HIVIZ Luminous LitePipes: Small Tweak for Better Results


    More and more shooters are trending towards using fiber optic sights because of the improved sight picture. If a pistol you currently own does not have them it is fairly easy to replace them or to find a competent gunsmith that can. HIVIZ recently tweaked their LitePipes for an improved sight picture in both day- and night-time settings.

    HIVIZ® Shooting Systems is proud to introduce Luminous LitePipes, a proprietary and patent-pending technology that lets you turn any HIVIZ LITEWAVE® sight into a nighttime performance tool. Luminous LitePipes offer the same daylight brightness of traditional HIVIZ LitePipes and feature a new luminous paint core that offers unsurpassed brightness when fully charged, even in complete darkness. Shooters have never had such an effective and affordable day-to-night sight option until now.

    Fast-charging luminous paint technology keeps the sight illuminated for more than 30 minutes with as little as 15 seconds of light exposure. The sight can be charged by any light source (sunlight, flashlight, LED, etc) and is brighter than tritium when fully charged. The sight is ideal for transitional light conditions, such as dusk or when moving from outdoors to indoors, since it functions as both a traditional, bright day sight and a brilliant, glowing night sight. No other product on the market delivers such versatility at such a competitive price.

    Luminous LitePipes

    The claim that these new sights are brighter than long-standing tritium paired with the ability to be charged by a flashlight is pretty impressive. There are six options available for consumers. Three in a short pipe and three in a long pipe kit depending on what HIVIZ LITEWAVE sights you may already own.

    • LLHSW-KIT – Short LitePipe Kit: 1 – White (Front); 2 – White (Rear)
    • LLHSG-KIT – Short LitePipe Kit: 1 – Green (Front); 2 – Green (Rear)
    • LLHSR-KIT – Short LitePipe Kit: 1 – Green (Front); 2 – Red (Rear)
    • LLHLW-KIT – Long LitePipe Kit: 1 – White (Front); 2 – White (Rear)
    • LLHLG-KIT – Long LitePipe Kit: 1 – Green (Front); 2 – Green (Rear)
    • LLHLR-KIT – Long LitePipe Kit: 1 – Green (Front); 2 – Red (Rear)

    At an MSRP of $21.95, you almost cannot go wrong giving it a shot if you already own HIVIZ sights.

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