The Other “FM-9” Rifle – A PPC By Foxtrot Mike Products

While everyone can appreciate Freedom Ordnance’s belt-fed FM-9 9mm wonder upper, another company has been working with the name on their own rifle – the FM-9 by Foxtrot Mike Products. Where the Freedom Ordnance blazes some new trails, the Foxtrot Mike does as well.

The FM-9, by Foxtrot Mike Products, is a magazine fed pistol caliber carbine. based heavily off of the AR-15, the little guy packs some ambidextrous punch and additional features that are not offered by anyone else. First, the magazine catch for Glock magazines is 100% ambidextrous, along with the fire selector and bolt release. A forward, ambidextrous and non-reciprocating charging handle is built into the extruded rail. Sadly, the bolt catch functionality is still just one-sided.

Interestingly, the weapon is set up with a backup magazine located in the pistol grip. Like the actual magazine catch, the reserve one is also 100% ambidextrous and when utilized for a quick magazine change, is easy as pie to release and re-insert the magazine in the weapon and go – all without having to go to web gear.

Rounding out some solid specs are the fire control group manufactured from S7 tool steel, a premium 4150 1/10 twist barrel, suppressor compatibility, and the usage of what looks to be AR-15 fire control components (with titanium pins!) and AR-15 stocks.

MSRP for the completed lower is $275 and a “Ready to Customize” version is pegged at $165. Uppers are listed at $599. All come complete with Foxtrot Mike’s Transferable Lifetime Warranty. 



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  • Adam D.

    I’ve just watched all their videos on Youtube, looks like a gun made with
    attention to small but important details.
    Nice materials and build quality, nitrided barrel and bolt, strong firing pin, titanium pins,
    heavy buffer (7.5 oz.), ambidextrous controls, forward charging handle, decent handguard,
    ISO9001 certification.

    The integral polymer grip looks a bit cheesy, but if it’s comfortable IRL, then who cares.

    Although they show in one of their videos that the upper is compatible with QTRC10
    and PSA lowers, I’d just buy the gun as a complete system.

    Would be nice if the company chimed in with some accuracy photos, I’m curious what these barrels can squeeze out.

    • civilianaf

      They do 3 MOA, they originally did a rifle that did 2 MOA but wouldnt eat steel cased ammo. The uppers were tested using only crap ammo. They run like a raped ape,

      • Adam D.

        I saw all of their videos, but this is by no means a serious accuracy test.
        Just to define what I mean by that: some standard paper target (e.g. NRA or IDPA, IPSC silhouette, Shoot-N-C and so on) 50 and 100 yrd. testing,
        5 shot groups with quality ammo shot from the 16″ variant.

        What’s your source on 3 MOA if I may ask?
        Is there a forum topic somewhere with pictures?

        • civilianaf


          I am familiar with the rifle. Back story of the development is it was ready to launch several months ago. Another 9mm rifle got flamed for not being able to shoot steel ammo, and they went back to the drawing board. The increased reliability came at a cost of 1 MOA. Still not bad for a 9mm.

          • Adam D.

            I see, thanks for the info!
            About the steel case: honestly, I don’t know if it was worth the loss in accuracy. Yes, -consistent- 3 MOA still sounds good from a 9mm rifle, but 2 sounds a lot better, and considering brass cased 9mm doesn’t cost a whole lot more in bulk or even when buying boxed ammo, I don’t know what advantage steel cased can give one.
            Sometimes internet opinons can really affect projects in a negative way.

          • civilianaf

            So true man. Sadly consumers needs drive product development. Manufacturers have to chase the lowest common denominators of parts etc. I know a company that made their whole production of lowers with oversized buffer tube threads, to chase crappy A2 Buffer tubes that were way oversized. They will do a 3GUN Nation version with 2MOA, but it will be advertised to only use Brass ammo in it.

          • Adam D.

            Now that 2 MOA sounds more like it! 🙂
            That’s basically “one whole accuracy” from a pistol cal. carbine on 50 yds, and that’s probably the max. range owners will use it.
            I’ve shot an Oberland Arms 9mm SBR a couple of times,
            that was a pretty accurate gun.
            It was a ton of fun to shoot nice, tight groups with low noise and muzzle flip, for 1/4 the cost of .223 ammo.

  • Vhyrus

    I’m pretty sure the acronym is ‘PCC’ not ‘PPC’.

    When are these going to be available? I’d buy one right now if it’s less than $900.

    • Yep, PPC is Police Pistol Combat. Which is one of the older pistol shooting sports.

      • Emfourty Gasmask

        Or Particle Projection Cannon *nerd*

        • Xanderbach

          Watch your heat!

  • john huscio

    I dont see the allure of pistol caliber ARs

    • Vhyrus

      I don’t either, but my local range is running PCC matches and I want in dammit.

    • Flounder

      It is simple. Do you like AR’s? Well lots of people do. How many of those people have 9mm pistols? So the answer is there is a market for it.

      They are very solidly in the cool gun/fun gun category. You buy it cause you like it. It doesn’t need to have a reason. Yet, they are also kinda functional so lots of people find ways of justifying the purchase to themselves.

      And with the success of the hi point carbines everyone is trying to get in on the market with a superior product. Which, an AR in 9mm is hilariously superior in ergonomics than a hi point carbine.

    • civilianaf

      All the cool kids are doing it.

    • Cymond

      I have one with a 4.5″ barrel. It’s great fun, cheaper to shoot than 223, and incredibly short. It’s also surprisingly accurate within 100 yards.
      The bayonet is a joke, but I do intend to eventually get a suppressor and run it with a longer handguard.

      • civilianaf

        Lol, thats pretty cool. Sweet set up.

      • jonp

        lol, love the bayonet for when you have to get all stabby! Great sense of humor

    • Mike Guthrie

      I built one just for a range toy and after the fist time having it out loved it much more than I thought I would. Super soft shooter don’t get that loud crack from the traditional 5.56 clambering. Plus I enjoy taking new shooters out and they find it very fun to shoot kinda like a 10/22 but it can take my glock mags.

  • Brett baker

    Looks great!

  • Simon R.

    Hmmm, looks like Gibbz is making their upper? I love mine. But I sure would like the charging handle farther forward like these have.

    • civilianaf

      Its not Gibbz

  • Sledgecrowbar

    First, porn music is an odd choice.

    Second, “proprietary” is not the greatest term to be throwing around when you’re trying to sell an AR-15-based gun. Yeah, I dig the forward charging handle, but if I want to put my own handguard on, can I? The one big thing everyone is looking for right now with Glock AR’s is a bolt catch. If they had made an ambi bolt catch, just sell the upper all day long and retire, you did it right.

  • civilianaf

    The Bolt release is also ambi, but you cant lock the bolt back from the right side.

  • hking

    I like the idea of the forward charging handle but the fact that the “wing” part of it doesn’t spring back forward when released kills it for me.

    • civilianaf

      They have 3 different charging handles that will be available. Easy to swap out.

  • Emfourty Gasmask

    Will they be making ER-PPCs soon? My Battlemech needs an upgrade.

  • jonp

    I went to the sight and I don’t see anything that says they are Glock mag or anything about the types of mags they take. How about versions of these things for people that don’t own Glocks? Manu’s that ignore the very large segment of the population that do not own a Glock are missing out on a huge customer base and besides, they want how much for this?