ICYMI: Trump Highlights Leupold in “Made in America” Week

    Made in America

    I know Donald Trump is in the title, but stick with us here. We would like to applaud Leupold’s accomplishments and not make this political. We are sticking by our mantra of Firearms, Not Politics.

    A short overview for those who are unaware, but Donald Trump has been pushing a “Made in America” week highlighting one Made in America company from all 50 states. For us 2nd Amendment advocates, the list of companies is not too exciting except for Leupold getting the tip of the cap for Oregon.

    Leupold is a 5th generation, family-owned company out of Beaverton, Oregon that has been in business since 1907. Any firearms, let alone an optics company, that can break 100 years is doing something right. Leupold employs over 700 workers in the United States and is a truly Made in America company.

    Shane Meisel, the Director of International and Military sales for Leupold & Stevens, was interviewed by Fox Business News about the recognition Leupold received. He mentioned that himself along with others from Leupold & Stevens did not meet Donald Trump, but were still able to talk to the President, Vice President and his senior staff.

    Like many companies, Leupold has had numerous opportunities to take their manufacturing elsewhere, but remain steadfast in employing Americans to craft their optics.

    From all of us at TFB and firearm lovers everywhere, a tip of the cap is in order, indeed.

    Below can be seen the interview of Shane Meisel on Fox Business News.

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