Breaking News: New Heckler & Koch HK233 and HK233K Rifles

Heckler & Koch (Germany) continuous to take us by surprise and release news like no other company.  They just upload a new rifle to the homepage and...tell no one. They seem to hate journalists too and make our life as hard as possible.

Just how long the HK233 and HK233K information has been online is unknown. It could be weeks, days or seconds. If you know when HK launched these rifles please share in the comments section below.

The good news is that The Firearm Blog seem to be the first ones to report about the HK 233 and HK 233K. Google is quiet apart from HKs own homepage. I have checked with several of my sources and they have never heard of either of these models.

The “K” most likely stands for “Kurz” which means short. With a barrel of 12.5″ it is quite shorter than the normal 233 at 18.9″.

The operating principle is described as “gas-operated”. This leads to think that the HK 233 might be direct impingement, but I am sure they are short stroke piston.

The HK 233 shares a lot of its looks with the HK243 S SAR (or TAR) Semi Automatic Rifle, Sporter Basic Variant for the civilian market.

We wish we had more information but this is what is known:


The HK233 is a modular and compact assault rifle in cal. 5.56 mm x 45 NATO with increased performance on the basis of the worldwide proven G36.


  • Fully ambidextrous weapon operation for both right-handed and left-handed shooters
  • Slim Line handguard and upper receiver with STANAG 4694 profile at 12 o’clock position. MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail on 6 o’clock position
  • Foldable, retractable buttstock with height-adjustable cheek rest. Weapon can also be used with the buttstock in the folded-in position
  • Tool-free assembly/disassembly of the main assemblies
  • Wide variety of accessories available, such as training bolt group, bayonet, suppressor, drum magazine, brass catcher, blank firing attachment, forward grip, bipod and more
  • Mounting of optical sights (3x) and reflex sights (1x) on sight rail possible

HK233 | Technical Data


Calibre 5,56 mm x 45
Operating principle Gas-operated
Magazine capacity 30 rounds
Modes of fire 0-1-D
Rate of fire approx. 750/min
Sights M, O
Buttstock R, FO
Length min./max. approx. 755/975 mm
Width approx. 64.0 mm
Height approx. 261.0 mm
Barrel length approx. 480 mm
Weapon approx. 3,880 g
Magazine approx. 140 g

And onward to the shorter model, with around 12.5″ barrel.


The HK233K is a modular and compact assault rifle in cal. 5.56 mm x 45 NATO with increased performance on the basis of the worldwide proven G36.


  • Fully ambidextrous weapon operation for both right-handed and left-handed shooters
  • Slim Line handguard and upper receiver with STANAG 4694 profile at 12 o’clock position. MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail on 6 o’clock position
  • Foldable, retractable buttstock with height-adjustable cheek rest. Weapon can also be used with the buttstock in the folded-in position
  • Tool-free assembly/disassembly of the main assemblies
  • Wide variety of accessories available, such as training bolt group, bayonet, suppressor, drum magazine, brass catcher, blank firing attachment, forward grip, bipod and more
  • Mounting of optical sights (3x) and reflex sights (1x) on sight rail possible


HK233K | Technical Data

HK233K – CAL. 5.56 MM X 45 NATO

Calibre 5,56 mm x 45
Operating principle Gas-operated
Magazine capacity 30 rounds
Modes of fire 0-1-D
Rate of fire approx. 750/min
Sights M, O
Buttstock R, FO
Length min./max. approx. 593/813 mm
Width approx. 64.0 mm
Height approx. 261.0 mm
Barrel length approx. 318 mm
Weapon approx. 3,600 g
Magazine approx. 140 g


Check Heckler & Koch’s homepage for the HK 233 model.

And YES, we have noticed that the HK 337 is online too and will be writing about it very soon.

With a 8.9″ barrel in .300 Blackout it looks rather nice. Until then check here.

Heckler & Koch 337 in .300 blackout / Whisper. 8.9″ barrel and EOTech sight. Great Secret service rifle and truck gun.

I guess I am not the only one who will have a very hard time trying to remember and distinguish all these HK models apart.

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • ABeiruty

    What was wrong with their AR styled rifles? Expensive? Yes. But they are solid.

    • CommonSense23

      Well they do break more than normal AR15s.

      • LGM Commando 070
        • CommonSense23

          Is that why government testing shows that? Sorry to break it to you. Adding a op rod to a AR15 doesn’t work out well in the long run.

          • LGM Commando 070

            Right ))

          • CommonSense23

            I’m guessing you never have actually dealt with the 416s.

          • LGM Commando 070


            What else comes to your mind?

          • Joshua

            He is right.

            Cranes maintenance schedule is higher than the Mk18s and M4A1s, especially in receiver life.

            The 416 does have an amazing barrel though.

            Probably the best barrel available…though I’ve heard FNs new barrel they submitted for testing with SOCOM is proving to be identical in life and accuracy.

          • Taylor Hardin

            Instead of just shouting ‘YOU ARE WRONG” why not prove it when data or do we just take everyone’s word for it and word vomit it to others?

          • CommonSense23

            Well lets see. You can break down the dust the test from back in the day. You can read about the M855A1 testing. Those are open source. You can actually read up on how the AR15 works and understand why the idea of a op rod is bad.

          • Taylor Hardin

            You’re still not convincing as you still have not cited your sources. Anyone can say go look at this and that, but if you really want to prove your point you would have included it. You think that someone writing a scientific paper trying to prove a new method in something they will just say look it up. No they will include the sources.

            Lets see if I can be loud shouty man too. If you look at the source that the military did it proves my point as its the best thing since sliced bread. Dust sucks and bolt tilt is a thing.

            Lets point out where things go grey. What military, what gun, what test, what dust, when was it tested, how was it tested. These things matter. Im not arguing against you, but at least backup your data with data. It makes you sound less of a internet idiot.

        • roguetechie

          Nope, he’s right.

          They do break more often, and no amount of kruppstahl can change the actual physics behind why this happens!

          • LGM Commando 070

            or not a gentleman

          • RShanger

            Battlefield Las Vegas has proof. I also know of several agencies who have dumped them in favor of other guns.

          • Joshua

            You could get clearance from the DOD and contact Crane and get the information.

          • LGM Commando 070
          • Joshua

            It’s far from top secret.

            Just because it’s not Dist. A, unlimited does not mean it’s top secret classified information.

            There’s a big difference. If I’m not mistaken pretty much any government agency or DoD contractor could get it, however they as well would not be able to publish it online.

            You should look up our distribution policies.

            Even the M4A1 and Mk18/CQB-R URG TRS is Dist. D.

            So I also cannot publish the technical repair standards for those either.

            So if you want the TRS for all our weapon systems become a DoD contractor working on said weapons and you can view all the information you want.

          • LGM Commando 070

            You are making ridiculous claims. You can’t prove them. Referring to some classified data. Your claims contradict facts and logic. So, how do we call it?


          • Joshua

            How do my claims contradict fact?

            The TRS for the 416 is Dist. D, as is the TRS for all military shoulder rifles.

            Seriously it’s not hard to get the information, I just can’t release it to the public.

            DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT D. Distribution authorized to the Department of Defense and U.S. DoD contractors only (fill in reason) (date of determination). Other requests shall be referred to (controlling DoD office).

          • LGM Commando 070

            Australian Special Operations Command, German Special Forces Command, Italian Special Forces, Special Forces Group of Japan, Korps Commandotroepen of the Netherlands, Polish Special Forces, Turkish Special Forces, US Joint Special Operations Command, FBI Hostage Rescue Team and Norwegian Armed Forces and French Armed Forces — selected the HK416 and THIS is a fact.

          • Joshua

            Well I’m glad you have Google and wikipedia to get knowledge from, me I’ll stick to what I can personally see right on my desk.

          • LGM Commando 070

            I trust the data, it is correct and it tells me enough to understand that 416 is a great rifle, because these top-rated special forces people are not fools.

          • Joshua

            Do you also feel the same about aluminum GI magazines and EOtech 551s/EXPS-3s?

            Because these top rated forces often use those over Pmags or Aimpoint.

            Or we can just admit that the individual guy has nothing to do with procurement and often don’t know anything about guns.

            However that would require understanding even JSOC procurement…which I happen to know a lot about.

            I can tell you this, there’s a lot in JSOC that want to go back to the M4A1/Mk18, and there’s a lot that want to keep the 416.

            However nothing can happen until their contract vehicle for the 416 runs out, which it won’t for a few more years.

            On top of that, they have such a huge supply chain that swapping won’t be easy, and it won’t be to a equal platform that happens to have better receiver and buffer tube parts life.

            But trust me, just because JSOC or any SoF use it does not make it the best.

            If it was EOtech would be the greatest optic on the market….but they are not.

            I often compare the EOtech to the 416, it does a few things better than the Aimpoint and M4A1, but they break a whole lot more.

            However to guys running missions who have constant armorer support from Crane trained armorers that matters little to them.

          • LGM Commando 070

            Forget the JSOC.

            Tell me, how, in a reasonable manner, please, could it happen that all the other special forces I mentioned, their experts, came to the same conclusion and made the same choice, if the 416 was not the best thing to choose from the lots of options that I’m sure included M4 too?

          • Joshua

            Well Australian SAS use the M4A1 with Troy rail first.

            Second that’s easy. Location.

            The 416 is the best AR system made in the Eurozone, and HK happens to be one of the only manufacturers large enough to easily supply it.

            Now I know Thanks has recently developed an AR, but it remains to be seen how good it is.

            Fact is getting your guns from a European company when you live over there, is a much better deal than getting a North American made gun(Canada, USA).

            Import and export laws take time, money, etc to get guns to nations across the globe.

            Those types of things play into procurement plans.

            I’ll also point out the British SAS just upgraded to the L119A2, and are procuring the L129A2 over their 417s.

            Again I’m not saying the 416 is bad, it’s really not.

            It’s just not as good as the M4A1 SOCOM issues.

          • LGM Commando 070

            Talking about Australia, man.

            The reason is Australia and UK are on the same boat as the US, sharing the common political platforms, culture, language and all the rest of meaningful things.

            M4 is so much cheaper than 416 that despite all the problems related to import-export, taxes and all that it still should be more attractive to all of the European countries regarding the price.

            Nope. Looks like all of them just liked 416 much better. And that must be for a good reason, other than these.

          • iksnilol

            *what, what do we call it.

            It’s not a cow for you to wonder how to call it to you.

          • LGM Commando 070


    • RShanger

      If HK 416s were so great then how come we have 16 parts kit from a trade in from a LEO agency ?

    • Jason Culligan

      Hedging their bets I would say. HK can’t afford to lose the upcoming G36 replacement programme so they’re probably throwing out a few options to make sure that they win the contract.

      They’ll probably put forward the G36, a G36 with metal receiver (HK 233), the same gas system in a fresh design (HK 433) and AR-15 chassis (HK 416) to minimise the chances that they lose.

  • Shankbone

    “They seem to hate journalists too and make our life as hard as possible.”


    • Kristoff

      HK hates everyone, not just journalists.

      • Shankbone

        Just because HK didn’t send a press release ready for copy and paste ease, doesn’t mean they hate journalists.

        • Kristoff

          No, it’s just their blatant disdain for the civilian market and their general bad attitude with everyone else.

          • iksnilol

            Then why was HK the only ones to import assault rifles to the civilian market in the US back in the 50’s and 60’s?

            And to continue to import MSR rifles and whatnot during the 70’s and 80’s whilst everyone was interested in fudd guns?

            If anybody ever loved you ungrateful lot, it was HK.

          • Kristoff

            So wait, HK imported some G3’s between 30 and 60 years ago and we’re supposed to just ignore their behavior and fawn all-over them today?

            No thanks. I’m going to go with a company that actually appreciates the civilian market. You know, FN, Sig, Beretta, basically everyone else.

          • iksnilol

            Well, if they didn’t appreciate the civilian market, do you really think they’d go through with the bother of making civilian versions of all their guns from back in the day to today?

            Again, German export restrictions are a thing, and so are American import restrictions.

      • NukeItFromOrbit

        Ah the inevitable HK-whiner.

        • Kristoff

          As an owner of two HK products, I’m entitled to whine about them. Can you say the same? Love the username btw, “It’s the only way to be sure.”

          • Rich LPS

            Just want to address the “Elephant” in the room….

            Is this the same G-36 that went 24000 rounds in testing in the Yuma proving ground with no malfunctions, no parts breakage, no CLEANING and NO LUBING?????

            No other combat rifle in the world can match this performance, not even the AK or SG550 series.

            Waiting for someone to post about the crappy optics that were at a low price point. KAC made low profile rails on these guns at one time that cured the HOB issue, low mounted Aimpoint T1 / T2 is ideal with the G36 and KAC low profile sight rails.

  • Gun Fu Guru

    Twenty years too late.

    • Green Hell

      Never too late for something that isn’t another boring AR-15.

  • Malthrak

    Did…did you just steal HK’s images off their site and slap a TFB label on them, like they’re your own images, while crowing about how TFB is the first to cover something thats been on HK’s site for who knows how long?

    • Gun Fu Guru
    • Edeco

      Quick, add kittens to the images!

      • Major Tom

        No, draw anime girls holding these weapons!

        • JSmath

          It’s not like … I would actually read a site like that. Y-y-you big dummy!

          • Major Tom

            The tsundere is strong with this one.

        • UWOTM8

          I definitely enjoy how the demographic of this website is slowly leaving Fudd territory and more closely resembling shitlords….

          • iksnilol

            In a year or two, comments will only be animu gifs and waifus.

    • Friend

      Not only that, they copy-pasted HK’s description.

    • Bill


  • So where’s the link to the HK site with the gun? Cause your Link goes to BROWNELLS.
    TFB – Your Links Suck. Judas Fecking Priest man.

    • Eric B

      Some of it is automated, beyond my control as a writer, but there is a link at the bottom of the page which goes to HK. You’re welcome.

      • DangerousClown

        But the actual writing is in your control. Can you fix that? Because it looks like you didn’t bother to read what you wrote, before asking us to.

    • ostiariusalpha

      Ignore the links, they’re random half the time.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      HK international is linked but not HK USA. So great for European gun buyers but probably won’t affect us here in the US.

      • Anthony “stalker6recon”

        Can you still buy a rifle in Europe? I thought that the population gave up their right to self defense and rely 100% on the government to save them from bad people? We all know that the government is so good at that!

        • Harry’s Holsters

          Select countries have civilian firearms ownership. Lots of licensing and renewals but people can get them if they want them bad enough. I’m not expert but some countries have more lax laws than we do regarding full auto and SBR configurations. That said in those countries you’re not going to decide you want to buy your first gun and walk out of a shop with it the same day.

          • Anthony “stalker6recon”

            I was actually stationed in Germany, and my comment was mostly in jest, but thanks for the reply.

            I have actually been living abroad for the past 10 years, 13 if you count my years in the military. I was shocked and stunned at the direction the country was taking when I landed back CONUS in 2005. Almost within a week, I was thinking of my next move. Gun laws apparently have gone back to the people’s favor in many states, including my home state of Virginia. Having now lived in a country like the Philippines, where it is nearly impossible for good people to own firearms, even harder to find quality ammunition, I am seriously considering returnjng to the US again, just to get some range time. Also, there has never been a better time for civilians to own equipment, once relegated to the military/LE without an FFL. I could finally buy the same gear I carried when I wore the Big Red One on my shoulder, and not have to jump through hoops to do so. Almost worth the return trip home. Well that, and riding my motorcycle on decent quality roads with people around me that actually have a drivers license and some understanding of the rules of the road, Filipinos drive worse than any people I have ever encountered, next to the turks.

  • Drew

    only HK can make their own proprietary version of keymod and the sell it back to you at triple the price, long after everyone else already moved onto mlok

    • roguetechie

      Especially when picatinny paid them to develop something way better 20+ years ago that we somehow still can’t f***ing buy!

    • A Guest

      Don’t tell anyone this, but you can actually fit keymod on it.

      just backwards

  • Urker53

    Anyone else notice the sights are swapped on the HK 337 pic? The front is on the rear and vise versa. LOL its not an official HK pic unless something is backwards.

    • hami

      I believe you are incorrect about the sights however I do appreciate the reference to the famous backwards bullet.

  • Darren Duvall

    You’d think they would mention “All metal receiver & trunion”, or whatever the point of polymer failure was on the G36, if they mention the G36. Great looking rifle, but don’t get it hot.

    • Beju

      Then they would be admitting that it had a problem in the first place, and they can’t have that.

      • Quinn

        Didn’t that turn out to be not a thing?

        • Beju

          The supposed ‘vindication’ was that soldiers interviewed were happy with the G36, and some export rifles that were tested were fine.

          FWIU, the most likely explanation is that there may have been a bad batch/formula alteration of the polymer that wasn’t as heat resistant. Alteration to meet German environmental regs wouldn’t surprise me; that’s how we’ve gotten things like biodegradable wiring harnesses in mid-2000s Mercedes-Benz cars and 10k+ mile oil change intervals.

          • Hem90

            Blaming green initiatives for a rifle’s shortcomings? That’s a new one…

          • Some Guy

            There was never any regulation to make materials in guns eco friendly. The materials should not be dangerous to the user and environment, but that is nothing that would hurt the durability.
            The problem was no oversight by the Bundeswehr over the manufacturing process and nearly no quality control for the Bundeswehr rifles.

          • FarmerB

            I don’t think that’s true. There are substantial regulations to make ALL materials less harmful. E.h. ROHS.

          • Some Guy

            That is what i wrote, i only said that they do not need to be eco friendly. My second sentence states that “The materials should not be dangerous to the user and the environment” which basicly sums up a long list of regulations.

    • int19h

      The weight on the full-sized one is 3.9 kg. They better damn have an all-metal receiver, because otherwise what excuse would they have for it being such a brick?

  • chris

    It basicly looks like a German Army IDZ ES G36 with minimal changes.

    • Jason Culligan

      I’m pretty sure that’s all it is. A G36 with a new name and slight changes so HK can continue to sell G36’s without the bad marketing rep.

      What I have to wonder though is what’s the point in making three distinct 556 rifles with an almost identical operating system? The HK433, 416 and now the 233?!

      That can’t be good for their production numbers.

      • chris

        If that leads to winning the next Bundeswehr contract with one of the designs in the coming years it’s propably worth it.

      • 411.48 R

        Guess you are right.
        So I think the HK223 is like a G36 2.0 version with some of its faulted design features fixed.
        The 416 is a boutique piston AR for those folks who likes that.
        The 433 is more like a multi platform system for special forces need?

      • Rob

        The patent is posted over on hkpro. The complete upper receiver is redesigned to be more rigid between the barrel and the optic. It is a pretty hefty redesign that allows for legacy small parts to be used. This is more than just a rebranding of a configuration that they have previously delivered.

        It appears to me that the handguard is fixed. The patent shows a top rail that is removable to access the piston like an LWRC piston gun.

  • Joe

    So this is supposed to be a product-improved/economical G36 alternative? The stock alone… HK is hurting when it comes to aesthetics.

    • Thom S

      I think that’d be the HK433, not this rifle

      • Jason Culligan

        Nope, the 433 is a similar operating system in a new frame entirely. The 233 is obviously a G36 variant.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Is today April 1st?

    I sincerely hope not but I’m not seeing these on the HK USA site.

    • Jason Culligan

      You more than likely never will. The HK 233 looks like it’s aimed for the military market only.

      They may update the civilian HK 243 to 233 specs in the future but I doubt anyone outside of the military sphere will get them. HK for some reason has always been hesitant to sell military rifles to civilians and even when they do they’re often rebranded and slightly different.

    • GhostTrain81

      … I’m still recovering from April 1st 2014, when the “HK-97” (MP7 pistol) was announced right here… on this site.

  • the g36 is dead long live the g36!

  • Butt Pirate

    The HK and Glock bias on this site is so ridiculous. This is one of the ugliest rifles I’ve ever seen, topped only by other garbage like the G36 and XM8. I swear, HK could post a photo of a turd and put a price tag next to it and it would be front and center breaking news, ‘A Must Have!’

    • LGM Commando 070
      • 411.48 R

        Tavor is Hebrew an means “molten piece of polymer” 😉

    • Taylor Hardin

      IDK if its this site that loves HK and Glock to bits or people in general so they make sure to cover that info. I think we can all agree the krauts make some good stuff.

    • Green Hell

      Like it or not, HK is not another warehouse based civilian factory, it’s one of the top worldwide military weapon manufacturers and every new gun from them is a big news, not like another one of the million american AR and 1911 clones.
      Especialy a civilian G36 that thousands of US shooters and movie/videogames fans were waiting literally for decades.

    • JSmath

      Ugliest rifle topped only by the G36 you say?

      It is a f**king G36! With a skeletonized/_-mod handguard and skeletonized ugg boot. This description brought to you here, first, in the TFB comment section.

    • Rob

      This is just a rendering. You can see where they softened some of the lines and there is not transition between the rail, receiver and handguard. The gun in the patent drawings on hkpro looks like it will be uglier. Not that it was ever a beauty contest. It may be a compelling product for entities invested in he G36 that wish to have a more rigid interface between the optics rail and the barrel. The optics rail on the patent drawing is hard mounted to the steel barrel truniun where the handguard mounts to the receiver. They photoshopped this out of the photos on the HK site.

      This is an interesting solution but given to potential added bulk I wonder it they hadn’t considered using an Al upper receiver.

    • n0truscotsman

      Have you seen any article related to the MHS trials and the SIG P320? LOL

      Theres the opposite of glock bias. Its a new form of virtue signalling on the threads here to precede any conversation with “im not a glock fanboy…”

  • Seems like a missed opportunity not to do away with absurd carry handle/ cocking lever, or at a minimum, lower it substantially to aleviate the height over bore issues of the G36.

    This was done by Norico with their T97 for the Candian market, could have easily been done here.

    • nadnerbus

      To be fair, they at least added an adjustable comb riser to give you a better cheek weld.

    • Green Hell

      What height over bore issues? Wasn’t it the AR-15 with it’s half mile tall carry handle that set the standart for height for modern optics and iron sights?

      • Virtually every AR with optics in the 21ST century has done away with mounting optics to the carry handle. Sans carry handle, the AR15 has one of the lowest heights over bore; most gas piston rifles end up being slightly taller, with some much taller.

        Height over bore is a problem with the G36 due to how they have implemented the charging and carry handle – in this photo, it looks to be about 4″ over the bore.

        Height Over Bore is problematic for two reasons. One, if the rifle is zerod at 100 meters, at close range – 7-15 yards, the rifle will shoot low. How low corresponds to the height over bore; a 4″ HOB will shoot roughly 4″ low at those distances.

        The 2nd issue is that most optics with a range finder / ranged reticle are built around an AR15 based HOB. The greater the HOB, the less accurate those hold over points become. For example, the 400 yard holdover mark on an ACOG. A tall HOB also impedes the use of a piggy back optic, such as the ACOG with RMR mounted on top.

        A tall HOB isn’t a deal breaker, but since it’s sub-optimal, it’s a shame HK didn’t got to greater lengths to minimize it with this upgrade.

    • LH

      What you are asking for is basically the HK433

      • I’m asking for a G36 that does away with the carry handle with a low profile top rail and modified charging handle. Which I suppose is the economy version of the 433 now that you mention it.

  • Chris22lr

    The top rail seems to be non-removable, as opposed to G36, it’s civilian variant (HK243) and .300BLK variant (HK237). Feature blurb mentions that it is fully ambidextrous, which would mean that it can eject both to left and right side, but I can’t see ejection port on the left side photo? It also looks as if handguard was attached a little bit differently, more like in HK433 (pin on the front of handguard).

    So a G36-which-is-not-G36 so it could be sold to countries which are officially not so friendly with Germany? Just like Sikorsky/Lockheed-Martin does with H-60 Blackhawk and S-70i.

    • Samuel Millwright

      Generally, and even with hk specifically wrt hk433 or whatever too, if a gun advertises fully ambidextrous operations without specifically saying something about selectable ejection then it’s got full ambi controls only.

      If you look at the HK spec sheets for the 433 it uses the exact same terminology as this sheet does AND specifically mentions the particulars of the ejection scheme.

      Sadly, this all but guarantees that these guns have right side only ejection.

  • Adam D.

    Interesting news for sure.
    This COULD mean a few things:
    1. They’re really serious about blowing up the US civilian market.

    2. The G36 as a service gun is dead in the eyes of HK, and they’re ready to move it to the civilian sector for additional profit (right after stealing underwear and …?…).

    3. There’s not much hope the 433 family of guns will be available anytime soon for civilians, because who would bother with the G36 guns then.
    Collectors want the real deal, civilians always want the newest and shiniest.
    They won’t shoot themselves in the foot.

    • RSG

      Unless this comes in at or under $1500, they aren’t blowing up anything here.

      • Adam D.

        I din’t mean the G36/233 in itself. If you’ve been following their stuff,
        HK made some pretty awesome announcements in the past couple of months.
        There is no way these guns will cost less than $1800,
        but believe me, they won’t have a problem selling them. 🙂
        Especially if they withhold the 433 from civilian sales, which I’ve already mentioned I think they will do. They won’t make any in-house
        competition for the MR223 and the 233 on the civilian market.

        • Joshua

          None of that stuff is coming here.

    • 411.48 R

      So I did not want to disappoint your expectations, but all of these guns are listed under the Military/LEO section of the website.
      The civil G36 is the HK243 witch is not new at all.

  • SerArthurDayne

    This is the stupidest looking gun I’ve seen in my life. Is this an April Tools Joke ?? Butt fugly and stupid…. Amirite??!

    • Rob

      This is a rendering. The actual gun show in patent draws is… uglier.

  • Anonymoose
    • Big Daddy


    • UWOTM8

      8/10 wb

    • CavScout

      MEH. This is not at all what we were promised. That damn thing is just a G36, and we’ll never see it.

  • Richtard

    When did HK redesign the angle of their AR 15 magwells? Before it was flat across the bottom but now it looks like every other AR.

  • Ferreti

    I was on their side 3 weeks ago and it was already on there.

  • Mr Smith

    This was reported on HKPRO last night

  • Glenfilthie

    For the record – it’s okay to hate journalists. In fact, H&K should develop and market a canon to fire them out of. Starting with those a-holes at MSN.

    Errrr… that isn’t politics is it?

    • hiernonymous

      “H&K should develop and market a canon to fire them out of.”

      No, H&K isn’t in that line of work. You need the Holy See for that.

  • Joshua

    Also I just want to point out…those weapon weights!

    Those are some heavy guns.
    The 233 is listed as 8.55lbs for just the gun, and the 233k is listed as 7.94lbs.

    The 233 is literally 2.65lbs heavier than the M4A1(SOCOM profile heavy barrel) with KAC RAS.

    I would be curious to know the barrel profile on those.

    • mcjagermech

      Pencil of course

    • Jason Culligan

      That’s probably because they replaced a number of the polymer parts on the original G36 with metal parts.

      I’d say they’re going to submit this alongside the 433 for the upcoming German Army replacement programme.

      • Joshua

        I feel sorry for anyone who has to carry a nearly 9lb gun.

        That puts it to nearly 10lbs with a magazine, and closer to 13-14lbs with a laser, light, and optic.

        • iksnilol

          Imagine that lack of recoil, tho.

  • Sense Offender

    Great another rifle I’ll have no choice but to buy just cause the G36 is my favorite AR 18 variant. F90 Atrax still comes first!

  • Chi Wai Shum

    Why would you assume “gas operated” to be direct gas impingement? Even you know it would certainly to be short stroke gas piston for a HK product.

    • Jason Culligan

      Considering the fact that it’s almost identical to the G36 sans a few external differences, I have no idea where they pulled DI from.

      It’s quite obviously going to be an AR-18 derived gas system like everything else HK is making.

    • Joshua

      Plus gas operating applies to every semi auto rifle in history.

      Except for maybe delayed blowback, not sure how they classify that one.

      • iksnilol

        Or recoil operated rifles.

  • Brett baker

    For what they’ll charge, you’ll probably be able to afford 2 Colts,Stags,or CMMGs and have guns that will work for sure.

  • Friend

    I saw this on HK’s site literally yesterday and thought, “huh, why did nobody report this”.


    Because I suck. And you hate me.

  • Jonathan Page

    This looks like doo doo. The 433 at least looked like it wasn’t from an 80’s set.

  • Raginzerker

    I want the og g36

  • LazyReader

    Normally I like Picatinny rail, just love it. But on the G36 look alike, just wrong. IT’S WRONG

  • The Mystic Seer

    So we’ll get the Walther .22lr version?

  • RazorHawk

    SBRs? looks like this is only for LEO and contractors.

  • Duro Sig

    forgot the $4995 msrp.

  • JSmath

    I didn’t realize it was a new thing? I actually saw it a week or so ago when I mentioned I thought the Estonians would consider the HK433, since I couldn’t remember that thing’s product name either.

  • pun&gun

    Not interested. Civilian 433 in the US or GTFO.

  • Veloxto

    So they took a G36 and made it look like a knockoff copy made by some developing country? Ok…

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    “The operating principle is described as “gas-operated”. This leads to think that the HK 233 might be direct impingement, but I am sure they are short stroke piston.”

    Both DI and piston guns are “gas operated”.

    • Rob

      There is so much fail in this article. They did no research despite the fact that patents have been available and they plastered their own logo on HKs photos.

      They also failed to make it clear that this is found on the English language military products page of the HK German website so we have people assuming it will be available in the future in the US in the comments section.

      • Jason Culligan

        There is a civilian variant on the HK website as well. HK just doesn’t sell the G36 civilian versions in the US and honestly why would they? The 416 does everything they need.

  • Henry Reed

    That’s what they consider a “slim-line” rail? Welcome to 2005, folks

  • vwVwwVwv
  • cruzo1981

    All I want to know about is the new plant being built here stateside. MP7? Yes or no. Save money for it or no. TFB, get on it.

  • Jedediah Pendergast

    Using advanced engineering and materials science, HK is able to reduce the weight of this new, high-tech 5.56 rifle to just under 8.6 lbs, impressive! That’s about half a pound lighter than the M14!

  • H.C.

    This was breaking news over a year ago… You need new sources.

  • Jon

    They didn’t tell you first? You sound butt hurt.

  • James Lynd

    “I guess I am not the only one who will have a very hard time trying to remember and distinguish all these HK models apart.”

    But you may be the only “journalist” in the gun world that is willing to let stand a reference to the HK rifles as ASSAULT RIFLES. Are you working for TFB or Michael Bloomberg?

  • Bonzaipilot

    While in Germany two weeks ago a friend of mine who works for HK gave me a tour of the factory. While there I got to see the Proto type K model up and personal it is indeed a piston driven action and is due for military testing sometime in the fall. This is all I could get out of Victor.

  • victor victor bravo

    finally an inferior, overpriced, downgrade to the ACR for civilians.

  • Proprietary mag?

  • MichaelBolton

    Lol. Hk straps a new rail on the G36 and thinks they made a new gun. You can’t polish a turd, H&K.

  • Dave Buck

    “…the worldwide proven G36” That HAS to come straight from H & Ks PR arm, because last I heard there were significant complaints about accuracy issues with the G36. Have those issues been resolved? If not, it would be a bit suspect to refer to he G36 as ‘Worldwide proven’.