Found this odd photo in an MP5 Enthusiast Group. At first glace it looks like an odd optic mounted in a strange location on an MP5. However it isn’t an optic. It is a contour camera. I am not familiar with Contour Action cameras or their mounts but the position seems odd. It appears to be mounted at the rear of the MP5 right above the rear endcap. It is hard to tell but I believe the camera is offset so the shooter can still use the irons. The barrel has some blue covering, possibly for simunitions training. But if that was the case, why isn’t he using eye protection?


  • Qoquaq En Transic

    What “MP5 enthusiast group” would that be?

  • Qoquaq En Transic

    Contour is out of business. However, I don’t really know why.

    Their form factor is soooo much better than go-pro IMHO.

    • The first time they went out of business, the CEO and founder was blunt about what happened. They couldn’t compete with GoPro. GoPro was dumping a lot of money into marketing, Contour was not. GoPro controlled 95% of the market, Contour had like 1%.

      Then, at liquidation auction, Contour was snatched up by a bunch of hawks that just sold old tech under the Contour name. They were selling a 2014 camera in 2017. The market wanted IS, 4k, handsfree, GPS… Contour had no development team, nothing in the pipe and no plans to develop anything else. They were running out the clock and squeezing what they could from the assets they bought at auction. Oh, there was a failed merger with Ion two years ago. Ion was another company that couldn’t compete with GoPro’s marketing machine.

      • Qoquaq En Transic

        Thanks for the inside info, that’s very interesting – and a shame.

        I have nothing against Go-Pro in any way, but I really liked the Contour’s form factor.

        That said, I still don’t have a camera from this genre of cameras.

        • Early on, Contour was a better video quality camera than the Hero or Hero2, but, it was a marketing war and GoPro crushed everyone. Now, the quality is all about the same and it’s going to be a price game. A $100 Xiaomi shoots video that’s the same at the video from a $400 GoPro.

          • That isn’t my experience. I had both GoPro 2, 3, and 4, along with a couple of Contour (forget the model numbers). I ran them side by side, GoPro on a head mount, Contour on my ears.

            Contour video quality was much lower than GoPro of the same generation. The GoPro was slightly sharper with better color saturation and metering.

            I haven’t played with the Xiamoi, but I’ve yet to encounter a off brand camera that matches GoPros quality either.

          • The Hero2 was total crap on anything but a full sun day (I owned one and love it for what it could do). The Hero 3+ was better, and the Hero5 that I have is worlds better, both in quality and features than any of the previous models, although it has some shortcomings. Any camera comes down to quality at what price and there’s always a point of diminishing returns. Is the GoPro 4x better than a $100 Xiamoi or another banggood special? If you plan that your action cam video is going to be mixed with some Red Epic video you shot and corrected with DiVinci Resolve, then you should probably use the GoPro with Protune. If you’re going to use an action cam to catch a run down a ski slope you only plan on doing and auto white balance in post, save $300 and get the Xiamoi.

            Then there’s the issue of what you can do in post both with your skills and software. The 800lb gorilla is alway the compression hit you take when you upload a video to Facebook or YouTube, Facebook wrecks pretty much all video.

            The only reason I ended up with a Hero 5 is that i found a buyer for my Hero 3+ and used the GoPro trade in deal to offload my Hero 2. I ended up with a Hero 5 for less than $100 out of my pocket. Now I just have a bunch of Hero 2 cases and model specific accessories that I can’t give away.

          • Phillip Cooper

            My $35 camera shoots video on par with Gopro.

          • Phillip Cooper

            Looking at the experience level of the other folks in this subthread, it seems I may be wrong and just not know how wrong I am. 😉

            Still, looks pretty darn good to me- and that’s what matters.

    • James

      I’ve used a Contour mounted on my earpro for at least 6 years. It was
      inexpensive, easy to operate and shoots great hd vid at matches in first person POV. It
      still functions perfectly. I paid less than $100 for it.

    • Sam P

      Sony action cameras have a sort of similar shape, and they have the deep pockets to stay in the market as long as they desire. I don’t understand their lack of marketing though.

      Probably most of the small players are being squeezed by GoPro’s success at marketing (and they do make good product as well) and cheap cameras from China unofficially imported that are 80% of the capability at 50% of the price of GoPro, that never go through US FCC or EU CE emissions testing.

      • I love my Contour – I use it for both sportbike tracking (helmet mount) as well as in a waterproof case, while scuba diving.

        Unless Contour ups their game, I’ll probably end up transitioning to a Sony FDRX3000.

        • “Unless Contour ups their game” You mean rises from the dead. They’re out of business.

          • I meant exactly what I said.

            “James Harrison
            12:24 PM (29 minutes ago)

            to me
            NO SIR!!!
            Absolutely in business….

          • And the cameras are not where to be found and your respondent is from the private equity firm that bought the name at auction in 2015. They have not introduced a new camera in years, no one is stocking them, and you can’t buy them from contour. Keep dreaming there bro.

  • LGM Commando 070

    This Russian Nuclear Submarine Has a Very Special Mission – Kill American Aircraft Carriers

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      This boat has a very special mission – Kill Russian aircraft carriers.
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      • Phillip Cooper

        Well done!

      • LGM Commando 070
        • Klaus Von Schmitto

          No – that’s how you dock an 80,000 ton, 1000 foot long Aircraft Carrier that actually sails on the ocean and launches and recovers combat aircraft. You know, like the kind that only the United States operates.

          • LGM Commando 070

            Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier

            Displacement: 67,500 tonnes
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            Kuznetsov carries twelve launchers for P-700 Granit (SS-N-19 Shipwreck) anti-ship surface-to-surface missiles. The heavy surface armament makes Kuznetsov different from other countries’ aircraft carriers, which carry only defensive armament and rely on their aircraft for strike power.

            For long-range air defense, Kuznetsov carries 24 vertical launchers for Tor missile system (SA-N-9 Gauntlet) surface-to-air missiles with 192 missiles. For close-range air defense, the ship carries eight Kashtan Close-in weapon system (CIWS) mounts. For defense against underwater attack, the ship carries the UDAV-1 ASW rocket launcher.

          • James Earl Jones

            The only thing I got out of that was Kuznetsov and shipwreck.

          • Phillip Cooper

            That’s cute and all- but you forgot to mention how very often it breaks down, and how it’s shadowed by Ocean-going tugs in the event of (frequent) breakdown.

          • LGM Commando 070

            There were lots of articles in the MSM about how the carrier has to be escorted by a tug boat because it is going to break down. That’s just BS propaganda.

            In truth, if a nuclear carrier can sail without refueling, a steam turbines ship has to be accompanied by a tanker and a tug boat. This is needed because such ships are not manoeuvrable enough. US carriers are escorted by tug boats too, in ports and when passing through straits.

            The Russian carrier has been in operation since 1985. Now, its engine needs to be upgraded and is going to be refurbished. Soon it is going to be like new, and shall have more and better missiles too.

    • UWOTM8

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      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Must be a Russian carrier captain with lots of free time.

        • UWOTM8

          I can see why when that ship dumps all of its planes in the ocean every time it “deploys”.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Its basically a (barely) floating used aircraft lot.

          • BillyOblivion

            Honest Ivan’s Used Planes?

            If you don’t have time to come to our lot, we’ll bring our lot to you.

          • James Earl Jones

            And promptly deliver your plane straight into the ocean.

          • BillyOblivion

            Was plane. Is now submarine.

            Maxim 32. Anything is amphibious if you can get it back out of the water.

          • LGM Commando 070
          • LGM Commando 070

            U.S. Navy Jet Crashes, Pilot Ejects As Aircraft Carrier Finally Heads Toward North Korea

            The U.S. Navy reported the crash on Friday, claiming the Super Hornet was returning from routine flight operations, crashing before it could land on the USS Carl Vinson. The pilot ejected and was rescued unharmed from the Celebes Sea, just south of the Philippines, according to Fox News.

          • UWOTM8

            0/8, subpar b8

          • Well an aircraft that spends all its time in a hanger isn’t going to crash.

      • Longhaired Redneck

        Abort collusion, abort collusion! Repeat: abort collusion (not politics).

  • Saint Stephen the Obvious

    Its obvious the guy is a true blue operator, just look at the blue flash device.

    Airsoft much?


  • “I am not familiar with Contour Action cameras or their mounts” Hardly anyone was and that is why they have gone out of business a second time.

    • Haulin’ Oats

      It’s a good product.

      • And they’re also out of business.

      • Sledgecrowbar

        They might have been a good camera, but I had them alongside GoPro back when I worked at a power sports dealership and they collected dust. GoPro built the price of overwhelming advertising into their stuff, and it worked.

  • OzzieMan

    The image above is taken from a television documentary called SAS – The Search for Warriors. The documentary was filmed in approximately 2010. It details the selection process undertaken by members of the Australian Defence Force as they attempt to pass the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) selection course. It’s a very interesting documentary and well worth watching. The small camera attached to the MP5 was put there by the film crew to record the view from the firers perspective. The reason the soldier is not wearing eye protection is because he is most likely shooting paint rounds at paper targets or similar. The purpose of this was to test, assess and score highly fatigued soldiers in a basic CQB type scenario.

  • What are you saying, since the site is still active that they are still in businesses? They are done and have been for months. Every item is out of stock, they don’t answer their phone/email anymore, RMAs are stilling and not being accepted or shipped back. They haven’t updated any social media account in months, and remaining stock at other retails are being blown out at up to 80% off.

    Don’t be a jackass and just link to a site where everything is out of stock. Do five minutes of research. They are no longer selling products. This is the same way they folded a few years ago before the liquidation auction. Are you one of those Contour loyalist that still insist that they’re not gone and lost?

    So, yeah, you’re not even close there bro!

    • a) I’m not your “bro”, knucklehead.
      b) I’m not only close, I’m spot on:

      “Out of business?
      Jul 26, 2017 09:57AM MDT
      Several people have asserted to me that Contour is out of business – again.

      Is this true?

      Go To Question

      James Harrison (Employee) @ Jul 26, 2017 10:45AM MDT
      No we’re not out of business…..we are low on stock”

      • They’ve been low on stock (out of stock) for 15 months, bro. They’re done, bro. James Harrison is from the equity company that bought them two years ago. An equity firm partner is answering customer support emails, bro. Think about it, bro. They’re done. Bro, you’re not going to see any more cameras from them. Your only hope is finding some other bro with dead stock or barley used units.