HIVIZ Luminous LitePipes: Small Tweak for Better Results


More and more shooters are trending towards using fiber optic sights because of the improved sight picture. If a pistol you currently own does not have them it is fairly easy to replace them or to find a competent gunsmith that can. HIVIZ recently tweaked their LitePipes for an improved sight picture in both day- and night-time settings.

HIVIZ® Shooting Systems is proud to introduce Luminous LitePipes, a proprietary and patent-pending technology that lets you turn any HIVIZ LITEWAVE® sight into a nighttime performance tool. Luminous LitePipes offer the same daylight brightness of traditional HIVIZ LitePipes and feature a new luminous paint core that offers unsurpassed brightness when fully charged, even in complete darkness. Shooters have never had such an effective and affordable day-to-night sight option until now.

Fast-charging luminous paint technology keeps the sight illuminated for more than 30 minutes with as little as 15 seconds of light exposure. The sight can be charged by any light source (sunlight, flashlight, LED, etc) and is brighter than tritium when fully charged. The sight is ideal for transitional light conditions, such as dusk or when moving from outdoors to indoors, since it functions as both a traditional, bright day sight and a brilliant, glowing night sight. No other product on the market delivers such versatility at such a competitive price.

Luminous LitePipes

The claim that these new sights are brighter than long-standing tritium paired with the ability to be charged by a flashlight is pretty impressive. There are six options available for consumers. Three in a short pipe and three in a long pipe kit depending on what HIVIZ LITEWAVE sights you may already own.

  • LLHSW-KIT – Short LitePipe Kit: 1 – White (Front); 2 – White (Rear)
  • LLHSG-KIT – Short LitePipe Kit: 1 – Green (Front); 2 – Green (Rear)
  • LLHSR-KIT – Short LitePipe Kit: 1 – Green (Front); 2 – Red (Rear)
  • LLHLW-KIT – Long LitePipe Kit: 1 – White (Front); 2 – White (Rear)
  • LLHLG-KIT – Long LitePipe Kit: 1 – Green (Front); 2 – Green (Rear)
  • LLHLR-KIT – Long LitePipe Kit: 1 – Green (Front); 2 – Red (Rear)

At an MSRP of $21.95, you almost cannot go wrong giving it a shot if you already own HIVIZ sights.

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  • Jeffrey Smith

    Poor man’s tritium.

    • Major Tom

      It can last longer than tritium. That stuff has a hard shelf life of about 4 years because of radioactive decay.

      • Scott Tx

        off the top of my head I think tritiums half life is 11 years. I’ve never had a set that long though so not sure how long the brightness would be usable. I do know that the strontium aluminate glow in the dark materials will glow for 8 hours easily.

        • Flounder

          That is about right. Although there is a lot of leeway in the industry due to warranties, quality of the initial tritium, leakage of tritium, starting quantity, and I am sure I am missing a few things.

          I doubt these will last all night even if fully “charged”. My guess is 2 hours if these are cheap. If they are super high quality i expect 6 hrs of tritium like use.

      • Ebby123

        Lol. Noooope.

        Tritium has a half-life of roughly 12 years.
        That means in 12 years it will be half as bright as it was when you bought it – which is still very visible in low light.

        These sights do not emit their own light. You can charge them with a flashlight, and they will glow for a few minutes.

        No comparison really, but they are much cheaper, so Jeffery’s anaology of “Poor man’s tritium” is pretty accurate.

      • Flounder

        4 years? What are you smoking? Cause it is the GOOD stuff! The shortest half life I have seen is 8yrs. But that is backed by a warranty and that is just them covering their butt. Trijicon’s tritium is something like 16years. And that is the HALF LIFE! Meaning the glow will be reduced by 50%. NOT meaning that the glow will be gone.

        The tritium won’t really be unusable for 2-4 decades after manufacture.

  • QuadGMoto

    What I always wonder about sights that have to be exposed to light so that they’ll glow is, how do they get charged if the pistol is in a holster where it belongs?

    • lucusloc

      I always wondered this myself. Maybe someone needs to design a battery powered holster with little built in lights to keep sights charged up.

      Meanwhile I will just practice point shooting. If I am being attacked at night chances are that the bad guy will be close enough that the use of sights will not be necessary anyway.

      • noob

        you could set it up so that the holster only charges the sights when you’re moving, that way you can take the holster off at the paddle and put it in a drawer without wasting batteries.

    • Flounder

      Maybe you should just make the whole holster glow…

  • Some Rabbit

    I expect this is a fad that will fade as fast as the glow from these sights. We’ve seen it before on shotguns. Although I expect they have more purpose on a combat gun. I had a chance to shoot a a fiber optic equipped target pistol and found the sights distracting and the large size obscured the target.

    • To be fair, there are a number of manufacturers, most notably Dawson Precision, which make a variety of fiber optic sights with very small diameter fiber optic inserts coupled with a range of sight width from extremely narrow to wide.

      I’ve run their sights on my guns for target and combat competition, and they work very well. The only trick I had to learn was shooting with both eyes open.

    • Flounder

      I am actually cool with this product. I really, really, like the hiviz fiber optic irons. I am glad to see them trying to improve their product. I am also curious if this improves the brightness of the fiber optic during the day… If so, clever girl.

      Will this actually compete with tritium? LOL. No, but I guess it is better than paint.

      Do I think this will be a market winner? No. Unless they replace all their normal fiber optics with it and keep the price the same.

  • Bearacuda

    Wouldn’t these only work if your safe is always lit? I would think Tritium would offset the electric bill…

  • Bradley

    Hold on let me charge my sights…

  • Sledgecrowbar

    OK, so I have a G17 with these sights on it. Since their website is utterly useless, maybe someone can tell me if I need short or long style.