s.

    • Chop Block

      False dichotomy. You don’t have to choose between a Kel-Tec P32 and a 1911. The point of the article is to carry the biggest gun that YOU, personally can manage and that, if you use a proper belt and holster, that gun might be considerably larger than you think.

      • BeGe1

        I understand that that is what the article is saying (with the added assertion that to do less when you can do more is “stupid”).

        And that’s exactly what I disagree with.

        I can quite effectively conceal full size pistols, and own many great belts and holsters to do it with.

        I am quite capable of showing others how to do the same as well.

        But I often don’t. And I would never imply that others always should just because they can.

        If they want to, great. I’m happy for them. But there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with simply wanting to carry something smaller. The reason for that is that in the real world when it is more convenient then more people will do it more often. And like I said, I’d rather have more people carrying small guns than a tiny fraction of that many carrying larger ones.

        The “go big or I’m gonna call your gun ‘stupid’ cuz you could have gone bigger” mindset that so many in this culture push is nothing but destructive.

        Carry whatever the heck you feel like and want to carry daily. I’m not gonna EVER tell you that it’s “stupid” just because you could go get a stiff belt and a good holster and carry something bigger. If you just plain want to pocket an LCP because it’s convenient, then I’ll instead spend my effort teaching you to be as effective as possible with the choice you’ve made…because at least I know you’re gonna be carrying it.

        • Chop Block

          That’s fine, if a person makes an informed decision like that. My central issue is that many of the folks I’ve talked to about carrying don’t know. They start with a service pistol sized gun like a S&W SW9VE and a cheap kydex or nylon holster with whatever belt they already had hanging in their closet (probably came with a pair of dungarees) and they find that the gun is uncomfortable or flops around too much and they conclude that they need a smaller gun. So they spend $500 on another gun, sometimes more than once, decreasing in size reach time. I have them try my Wilderness belt and Crossbreed holster for a few hours and they go back to carrying the larger gun. A small gun isn’t universally stupid. But you need to be made aware of what your real choices are, not just your (perfectly natural) assumptions.

          • John1943

            I totally agree.

          • BeGe1

            That’s fair. There’s nothing wrong with them being informed about how to carry big. The only part I dislike about the article is that it disparages the idea of choosing to carry small even when informed.

            The only thing I disparage is not carrying at all. If tiny pistols gets more people carrying (whether or not they actually COULD carry bigger), then I’m all for them.

        • Robert Schwartz

          You sir have made the most intelligent comment of all ! Excellent logic !

        • Zebra Dun

          I agree totally.

    • Sliced Veggie

      We really have no idea what he considers ‘tiny’ so this whole debate is pointless.

    • Zebra Dun

      I feel confident carrying a M-640 or my LCP II in a small convenience store without fear I’ll scare the counter person into a heart attack or shooting me where if I go with a full size I am the one having a heart attack.

    • Agreed. Also from an actuarial standpoint, a CCW handgun is insurance against a very tiny risk. Accordingly very small inconvenience and cost is the appropriate match to counter the risk. In fact, it doesn’t even take a huge percentage of people carrying most of the time to reduce the risk significantly. Once there is a good chance that in any public place there are one or two honest and armed people the payoff for violence reduces substantially. That is the most rational and factually supportable position.

      Most of us carry more gun than is rationally required for a few reasons: 1) we like guns and are willing to put up with the inconvenience and cost. 2) we overestimate the risks and underestimate the burden. 3) We kinda want to compensate for the fact that the number of people carrying (the most important factor) is too small, by trying to carry harder. 4) once we have come to conclusion that carrying is a sensible thing to do, and overcome the social and personal resistance against that (which may be very small for some and large for others) we’ve psyched ourselves up into #2, and feel more confident in an emergency with more gun. For many people that moment came after an incident where we felt helpless and are arming up for that event in retrospect.

      Most often the credible threat of force ends armed confrontation. The few times when more gun would be better don’t invalidate that reality. I carry a taurus 738 almost every day. I literally forget I have it on me. I can ding a 25 yard steel about as quickly as most shooters can with a full size pistol. I’ve carried a M92 style pistol IWB for a couple years, and it was always a relief to take off. My personal choice is to have the tiny 380 always ready to go and a small S&W shield size 9mm as the one that is my carry most of the time. If I don’t feel like carrying that, then there’s always the 380. — And since I wear suits and go into courthouses for work, a pocket carry 380 is a lot less awkward to put into the box on my way in and out of the courthouse.

  • Dan

    If you are a fat dude who goes to work in a pube beard, an untucked t-shirt, and soiled jeans, then this article makes perfect sense. If you work in a professional setting where you wear non-schlubby clothes and the penalty for a gun “oops” is that you lose your $300k job, then maybe a tiny gun makes sense. And since Andrew has gotten a little personal in his tone lately, I’m going to go out on a limb and say Andrew doesn’t get it because he’s in the former rather than latter category.

    • Chop Block

      Did the girlfriend’s shirt line strike a little close to home? If the shirt fits… How does facial hair and the cleanliness of your pants impact concealability? Maybe if your pants are so dirty that they are stuff enough to obscure the imprint of a gun shape…

    • ARCNA442

      I may not have a $300k job, but I do carry a Glock 19 every day in a professional setting.

  • Christina Leah

    Carry whatever you want to carry. The important fact is that you are carrying.

    Not sure why the author has an opinion about what anyone other than himself carries.

  • mcjagermech

    I currently only own full size service pistols, and even I know the utility that even a .25 ACP pistol brings

  • BillC

    This is probably, the smartest thing I have seen in TFB, it’s surely going to get a lot of dumb people in a hizzy though. People want to believe that smaller guns are just as good as larger guns (within reason), or they “set-up” the scenario where their smaller guns would work.

    Yeah, because you get to choose that a single bad guy will attack you at noon from only 5 yards away and will give you the time to draw, aim, and he will give up the fight in only one or two shots.

    • RocketScientist

      OR, just maybe, some people realize that there actually ARE some scenarios where the options are either small gun or no gun, and opt for the small gun in those scenarios. No, im sorry, you cannot wear a pistol belt and a holster with a G19 in ALL circumstances.

    • No, I realize my P250, or even my Beretta 96D are *much* better choices if I find myself in a gunfight. I carried a Combat Commander for nearly 20 years, despite being told by Glock fans that my steel framed Colt was “too heavy for all day carry, even unloaded”.

      But the point is, I can *always* carry can conceal an LCP in my pocket, if I have pockets and aren’t going swimming. Whereas carrying a more preferred gun DOES require making sure I can wear a cover garment and LEAVE IT ON all day.

      Which is why I tend to carry a larger gun in the winter — because I can.

      But only if I am not planning on being in a nonpermissive environment (carrying at work – or even having it in the car, because of where I work, is not just against policy, it’s a felony) at all that day. So, I can wear pants all day that are oversized to accommodate the pistol I would strap on my belt if I went home FIRST and armed up before going out. Or, I could go home, throw the LCP in the pocket holster into the pocket that NEVER carries anything else, even when I not armed…

  • El Mysterioso

    This is the internet, so:

    1) You are wrong.

    2) You ain’t got a hair on your balls if you don’t carry a _________________.

    3) Your gun sucks.

  • Joshua

    Passive aggressive superiority complex much? Also, I get called out and commented on when I’m carrying a kabar on my hip, when my job requires me to cut things with some regularity. And take your ethnic slurs on my religious garments and bugger off gobshite

  • Edeco

    -1 internet for clickbait.

    I would like to see a writeup on size/form factor regardless of cartridge. Like compare a P3AT, Beretta Cheetah and Hi Point carbine all in 380. Or a Shield, G34 and 9mm carbine.

    I do like the handling qualities of a large gun, two of mine are wide-body 5.3-inchers. One of my associates is the opposite, despises wide body and appears to suffer no ill effect in accuracy or recoil from shooting pocket guns.

  • MadMonkey

    I primarily carry a Glock 42 or LCP because it’s going to be in my front pocket regardless of whether I’m carrying a larger gun. Know why? Because those will fit in every single pair of pants or shorts I own. And in my kilt pocket (someone is projecting their insecurities a bit), regardless of what shirt or cover garment I wear. If I have to think about what to wear, or dress around the gun when I simply want to make a run down to Wendy’s, the gun would likely stay on the dresser.

    That frees me up to carry a larger gun when the clothing permits, rather than carrying only when clothing permits.

  • Madcap_Magician

    Everyone who carries a bigger gun and/or more ammunition than me is a Tommy Tactical mall ninja fool. Everyone who carries a smaller gun and/or less ammunition than me doesn’t value his or her life and will never survive on the street. It is known.

    • George Carlin would agree, except he’d describe driving speed. Nice reference.

      • DangerousClown

        My exact thought.

    • Zebra Dun

      Yea Verily it is written in the writ of Holy Gunfighting.

  • Swarf

    You don’t know a damn thing about what I need, Andrew.

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    Going to pass on IWB carry when it is 90+ out. My LCP Custom in a pocket holster is great for hot weather.

  • Swarf

    Damn, Andrew, now you’re huffily patrolling the comments, arguing your poorly made points?

    If you didn’t say what you had to say in the “article”, why did you hit Publish?

  • uncle bobedy

    Is the pictured pistol a .9mm that I keep reading about in newspapers, and in articles online from “reputable news sources”?

  • The author is clearly a man. As a small-framed woman who owns several pistols and holsters and has experimented with a variety of positions and cants, I can confidently say I still have trouble concealing my G19 without either a) printing unless I’m standing up perfectly straight or b) wearing ugly, frumpy clothes that make me look exactly like I’m hiding something (like excess weight, or perhaps a gun on my hip).

    The G43 is my on-body carry solution; with enough practice the recoil difference between it and the 19 has become relatively unnoticeable and it’s much easier to conceal. It’s only a single-stack mag, true, but that just inspires me to preserve my accuracy with regular range visits. A comparable compact would be the 3″ M&P Shield in 9mm.

    • Paul White

      I’m a dumpy guy and yeah, carrying a full sized or nearly full sized gun involves essentially redoing my whole wardrobe, with clothing that doesn’t fit as well.

      Maybe if I could afford tailored everything I could do it, but I can’t. So single stack 9mm it is.

  • Wanlace Yates

    This line of argument is getting really tiresome. Of course my 1911 or G34 is going to be better in a fight than my Beretta Tomcat. Duh! Also irrelevant, since normal attire and lifestyle doesn’t play well with having something that big strapped at all times. The gun is only useful when you have it on hand when the unexpected danger occurs. If I expected danger I would go elsewhere or have something even more effective. The smaller guns are the ones that regular people, even regular gun owners, are more likely to have on them ALL the time.

    I think there is a tendency for military and LE vets to recommend what they know and have used effectively, which is fine except most people do not come from that scene and are not willing to build their habits and lifestyle around their carry gun. These are also the guns we like to shoot and train with, so we want others to comfort to our preferences. There used to be, back in the day, a civilian carry culture that recognized the utility of the .38 snub by or .32 or .380 auto and bought examples with decent sights and grips. Now the market is driven by veterans and hobbyists who mainly want range guns and versions thereof, or else people going for the smallest possible gun and sacrificing all shootability, often while upping the cartridge to something not really suited to accuracy in a small gun.

    Look at something like a SIG P230 or a Colt Detective Special. Those are little guns, but with nice triggers, decent sights, and capable of decent practical accuracy. Go much bigger, or especially add weight, and the gun starts getting left at home or in the car. Stuff 9mm or .40 or .357 into that size and watch the range trips drop to zero or minimal.

    I think articles like this would be more productive if they encouraged people to actually practice with their small guns instead of telling them to ditch them. Then we might have some market pressure for better sights and triggers as well as shooters who can actually respond effectively with what they have and will carry. We need to quit demanding that the rest of the world use our version of ideal equipment and help them use what they have to better effect.

    • Exactly. The gun left at home to collect dust in a drawer is much less effective than the subcompact actually carried daily in an IWB holster or pocket, no?

  • int19h

    The problem starts the moment you start talking about it in terms of “excuses”.

    My day-to-day comfort is not an “excuse”. It’s just as important to me as the capacity to defend myself, and I have to balance one against the other. The likelihood of actually having to use this gun for DGU, and then the probability that said DGU would actually involve firing it, all account into that.

  • Bigg Bunyon

    Carry what you like and shoot well and disregard all the rhetoric on any side of any argument. Nobody is an expert on you but you and those who pretend they are an expert on you are just plain stupid. And that’s especially true about those don’t know you but still think they can write about you.

  • Patrick K Martin

    It would depend on whether I’m running to the corner store here in western Montana or going back to my old neighborhood in Detroit or wondering around in the woods with the bears and elk. Each demands a different response and differing weapons, I’m comfortable carrying a small caliber pistol to the store, I carry a .357 in the woods and a service sized large capacity pistol with several reloads in Detroit. The odds of my needing a weapon in my tiny town in a county with a population of 2,600 is not Zero, but I can probably see zero from here if I look and hey, if I have a gun I’m ahead of the game, unlike the people who ONLY want a full-size/service size handgun and wind up ditching it because they are just running to the gas station or the market for some stupid sub $10 purchase.

    To summarize; one-size fits all solutions are stupid

  • Trash like this makes me miss Katie A. “articles” kek.

  • Not to be mean about it, but part of the problem is that plenty of people promoting the puniest possible party popper pistols don’t really need a holster to carry concealed, they could just lift up a manboob and stow an LCP on each side.

    I’ve found that the cut of one’s pants and shirt usually have more to do with how much gun is concealable than any other factors; I’m wearing a full size M&P45 right now because these pants are generously proportioned in the gentlemanly area, but most of my britches fit better with a Glock 36. I used to have a pair of parachute pants because I’m old, and I could literally conceal an entire PGO shotgun down the leg if I didn’t need to lean over for anything; I’ve also owned jeans so tight I couldn’t conceal my interest in pretty girls walking by, much less a handgun. Take your concealed carry rig with you when you buy clothes and try it on in the dressing room.

  • Gary Griffiths

    Interestingly enough, on a couple of occasions I’ve observed individuals open carrying tiny .25 automatics. Carrying a compact 9mm or .45ACP would not have been substantially more noticeable, but would have been substantially more accurate with more stopping power.

    • As someone who frequently pocket carries a mousegun (LCP), I will say that Open Carry of a mousegun is just plain stupid.

      If you can OC in your circumstances, at least carry a Compact sized gun like a Commander, G19, etc. (Heck, Model 10 or 65, if you’re a wheelgun fan).

  • Stuki Moi

    Another advantage to carrying “big,” is it reduces the number of guns you really ought to practice and stay proficient with. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say at least half the people who “carry” a G19 (or a P226, or a 1911 or full size CZ) because that’s, like, “the bestest gun for everything forever and the Seals and Cooper,” find themselves with only a J-frame on them, the vast majority of time when in the wild. While spending the vast majority of whatever practice time they put in, with the wonder nine….

    For people whose main avocation is not shooting handguns; buying, training with and finding a way to carry the smallest gun they are comfortable with as a nightstand pistol, has a fair bit going for it.

    Many “road warriors,” whose night stand is as likely to be in some faraway motel as in their nominal residence, have adopted this practice. Often settling on an M&P Compact, an HK SP, or some Ruger; as they all have mini rails perfectly suitable for a small LED light, and can take high cap magazines from their full size brethren.

  • Southpaw89

    Great, another blanket opinion by someone who knows so much they can ignore factors like the individuals build or the climate they are in, I’m not a large man, the only way I’m concealing a full sized handgun is if I’m wearing my Carhartt jacket, and when its 96 degrees Fahrenheit outside that ain’t happening.

    • Chop Block

      Yeah, that would be a great point, if it had anything to do with the article.

  • Sliced Veggie

    Ya know, you’re right. I’m going to start appendix carrying my mpxk. Good call.

  • NINJA del TACO
  • 🦑 🐙

    I agree it is the “shootiness” that matters. That’s why I always carried a compact with nice night sights. However, since hip surgery I don’t wear a gun belt very often, and the LCP has become my constant pocket companion. It is what it is. I’d rather have a compact. Hiwever, I see zero advantage in shootability with anything larger than a compact pistol like the Glock19 or M&P9C (all I gain is larger mags…which I could use in a compact).

    The Shield is an interesting compromise because it is *almost* as good as a compact pistol, but it is so thin that my grip is compromised a bit. People with smaller hands may see no disadvantage in shootability. That’s why it is so popular.

    I guess you could summarize my opinion as this. A mouse gun is okay, a single stack is better, a compact is best, and anything larger is just a pain in the butt! I feel sorry for police who have to carry full size pistols everywhere, let alone all the other burdensome things on their belts.

    • Chop Block

      Having carried a rifle, multiple mags, IFAK, water, and other equipment, I see the Batman belt as a bit more tolerable, but your point is taken. Carrying a full size pistol on a decent belt without all the other crap isn’t so bad.

  • iksnilol

    We need bigger guns in smaller calibers. Like the CZ-83. Small to fit a pocket, but still 15 rounds.

  • Mack Greer

    Do you work in a non permissive environment in a company directed uniform? Exactly how does a air-conditioning repairman, a plumber or a resteraunt manager carry a Glock 19? Try working for a living.

  • mazkact

    The Sheriff Jim Wilson says whatever you carry carry it and only it always and always in the same manner. Muscle memory can save your life in a tight.


    While I agree that full-sized pistols are not actually that difficult to carry with a good belt and holster in most instances, the benefits of easier shootability and capacity outweighing the, imo, small consequence of weight/size. Unfortunately, my attire is more on the business/formal side of things i.e. I wear shirts that fit, tucked in, with dress pants or cords.

    I’m pretty much limited to pocket, ankle or, on cool days when I can wear a jacket, underarm carry. So for me there is definitely still a place for ultra-concealable pieces. I prefer to carry a firearm, but I’m not willing to change my entire lifestyle based on the extremely small likelihood that I would ever need to use it.

    The two tuck holsters I’ve tried still required a pretty baggy shirt in order not to print and the clips were obvious. So I guess I’ll be sticking to a Seecamp until a Rohrbaugh or something better becomes available.

  • Dan K

    I think the point of the article is, “if you think you need a small pistol for ccw get a good belt and a good holster first. You might be surprised by the size of the gun you can carry with a good carry system.”

    There’s nothing wrong with that sentiment.

    • Chop Block

      Yes, you stated the point far more succinctly than I did. TFB should hire you.

  • Dave

    Bait? clicked.
    My own true “Goldilocks story”:

    1st carry: Glock 19. Too big, cover garment= slow draw.
    2nd carry: S&W 638-2, just right. front pocket carry? check. IWB carry? check. OWB carry? check.
    Much better for me and my physical build + perceived security needs/ “threat assessment.”

    Often: wife’s S&W M&P 9mm or 9mm Ruger LugerCR…IWB

  • Mufasa

    Open carry won’t get attention? I assume you’ve never actually open carried. The articles on tfb have really been going downhill lately.

    • Chop Block

      I open carry pretty regularly. People rarely even notice. When they do, they don’t clutch at pearls. But I live in a free state.

    • Mr. Smith Wesson

      No, open carry will not attract that much attention, unless you wear a white shirt and carry a pink gun. People are going about doing their own business, which does NOT normally involve staring at everyone’s waist lines.

  • Chop Block

    I am Scottish, myself, sweetie.

    The reader is left to decide what is actually the right size. The point is that folks are often mistaken in the belief that they need something smaller.

  • JoshuaK27

    Finally someone says it ! Yes having a gun is better than none at all, but he stands totally correct as to say a modern full size pistol is by far easier to shoot than any sub or semi compact ever will be given the same loading. I’m far more confident in my shooting carrying a CZ P09, over any single stack. They key is to buy a good holster that places the pistol slightly higher , black arch makes a great one. I’ll take a little less comfort over having an effective means to gtfoh alive.
    Single stack smhhhhh that baby has 18+1 9mm+p

  • Mikey Hemlok

    Yeah, maybe, but it doesn’t have to be a full-sized service pistol to be ‘big enough’. I’m not a fan of the G26s and their ilk, but compact 9mms and .45s – particularly my Star PD .45, for example – are both ‘big enough’ and ‘small enough’. You gotta carry what’s comfortable, and something you can get rounds on target in extremis….

  • RealitiCzech

    The bone of contention will be the use of ‘most.’
    When you don’t have losing your job/getting arrested as an issue, you might as well carry a big gun, absolutely. Your biggest risk is ‘being annoyed.’
    I think the serious gun community forgets that a lot of people do not have that reality, and seem to focus all their attention on the sexier Mil/LEO/Gunshop Employee gear. A red dot compact Glock? That’s a great idea. A few extra mags? Makes perfect sense. Flashlight? Sure. Mace? Continuum of force, sure.
    Ok. So I need a bat utility belt that somehow fits with a tucked polo shirt and dress pants. And if anything falls out or prints, I get fired. No pressure! Oh, and I’ll stick my helmet with NVGs and plate carrier (with HDPE or ceramic plates, ‘cuz I’m no scrub) in my employee locker.
    There are times when we go beyond “I am a person who does other stuff and carries a gun for defense” to “I am a gunslinger who works at Best Buy to pay for my Keymod habit.”

  • JD

    People that carry these keychain guns are lazy, plain and simple. I’ve carried nothing but full size guns for over 2 decades. And when I say full size I’m talking glock 21 and 17. AIWB. If you ever find yourself in an active shooter situation, your keychain gun isn’t gonna cut the mustard. You need a fighting gun. That means being able to make shots from point blank to 25 yards. You can’t operate a micro gun with the efficiency of a larger size gun, period.

  • Seriously ?

    Some highly regarded people used to carry Walther’s PPKs under their kilts, please stop making arrogant comments about big guns and skirts all originating from size and shape complexes. Sincerly yours, James B.

  • waltinvt

    I don’t care if you are a combat vet, so am I (Tet Offensive 1968) and I don’t appreciate being called stupid because I sometimes think carrying my little.380 is more appropriate than my sub compact .40 or full size 92FS.
    Contrary to what you may think, circumstance determined choices don’t necessarily make people “stupid”.

  • divorcedbp

    You will take my Glock 43 from my cold, dead waistband.

  • TXMarine1

    I open carry Smith &Wesson Model 19-4 .357. I’m looking to buy M&P45 or HK45. People make such a big deal out of the calibers but you never hear aboit how much of a difference two diffwrent rounds make. I’ve got FMJ .357 rounds that I would never use while carrying. I use Horniday FTX Critical defense. The soft target damage seems to be pretty awesome. Semper fi

  • Steve

    zP320 Compact or a P238, depending on weather. While the 238 is small, I do not consider it worthless….

  • Brett

    What crazed steam punk reality do you live in and can I visited?

  • Robert Schwartz

    If my wife shoots you through your eye with her LCP 380 you will be just as dead as being shot with a 45.Placement not gun size is what counts! Drivel !

  • Robert Schwartz

    Big gun syndrome = penis envy !

  • Wrex

    Wait what. yet another useless opinion piece full of generalization and assumpitions? Say it isn’t so?

  • Carlos Velazquez

    Wearing heavier clothing in areas of the country where the temperature rarely drops below 70° Fahrenheit makes you stick out like a sore thumb. A bigger gun makes sense, but your clothing options also plays a huge factor in how big of a gun you can carry. A good trade off in warmer climates would be a Glock 26 using G19 mags in my opinion. But each person needs to find that perfect balance on their own.

  • Rob-L

    The best gun is the one you have with you. Get whatever size you’re the most comfortable with but just make sure you ALWAYS have it with you.

  • Matt C.

    This article is absolutely ridiculous. Andrew sounds like an idiot from his writing. Saying things like “shootiness” and using strawman arguments is asinine.

    Carry whatever you feel comfortable with. Apparently for him, it’s probably some tricked out Glock with a punisher backplate, while wearing some sheepdog shirt.

    There, I sank it to his level of understanding.

    • Dragonheart

      Matt I think you hit the nail on the head. Being a competitor and handgun instructor far longer than this guy is old I can tell you, “It’s not the size of the gun it is how well you can use it and is the gun reliable”.

  • BryanS

    Lasers help mitigate the issue of sight radius. And yes, even if they fail, crappy sights are better than none. And the gun I can carry is better than the one I have to leave at home.

    More needs to be done about the social acceptance of civilian carry, open or not, so we dont have to worry about this. In in this area, we are our own worst enemies.

  • and I thought you guys were talking about this Ultra Compact Glock 44

    • Insurance Panda is a SCAM

      Ummmm, I had one…..

      Too much recoil, so I carry my Desert Eagle instead. /sarc

  • George Cascio

    Depends on what you’re doing, where you’re going, and what you’re wearing. In FLA we wear light clothes, sometimes shorts and T shirts, sometimes more formal. If I’m wearing dress clothes with a sport coat it’s my 1911 .45. If I’m wearing a polo and slacks, it’s my compact 9mm. If I’m wearing shorts or a bating suit, it’s my LCP .380. You can always keep your AR or your shotgun in the trunk of your car in case your pistol isn’t enough.

  • Lightning

    I’m looking at Andrew’s pic above, and unless I’m wrong he has more room to stash something around his waist than most of us do. My waist is 30-34″, and I confess to being clueless how to carry concealed on a belt without leaving my shirt untucked. I tuck. (don’t do it!) Always have.

  • angrymike

    Ok, mister know all, what about the thinner ppl of America ? I know America is the land of the overweight, but some of us go about 150# and a Glock 19-23 looks like a huge bulge under all my clothes unless I’m in a suit. Just because most Americans are overweight to some degree, doesn’t mean we all are, that’s why I carry a Glock 43 !
    You should be ashamed, I guess you’re a weightist ! 🙂

    • Richard Lutz

      A small .357 Magnum revolver with Eagle Boot Grips is even more concealable, has better stopping power, and is far less stoppage prone (won’t jam if it touches something while being fired).

  • David Silverstein

    @chop_block:disqus, your article seems very presumptuous, so I have a few questions for you. What part of the country do you live in? Urban, suburban, or rural? What industry do you work in? As you noted in your article, there are circumstances in which being made would cost someone his job, but you don’t seem to think that describes the vast majority of working men. In most industries, especially office work industries, guns are frowned upon. Bringing one to your job (and getting caught) without express permission from the code-of-conduct is a sure-fire way to go broke for nearly everyone.

    Additionally, for people that CAN carry concealed at work, getting made removes a lot of the tactical advantage that a concealed gun provides.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    I dinna care for the comment aboot me kilts. With a man sized package the doont make troosers to fit me package properly too bloody tight on the old boys. You canna put a Desert Eagle in a wee Bersa holster. Do ya ken?

  • Colonel K

    I had a friend in Massachusetts who once carried a tripod mounted Japanese 92 heavy machine gun home strapped to the top of his car, but that was back in the 1950s, so folks tended not to notice or care. My, how times have changed.

  • John1943

    I am in California and have worn a 5″ (full sized) 1911 OWB almost non-stop for years. I simply either wear a loose, dark colored, shirt outside it or, if I need to be more formal, I tuck the shirt in and wear a light jacket. As far as I know, I have never been made. I prefer a Galco concealment holster or, when my railmaster is there, a Crimson Trace holster by Mitch Rosen. In the past, I have also carried a G22 in a Galco Concealment holster without being made. About the only time I do not carry like this is for doctor visits where I might be examined, then I use a small shoulder bag such as I might carry an iPod.

    My wife has more of a problem in summer, but happily carries a 4″ 1911 OWB or a compact 9mm IWB in winter.

  • camosoul

    If you dress in such a manner that you are afraid to get sweaty or dirty, you have no right to call yourself a man, and you are not legitimately employed.

  • Jamie Clemons

    I have a .40 and a smaller caliber. I can shoot a lot more accurately with the smaller caliber. The .40 I have is a POS Hipoint. The smaller caliber is a revolver. If I have to use one I am going for the smaller one which I can hit a golf ball with at self defense range.

  • richard kluesek

    The most important gun you own is the one that you are wearing when you need one for the moment of truth. All the rest in the vault are of no relevance in that moment while the police are on the way.

  • timothius

    Personally, in a situation of 20 ft or less, 9 to 15 shots in the chest and head should work! Now if he’s wearing body armor, he’s either a cop or a hit man and any way you look at it screwed. My cure for whatever gun you carry is practice, practice! It’s your responsibility!

  • georgesteele

    It’s NOT stupid; I HATE mosquitoes.

  • dust man

    sure they all look small until that bullet passes thru the face and into the brain…OIF/OEF 2003-2011 11BRAVO

  • Mike Betts

    Ahem. Please be advised that “Real Men Wear Kilts” and aren’t in the least bit worried about what you think. The Huns of WWI thought enough of the Highland regiments with whom they tangled to call the Scotsmen “The Ladies from Hell”. And FYI, the Clan Leatherworks sporran made for concealed carry fits a Glock 27 .40 or a Glock 36 .45 ACP quite nicely.

    • Dougscamo

      “The Ladies from Hell” ? I KNEW ONE OF THEM……she now owns the house I used to live in!

  • George Harris

    I’ve been carrying a Glock 30 on my belt for 19 yrs now without problems. I wear polo shirts, untucked fishing shirts or such. Never had so much as a single comment made. If I need to tuck my shirt in it’s the Kholster IWB for my 30 and off we go, all day no problem. I do have an excellent gun belt I got at our local gun show several years ago from a local leather smith. Great belts and holsters made here in Texas. If I get figity I’ll slip my G21 in the same holster and hope my pants stay up. 😉 Just My Two Cents, YMMV.

  • Nick Salva

    8 well place small bullets are better than none.

  • Bad Penguin

    Try underwood ammo.

  • Scott825

    “If you want to wear pants, shorts, or a even a skirt (please don’t insult our intelligence by insisting on calling it a kilt)… ”


    Oh sure, now he’s an anti-kiltite.

    That’s just what we needed!


  • Robert Kalani Foxworthy

    I want a 32 acp long slide

  • Tp

    OK, so then just what is your suggestion for someone that does wear belt loopless shorts 18/7/365, while working & at home?

  • Zebra Dun

    The answer is personal choice and skill.
    I can with my 1911A1 Gov Series 70 MK IV in .45 acp at 30 feet put all my shots inside a six inch pie plate at rapid fire from draw.
    I can do the same with my M-25-5 S&W, Colt Lawman snub .357 magnum and my Ruger LCP II .380 acp.
    That will blow the heart out of and blow the brains out of any attacker man or animal.
    I have carried the 1911A1 but it is a PITA, heavy and sweaty and when sighted attracts all kinds of fear and loathing among the non gun owning public. Not too mention in the summer it gets rusty fast and is hard to hide in a T- shirt and shorts.
    I reserve that for my horse back rides.
    Now My l’il Ruger LCP II is very hard to spot and it is easy to forget it’s there it weighs 10 oz loaded and can be completely contained inside a pocket or even should I need to, in my pants waistband.
    I carry a lot and use them less.
    It is there if I need it.
    If I know for dead certain I am going to walk into a gunfight, robbery, ambush I will carry the Colt Gov 1911A1 if I know it will be a firefight I will carry a rifle.
    But most of the time I carry and never have to use the Ruger, unlike the big Macho guns I am comfortable and my gun is Concealed from the public, I don’t have to worry I will have some wussy SJW employee at walmart panic because I have a BIG GUN legally on my person and call the law who comes in and shoots me in a panic (as has happened to a CCW holder and he died) no, I’ll carry my little Ruger and if the need arises I will do the job as well with it as I would a hand cannon.
    Personal Choice and skill beats Macho everyday.

  • Zebra Dun

    Oh Man in stainless I hope?

  • markrb

    Yeah, you’re not a real man if you can’t conceal carry your Hi Point .45…..

  • SemperFiMac

    Hats off to the author of such successful clickbait. That’s all this is because he obviously doesn’t know each person’s unique circumstances and because he otherwise simply states the obvious that bigger is generally better. But, wow, look at all the comments.

  • Rogertc1


  • Al Shartpants

    I was comfortably carrying my tiny .380 at work all day. I began to feel scared and unprotected. Now I carry my AK pistol. At first I was having a hard time concealing it but I came up with the perfect solution. I quit working and I sit at home in the dark. It has given me a lot of time to reflect on what a stupid fool I was to go out into the world with a .380 and think I could survive.