Haris Tareen shared these pics from his trip to Pakistan.

I had to travel back to Pakistan for an emergency. I thought id revisit the 30 bore little Ak and a khyber 223 cal ak. Looks like a nice 103 style ribbed mag copy here in Pakistan. Ill try and get more pics.


The little AK is chambered in 7.62×25 Tokarev


  • PK

    I have such a soft spot for every AK in 7.62x25mm that I’ve seen, but that is easily the nicest build quality so far.

    • .45

      It’s so cute! I wanna take it home with me. /tweeniegirl

    • neckbone

      Just make an emergency trip to Pakistan and you too could have a little AK like that!

      • PK

        I feel like a trip to the shop will be safer. I’ll end up using PPS magazines, but other than that it doesn’t look too difficult. Maybe the guide rod trick inside the gas tube, just to keep the carrier from misbehaving… or I could just go with a mass delayed blowback instead of gas rotary bolt.

        Either way, it’s doable and I just need to find the time to make a barrel real quick, very little of it should be difficult past that. Even having a short receiver and cover just spells some easy welding.

        • Fix the bolt in the carrier, remove the locking lugs, and use the “gas piston” as both guide rod and “bolt weight”. Probably have to trim a bunch of weight out of the carrier, and lighten the spring a bit.

          A bolt for a 5.56x45mm AK variant would be just about perfect for 7.62x25mm…

          • PK

            Direct blowback conversion of a 5.56x45mm bolt/carrier seems like an utter waste of good parts, these days.

            I was thinking more along the lines of silver soldering a ring into the bolt head so it fits 9x19mm/7.62x25mm, making a nice wide gas port and open gas block/sight, shortening the piston/receiver flat, bending, adding similarly shortened rails, and coming up with a locked 7.62x25mm.

            It generates enough gas to do that, while the bolt/carrier isn’t really heavy enough as-is for direct blowback. Ideally, for a 7.62x25mm you aim for a reciprocating mass of about 2lbs, while the AK-47 bolt/carrier is 1.13lbs as-is, and would be lighter if the piston were shortened.

    • J-

      It wants to be an AK when it grows up.

  • I wunder

    7.62×25 and ak74u sized. Talk about a pdw!

    • PK

      For what it’s worth, that’s substantially smaller than the AK74U.

      • Nick

        And without the drawbacks of firing a rifle caliber in that short of a barrel.

  • Vhyrus

    Oh my god they’re breeding.

  • ゴリラゴリラ

    There was a video posted awhile back, of a multi room dirt floor workshop. Where battle field pick up 5.56 brass was being converted into 7.62x25mm ammo. With an almost unlimited supply of 5.56 brass you can see why this caliber is popular there.

    • iksnilol

      I thought it was just popular due to the widespread nature of Soviet equipment in that part of the world.

  • Sam

    Never cared for a 5.56mm AK. But like the AK as a SMG with a 7.62×25 you got many Type 54 TT pistols made made in Pakistan now you got a primary arm in the same caliber.


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    • iksnilol


      • LGonDISQUS

        Wait, this wasn’t an ENDO post?


    Holy hell, three minutes before anything at all happens.

  • B. Young

    fyi-grab .223 brass and copper tube cutter and skip to minute 4!

  • Stephen Paraski

    Norinco pattern front trunnion or original Russian?

  • BrandonAKsALot

    That .223 mag would fetch a pretty penny here. The 7.62 versions of that Paki mag go for a lot.