“We Use Coca-Cola to Clean Our Guns” – Grizzled Ukraine Army Vet Talks Shop in Video

Coke’s slogan is “Taste the Feeling”, but maybe in the Ukraine it should be “the Army’s Rust Remover!” instead. “We use Coca-Cola when the gun is rusty. Coca-Cola takes rust away” says Ukrainian Ground Forces machine gunner Oleg Yuzkovich about his trusty PKM machine gun, in an interview with 5 Kanal (Channel 5 Ukraine, embedded below.

In addition to being a tasty beverage, Coca-Cola is indeed a good choice for cleaning rust if there are no purpose made cleaners available, thanks to its mild acidity and carbonation. “Every three days I and my gun – I call it “grinder” – every three days, I clean it. If I shot it, if I did not shoot it – does not matter. Gun is sacred,” Yuzkovich said in the video. “What is a gun? It’s not a wife, it’s a lover. The wife will bear with it, the lover – whew, and she is gone. The same is with the guns. We use everything: toothpicks, ear picks, toothbrushes. Reaching everywhere we can. Dirt, everything is cleaned off. Some people said we used sand or something, it’s nonsense.”

Regarding the war and joining the Ukrainian Ground Forces, Yuzkovich said:

I have been in Luhanks area since 2014. How I got here? I lied to my mum. I told her I was going to be removed from the military [draft] registry at 45 years of age. Instead, I told them: send me to the war. The very next day I was sent to the 80th [brigade]. September 30 I was at the front line, I got into the sleeping bag for the first time. Then there was the order “Air! Air!” and I first heard and experienced Russian Grads, I do not even remember how I got from my sleeping bag and ended in the trench which was 30 meters away.

Thanks to barenton from Imgur for translating the text of the video, wherever you are.

Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at nathaniel.f@staff.thefirearmblog.com.


  • DW

    And we lube guns with crisco, then cook bacon on the barrel.

    • Johnsmyname

      Hey wait isn’t there an expensive snake oil on the market made from … oh wait never mind, I don’t want to be sued.

    • noob

      is not wife, is lover. sizzling hot lover.

      • DW

        Lover that makes you bacon= wife material

    • RealitiCzech

      I lube my gun with canola oil, and cook popcorn in the brass catcher.

      • dltaylor51

        Try carb cleaner to clean,WD-40 to polish and protect and mobile one 5-20 to lube and you and your gun will stay in the fight much longer.

  • Slab Rankle

    Besides being resourceful, Ukrainians are also known for their keen sense of humor.

  • Pedro Vaz

    Imagine what it does to your stomach, intestines and other parts of your body. I never understood how can someone drink Coca Cola, just the smell tells you there is something wrong with it.

    • Simon Grushka

      you are aware that stomach isn’t made of (rusty) metal, are you?
      chocolate is poisonous for canines and cats, yet it’s fine for humans (in normal quantities).

    • It cleans your stomach too 🙂

    • RocketScientist

      I love when i hear stuff like this… do people not actually stop and use their brains anymore? Yes, coke is SLIGHTLY acidic (pH of about 3). You know what else is acidic? Stomach ACID (HCl, aka Hydrochloric acid, aka Muriatic acid). It’s usually got a pH of around 1.5, ie more acidic than coke (lower pH = more acidic). And it’s in your stomach all day erry day for your entire life.

      • pun&gun

        Also worth noting that the pH scale is logarithmic, so the farther you go to either side of 7, the more extreme each increase becomes. The difference in acidity between 1.5 and 3 is greater than the difference between 3 and 4.5. (Each whole number away from 7 is ten times the strength of the previous)

      • DW

        Not only that, phosphate and bicarbonate actually act as buffers in coke.

      • Swarf

        So… hire a bulimic teen?

        • Twilight sparkle

          Not really the point but bulimia doesn’t just effect teens

          • Swarf

            You’re right. My barf as gun cleaner joke was insensitive to teenagers.

      • Brick

        People just love to hate on soft drinks due to their unhealthiness. “SEE! COKE REMOVES RUST”

        Yeah, well, so does vinegar. And it does a better job than Coke from my experience (as well as from many others) but you never hear of anyone bragging about dumping salad dressing on rusty metal.

        • Dirt-Torpedo

          I was going to say, white vinegar does a great job and it’s much cheaper than soda.

      • Ebby123

        I see you are practiced in the ancient art of SCIENCE.
        I too, am familiar with that ancient tongue. There are so few of us left who can speak it…

        • Mark Walker

          “….but how do you know she’s a witch?”

          • Ebby123

            SHE TURNED ME INTO A NEWT!!!

            *awkward silence*

            ….well… I got better.

      • noob

        but my mom said i had a “cast iron stomach”…

    • Leroy Jenkins

      It’s delicious. You have to get the Coca-Cola made for the Mexican market as it is made with real sugar due to the fact Mexico will not allow HFCS in their food products – much better product than the HFCS version.

      • Phillip Cooper

        Sugar and HFCS are both things that shouldn’t be allowed in food.

      • Slab Rankle

        Coke made in the Allentown, PA bottling plant is made with cane sugar.

        HFCS Coke tastes better. The cane sugar variety is too sweet.

      • mosinman

        sugar is sugar, and your body metabolizes it the same way. that being said Latin American coke is better tasting

      • felix

        And it still comes in glass which makes it taste better too

      • Mark Walker

        Another key reason is the lack of government subsidies that make corn sugar cheaper than cane sugar, as ours does here in the States. BTW, Kosher Coke sold in the US (your local grocery store) is made the older fashion way with cane sugar (though alas, no cocaine).

    • .45

      The worst part about pop is probably the sugar.

    • You must not drink a lot of orange juice.

  • Iggy

    On the topic of his recruitment, I’ve always thought this Ukrainian recruiting is the gold standard for what joining the military actually means: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NOCbW1hc6Ng

    • Jim Slade

      It helps them that they’re playing for keeps on their own soil and not just trying to convince high school kids that it’s just college money and a ‘jobs program’.

      • Iggy

        True that, I just appreciate the ideal of the soldier as a defending citizen, not the adventure junky ‘warfighter’ that seems popular in advertising. Also the ‘these people (and you) may die and each death will be a tragedy’ vibe keeps it honest.

        • Yenokh Yagoda

          And these “defending citizens” are defending Donbass from its own population?

          • Ebby123

            Hush now. The non-partizans are speaking Sermon.

          • Blackhorse

            You mean the same citizens that stormed a theater mistaking it for a government building.
            The fact that the vast majority of fighters (separatists) in Donbas aren’t even from Ukraine.
            Now the vast majority of the Volunteer Battalions were/are Russian speakers and most from the region of Donbas.

          • Milosevic

            Being a Russian speaker means nothing about Ukrainian citizenship. Eastern Ukraine has had a Russian language majority for a long time. I don’t see how people don’t draw parallels between this conflict and the UK/Ireland. Nobody was sanctioning the UK over similar actions in a similar situation.

          • Blackhorse

            This is why I posted “Russian speakers” and not just “Russians”.
            Explain that to the Russians that thinks Russian speakers equates true Russians that need liberating.

          • Hoosier Steve

            11th AC?

          • Blackhorse

            11th ACR? Yes

          • CavScout

            The area that wanted to break away from Ukraine, and be annexed, was basically a part of Russia that fell on the wrong side of the border when the USSR collapsed. Russian speakers, Russian at heart, not wanting to be controled by a shitlib president that was just elected.

            The Russia angle was fake news.

          • Blackhorse

            The new “president” wasn’t”just elected” by the people but by the RADA since the last one deserted his post and the country. He was a “temporary” president till the new elections were held.
            That still doesn’t change that Igor Strelkov complained publicly that he couldn’t find 1,000 local male volunteers to fight for Donbas.
            While Russian Speakers volunteered for Volunteer Battalions in enough numbers to man dozens of Battalions to defend Ukraine.
            The vast majority of “fighters” for Donbas come from Russia not the Ukraine.
            Even after all this time it’s still the same, the vast majority are fighting for Ukraine and not for Donbas.
            Claims by Russia is what is the REAL FAKE NEWS. PERIOD

          • Oregon213

            The IRA sanctioned them, in a way….

          • Yenokh Yagoda

            I am not an expert but I think it’s not a similar situation. Because the region of Donbass was a part of Russia attached to Ukraine in 1920 or something, and Crimea was a part of Russia attached to Ukraine in 1956. So it’s not like the Russians invaded the land of Ukrainians, but the opposite of that.

          • Hoosier Steve

            Back to topic of cleaning guns, I don’t know about that but it is an old trick for cleaning car batttery terminals

          • Yenokh Yagoda

            You shouldn’t even talk about that, being a foreigner from a distant land who has no business in Ukraine nor in Russia. This issue is between them, and not knowing the locals, and the realities on the ground it is impossible to form a realistic opinion about what’s going on there.

            Trust me or not, but it doesn’t matter what language some of these “volunteer” mercenaries speak. Those battalions are high-paid jobs and are financed by a bunch of oligarchs. Yet, most separatist fighters in Donbass are locals, assisted by some Russian advisors. Though there are some mercenaries from Russia too.

          • Blackhorse

            The Volunteer Battalions of which most didn’t receive pay. Outside financial support usually barely covered the necessities and equipment costs. The vast majority of what they received was from volunteer organizations that crowd funded and or donated items, time, and services.
            The few Oligarchs supported (which was the minority of volunteer battalions) Battalions also didn’t pay all that good if they paid salaries at all.

            The Donbas Separatists (locals and Russian volunteers) still complain of lack of promised wages/salaries and have desertion and moral issues because of it. The vast majority of the Donbas separatists are Russians and not local Ukrainians.

            PS Sermon I can discuss what I want, especially when a known Putin Tool like you keeps spewing Kremlin propaganda BS every time you get a chance.
            I have as much business in Ukraine as they will allow and want. Unlike the unwanted Russian interference in their internal affairs and territory.

            So I will politely put it this way…….POUND SAND

          • Yenokh Yagoda

            Your language is retard-oriented war propaganda. Your information is false. You are trolling and I am not. So who is a tool?

          • Blackhorse

            Poor Simon still calling names when facts elude him I see.
            All of what I posted is easily found on multiple news sites from all over the world.

          • Yenokh Yagoda

            Yes and where do the fake news sites from all over the world get their information from?

            One same source: the Ukrainian propaganda from the Ministry of Information Policy. On February 23, 2014 MIP created the Internet platform “Information armies Ukraine”.

            You must be one of its soldiers.

          • Vlad Lebedynets

            Ston bullshiting people here, you russian scum…

          • Max Glazer

            Says a morally bankrupt subhuman

          • Blackhorse

            Simon Simon
            You still have no facts, just baseless accusations.
            Igor Strelkov posted a YouTube video complaining he could get even 1,000 local male volunteers to fight and suggested recruiting females to fill the void.
            Even Moscow Times reported this.

        • Thanks for sharing this. That’s really fantastic and much more honest then the typical propaganda.

        • RealitiCzech

          They’ve probably had enough of adrenaline junkies who play war for a week or two and desert.

      • carlcasino

        I enlisted in an era when the Draft was still in place, the Nuclear Age was dawning and I was entering college with some grizzled Korean vets that had seen it all. My total immaturity was exposed for what it was and I decided that IF I could be accepted into Submarines I would have a shot at serving out of the jungle and not being shot at. I was mildly surprised that the Russian’s still dropped depth charges without being at war. My naivete was lost but I learned what real teamwork meant. To the 2% that have offered to serve since the end of the Draft I offer my Thanks for picking up the mantle no matter the reason. Freedom is not now or ever been FREE–Someone has to step up to defend it or this 240 year experiment in Self Governance is lost for generations to come.

    • Phillip Cooper


    • Yenokh Yagoda

      It’s just a propaganda video.

      In truth, people are getting stopped on the streets by cops who check whether there is a request for them from the government, since most people have no desire to go to that war and ignore the recruitment letters. Lots of people are hiding, and some are hiding in fact in Russia.

      • Ebby123

        *citation needed. Especially after that other BS you were spewing.

        • Yenokh Yagoda

          Ukraine struggles to recruit soldiers for war in east
          © 2017 Reuters

          • Blackhorse

            Wait I thought you found this on the official Ukraine and Russian sites not an English language site LMFAO
            Now yes Ukraine has issues with conscription and so does Russia. With a majority ignoring it and over 80% of those that do show up being medically unfit for service.
            Conscription is widely avoided the world over. Nothing new.
            Most reports of Ukraine dragging people off the streets hasn’t been proven, just hear say and rumors.

          • Yenokh Yagoda

            If I had referenced a Russian site, you would have called it the Russian propaganda.

          • Arvydas Valaitis

            Blackhorse just step out of this pointless discussion. Yenokh probably is one of Putins web brigades, a. k. a. troll agencys. He gets a paid for posting BS like this. Where I am from, they say ,,it’s the same as plucking with a bold man”

          • Yenokh Yagoda

            Yenokh is just a reader of this blog.

            I wouldn’t even have started commenting here if I wasn’t provoked by the trolls like Black Horse. You, Lithuanians along with Ukrainians are posting on websites, promoting hatred and lies, denigrating a 140-million nation for no reason other than being paid.

            Black Horse stepped out because he is done. I burned him in another thread twice, because he has no knowledge to argue. He is a Ukrainian, impersonating an American, asking his instructors for assistance, when he doesn’t know how to answer.

            And the troll agencies where he and people like him are working at look like this:


          • Arvydas Valaitis

            I aint gonna step in this argue about nothing, but for your own sake, check psychiatrist. Your writing nothing but delusions, that means that you either have mental disorders (like schizophrenia) or you are Putins troll.

          • Yenokh Yagoda

            You have just “stepped in this argue”, illiterate troll.

            Now, I am wondering, how come that all trools from the Information armies of Ukraine have so little imagination? Is it not boring, repeating the same nonsensical statements and insults?

            Your “argue” techniques are poor, son.

      • CapeMorgan

        Please Comrade, the ability to absorb the usual nonsense from the area East of Poland is limited for most folks. There must be some Putin videos for you to look at to entertain yourself.

        • Yenokh Yagoda

          Nonsense is the idiotic propaganda that Ukrainians are being fed 24-7.

          I am from Ukraine, I spent a large portion of my life there. I know it well. And when this “revolution” happened, as soon as I saw who was financing it I knew that it was just another coup similar to that in the SU in the 1990’s. I knew that the people behind it would push Ukraine into a crisis and then sell it to the sponsor of the coup for laughable prices.

          And look what’s happening. Ukraine debt is growing fast, consumer prices are growing, inflation is growing and the GDP is decreasing.

          I saw all of that in the 1990’s and I remember too well what it is and how it happens, so don’t tell me about entertainment.

          • noob

            Debt growing fast, consumer prices are growing, inflation is growing and GDP is growing? sounds like Detroit.

          • Yenokh Yagoda

            The GDP is not growing, it’s shrinking.

            And all of that revolution leaders have become millionairs and some even billionairs. The main men, like Arseni Yatsenuk and Igor Kolomoiski, left Ukraine and now are living in Switzerland and the US.

          • noob

            ah sorry I meant GDP is shrinking? sounds like everywhere.

          • Blackhorse

            GDP is growing.
            Arseni Yatsenuk is still in Ukraine.
            Igor Kolomoiski lives in Switzerland and visited the US a few times.

          • Yenokh Yagoda

            Yes, growing. All good things are growing. Look, how the DEBT is growing, since the “revolution”.


          • Blackhorse

            The debate was the GDP growing. It grew by 2.3 GDP last year.
            You changing the subject to debt indicates a lost argument.

          • Blackhorse

            Ukraine’s GDP has been growing and it is predicted to be even better this year than last year.
            There was no coup in the 90s but there was an attempt by the communists against its leadership. Major failure.
            There wasn’t a “coup” in Ukraine either, can’t over throw a government when the elected leader flees the country and the elected Duma replaces him with somebody new on a temporary basis. He deserted his post after trying to violently suppress what started as peaceful protests.
            So try your pathetic BS somewhere else

          • Yenokh Yagoda

            You are a troll, bro. These same phrases are being repeated all over the internet by thousands of trolls on different languages. You are paid to do this, and that’s what is pathetic. The job of a loser.

          • Blackhorse

            You still can’t produce proof.
            Ukraine had a 2.3 GDP growth last year. FACT
            You “7.62 Simon” one of many accounts that have been banned accuse me of being a troll? LMFAO now that is ripe

          • will ford

            YOU are a Trouble making TROLL. STFU

      • Blackhorse

        Ukraine’s military is has a larger contract soldier percentage than Russia.
        The vast majority used in Donbas are contract soldiers.
        The few conscripts that are still used are used in support units far behind the contact line or in sectors far from the fighting.

        • Yenokh Yagoda

          The sources I know that from are people who live in Ukraine. Your sources are CNN and Fox News.

          Now, take a note. Ukraine has 200,000 troops and of them 70,000 are on contract. And Russia has 845,000 troops and of them 425,000 are on contract.

          • Blackhorse

            You’re such a dim witted twit.
            You have no clue what my sources are and your’s are questionable at best.

            Ukraine was at over 90,000 about a year ago. With more joining yearly. Almost half.

            Russia reached only 245,000 at about the same time. Closer to a third.

          • Yenokh Yagoda

            I find information on the official Russian and Ukrainian websites. You can’t read them, so where is this information from?

            CNN and Fox News and other fake news outlets.

          • Blackhorse

            You do understand there are translation apps that easily translate both Ukraine and Russian. Heck even Chinese if needed.
            So try again when both official sources report different from your postings

          • Yenokh Yagoda

            The official sources report what I said.

            President Poroshenko said “70,000” so I think he knows what he’s talking about. He said that in 2017.

            Russian Minister of Defense Shoigu said in 2016 that the number of contract troops had exceeded the number of conscript troops.

            This information is not hard to find.

          • Blackhorse

            Hahaha BS
            Poroshenko claimed over 90,000 just a few months ago. Easily found.

      • RealitiCzech

        Is there anything from that part of the world that isn’t propaganda?
        I hear:
        “We are fighting the Nazis!”
        “We are fighting Soviet Russia!”
        And never anything inbetween.

        • Yenokh Yagoda

          The Russians are putting an emphasis on the fact that most of these Ukrainian fighters are motivated by extreme nationalism. Some of the historical personalities which are now considered heroes in Ukraine were Nazis indeed. For example Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevich.

          • Blackhorse

            You mean the same Russians that kept saying the “Little Green Men” weren’t Russian troops before the all bragged they were Russian troops.

          • Yenokh Yagoda

            You know I thought I was speaking with an American but now I can see that I am speaking with a Ukrainian. An American can’t be so illitarate. You are a Ukrainian troll.

            You repeat all the same things that Ukrainian trolls write all over the Russian internet.

          • Blackhorse

            That’s it?
            Especially from someone claiming to be from Ukraine in another post on this article.
            “I am from Ukraine, I spent a large portion of my life there.”
            Your exact words posted below.
            So now you’re saying you’re an illiterate Ukrainian troll?
            Try to keep your “story” strait you pathetic Putin Tool.

    • crackedlenses

      I don’t care which country made that video, that was friggen’ good.

    • noob

      Yikes! when that dude bangs on the radiator I am turning my music all the way down!

    • Foma Klimov

      Which US PR firm handled this propaganda BS? Most of Ukrainians fighting their own people in the Donbas, are druggies, convicts, neonazis and other wonderful people. Many get paid in drugs and vodka. At least they are nuts enough to be fighting their own people and shell civilians. They sent in the army at first and that didn’t work out too well, after 10,000 deserted.

      • Blackhorse

        Hahaha haven’t read that old and proven fake news for a while.
        Every nation has these types fighting but that isn’t the norm nor present day Ukraine.
        Even the Territorial Units get paid in hard currency.
        Most of the units on the front for over the last year are Ukraine government units.
        The vast majority of captured and deserting Donbas separatists are Russians not Ukrainian.

  • It takes a guy from the Texas or the California to write “the Ukraine”.

    • Tritro29

      Well lexicon and Ukraine don’t match. So yeah the Ukraine.

    • Yenokh Yagoda

      Because Ukraine comes from the word which translates to English as “outskirts”, so it is correct: “the outskirts”. The outskirts of Russia.

      • It’s pretty dumb explanations b/c the word “Ukraine” was used at least 6 centuries before Moskoviya started to call itself “Russia”.

        • Yenokh Yagoda

          Yes. Because the name comes from the Poles. It was the outskirts of Poland first.

        • Foma Klimov

          I see the xoxoLOLs are still busy re-writing history? Guess where Oleg marched from when he captured the Khazar outpost of Kiev? I’ll give you a hint: it was Novgorod. Guess where most of the “Kievan Rus” (term invented by historians in the 19th century) was situated? I’ll give you a hint: modern day Russia. Yes, Moscow didn’t exist back then, but Novgorod, Vlamidir, Suzdal and other major principalities did. Kiev was the only major principality on the territory of modern Ukraine. The Tsardom of Moscow was the rightful successor to the Rus (Russian) state. When the “ukraine” (which was NEVER a state until 20th century) became a protectorate of the Czars, it was just a tiny cossack hetmanate along the Dnepr. Its territory has increased 5-fold since, mostly under the USSR. Ukrainian flag and literary language, were created up by the Austo-Hungarians in the 19th century, in order to drive a wedge. Bolsheviks continued this fake, bullshit “ukrainization” policy. Even Taras Shevchenko refereed to himself as a Maloros.

          • Yenokh Yagoda


      • joe tusgadaro

        How can it be a reference to the outskirts of Russia when Russia came after Ukraine?

        • UnrepentantLib

          Another way to translate Ukraine is “the borderland.”

        • Yenokh Yagoda

          Ukraine came after Russia.

          It bagen as Cossack Hetmanate in 1648.

        • Foma Klimov

          In which universe? The origins of Russia are in Novgorod, in the 9th century. Ukraine didn’t exist as a state/entity until 20th century.

      • toms

        Bullshit it means the Border land between Europe and the wildlands where Tartars/Monguls attacked from. That later became Russia

        • Yenokh Yagoda

          You know that how?
          I for example speak both Russian and Ukrainian languages. You I guess do not know these languages.

        • noob

          So “Ukraine” is a place of rich natural resources, abandoned nuclear silos and guys looking for a gunfight?


        • Foma Klimov

          Russia/Rus originated in Novgorod, eventually setting up the principality and their capital in Kiev, which was captured from the Khazars. Most other major principalities (Novgorod, Vladimir, Suzdal, etc) were in modern day Russia.

          • Yenokh Yagoda

            And Novgorod was the first democratic state in Europe since the fall of the Roman Empire.

      • int19h

        For starters, when it was first used for roughly the area it is used for today, it was in Poland – and so it was, “the borderland”, to the Poles then.

        But even then, so what? The “-mark” in “Denmark” also means borderland, but we don’t call it “the Denmark”, because it’s a proper name now. So is Ukraine. Get on with the times.

        • Yenokh Yagoda

          For startes, first time the word Ukraine was mentioned was in the 12th century documents. Long before Poland.

          • int19h

            That’s why I said “first used for roughly the area it is used for today”. When it was used in the 12th century, it referred to different things – some of which are now part of modern Ukraine, some are not, but either way it never referred to anything resembling modern Ukraine as a whole.

  • Jim Slade

    I wish we could send them something better for this… like 1st Armored, 1st Infantry, 10th Mountain, 101st…….

    • Max Glazer

      And watch them come back in caskets?

  • Veteran for Trump

    Coca-Cola contains Phosphoric Acid. It reacts with Iron Oxide to form Ferric Phosphate which is black in color, so it doesn’t really remove the rust, just changes the composition.
    Fe₂O₃ + 2H₃PO₄ yields 2FePO₄ + 3H₂O

    • noob

      black iron oxide is the good iron oxide right?

    • MG

      What’s the black stuff that results when you rub aluminum foil against rust?

    • DW

      Congrats, you turned rust into Parkarization, which is better than bare metal.

    • Mark Walker

      Thank you VoG, I was wondering if and when we were going to get back to the subject of this article. Wouldn’t Coke’s sugars gum up the really hard to reach areas, and attract more dirt? What is it doing to our internals? Certainly no rust in my gut.

  • USMC03Vet

    This guy is totally backwards. Coke is precious commodity during military ops. What a waste.

    • PK

      What’s the US equivalent of doing this, cleaning guns with the little cans of Rip It?

      • USMC03Vet

        Nothing really. There is always gallons of CLP.

        • PK

          I know. I’m just still excited that I found Rip It at a regular store for once. Had to work it into the conversation somewhere, somehow.

        • noob

          I guess in that man’s war there is no more CLP. just a bottle of coke. Does he drink it himself, or give it to his love?

  • Seth Hill

    So there must not be any liberals over there to use their tears instead of Coke.

  • Obama? Is that this black guy from the Illinois?

    • billy bob

      No, half white guy from Kenya.

  • All the reasons are based on wrong Russian interpretation. Whereas the root of word “Ukraine” came from the word which translates to English simply as “country”. If you try to translate “country” to most slavic languages you’ll get or something like “kray, krajine, краіна, країна” or “zemlya”. And only in Russian it will sound like “strana”.

    Most Ukrainians feels that “the” is the part of colonial past which Russians desperately wants to restore.

    • Yenokh Yagoda

      “Krai” as well as “krajina” translates to English as “land” and not “country”. A country is an area of land that has its own government.

  • LazyReader

    Coca cola……..seriously I wanna see that. I spilled coke on stainless steel and it’s all sticky

  • 22winmag

    Coca Cola isn’t nearly as refreshing as seeing articles directly related to firearms such as this one!

    Firearms maintenance? Hell yeah! Just don’t forget the Mobil1 15W-50 ultra-gun-lube!

    The articles about bullet impregnated shot glasses, Jihad Bentleys, Nazi heavy artillery, crew served weapons, military procurement dramas, aluminum foundries, flashlights, and other crap that is ridiculously tangential to firearms are better left to lesser gun blogs like God-awful TTAG,

  • Despicable REM1875 ✓certified

    Short burst- cook squirrel over hot barrel – long burst cook moose ……..

  • BraveNewWhirled

    Gerald McRainey finally made the big time with TFB!

  • ciscokid3750

    During WWII when the Germans invaded the Ukraine the people threw flowers at their feet because they hated the Russians. Many Ukrainians are actually descended from German Settlers with many having blond hair and blue eyes. There are also Romanian immigrants living there as well. Ukraine has been fought over by many countries including Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia and the Turks as well. The Ukrainians have their own separate language although they can understand Russian.

  • Zebra Dun

    Naval Jelly has always been used to remove rust, Naval Jelly is Phosphoric acid, which is in Coca Cola.
    It will strip rust like nothing on earth.

  • JamesDrouin

    “We Use Coca-Cola to Clean Our Guns”

    Well, good luck with that, because the concentration of phosphoric acid in Coke is way too low to dissolve the copper / lead sheath in a barrel. Throw a penny in a cup of Coke and see how time it takes to just get a shine on it.

  • DangerousClown

    Nathaniel – fix your first sentence. It’s not “the Ukraine”. It’s just Ukraine.