ICYMI: Trump Highlights Leupold in “Made in America” Week

Made in America

I know Donald Trump is in the title, but stick with us here. We would like to applaud Leupold’s accomplishments and not make this political. We are sticking by our mantra of Firearms, Not Politics.

A short overview for those who are unaware, but Donald Trump has been pushing a “Made in America” week highlighting one Made in America company from all 50 states. For us 2nd Amendment advocates, the list of companies is not too exciting except for Leupold getting the tip of the cap for Oregon.

Leupold is a 5th generation, family-owned company out of Beaverton, Oregon that has been in business since 1907. Any firearms, let alone an optics company, that can break 100 years is doing something right. Leupold employs over 700 workers in the United States and is a truly Made in America company.

Shane Meisel, the Director of International and Military sales for Leupold & Stevens, was interviewed by Fox Business News about the recognition Leupold received. He mentioned that himself along with others from Leupold & Stevens did not meet Donald Trump, but were still able to talk to the President, Vice President and his senior staff.

Like many companies, Leupold has had numerous opportunities to take their manufacturing elsewhere, but remain steadfast in employing Americans to craft their optics.

From all of us at TFB and firearm lovers everywhere, a tip of the cap is in order, indeed.

Below can be seen the interview of Shane Meisel on Fox Business News.

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  • neckbone

    Now if he would talk about passing SHUSH so we could get suppressors easier.

    • Ēmperius ✓ᵇᵃⁿⁿᵉᵈ

      Passing? How about repeal the entire Act.

  • Paul Rain

    Hell yeah brother.

    I hear Henry are going to be introducing a special 2025 Triple Golden Boy model in honor of the third term.

  • Joe

    The last thing we need is POTUS bringing attention to this.
    I mean, we want it to pass, right?
    Well, I do, anyway.
    Please talk to your reps instead of provoking the President.

  • TangledThorns


  • Harry’s Holsters

    I wish this was silencerco instead!

  • Meh

    Leupold is *assembled* in USA, they get their lenses from china. Try again.

    • Twilight sparkle

      Most companies get their glass from China, they wouldn’t be able to compete otherwise. If they didn’t get their glass from china all scopes would be about the price of a nightforce

      • Flounder

        That is not entirely true. Glass usually comes from America or Japan or another western country. Glass is still too difficult to produce at a high enough quality point for china.

        I know vortex gets their glass from japan and america. And they are both budget and high quality.

        Mr Meh, is talking about the lens, I believe he means the raw forging or casting of the scope body and the lens adjustment, the thing you spin to adjust focus.

        Edit: China can produce the castings and forgings much cheaper than america can and my understanding is those are the components that are made overseas.

        I have yet to see chinese glass that i didn’t say sucked and was noticably worse than competing scopes. Although it was almost always cheaper.

  • Shankbone

    I just ordered a VX3 4.5-14 for a coyote/deer rifle. I have the 3.5-10 on a .243; which I used last year for mule deer, antelope, coyotes, and a badger. I’m sure there is probably a “better” scope in the same ballpark, but I have an Home State allegiance to Leupold. It’s too bad that the rumors of imported glass may be true, but if the US doesn’t produce the quality of glass needed, I would hope Leupold would outsource or better yet, begin producing the needed components.

  • Nathan Tramp

    “You could probably make things cheaper elsewhere…”
    “We bought Redfield for that. Thanks for noticing.”


    I took a DMR class with Kyle Lamb and a Leupold rep (Mike) came along. He brought a bunch of VX-6’s for us to try out. It is clear that he believed in the company and the product they produce. After listening to him and using the product for 3 days Leupold has become the standard by which I judge all other scopes and my go to for new glass. The fact that it’s a premium all American co. that hires vets is icing. I gained a new respect for Leupold, the performance & durability of their product, as well as their business practices.