New product: HERA Arms HFGA Multi-position front grip

More companies than Magpul are busy in R&D, and the German engineers at HERA Arms are no exception.

HERA Arms just announced a new product to fill up the underside of your Picatinny rail.

By the looks of it, it’s a new clever invention allowing you to customize the angles and setup of your front grip.

It’s like a “snake” for your Picatinny rail, and it’s called the HFGA.

That’s short for Hera Front Grip Adjustable.

The grip will be available in the following colors: Black, Tan, and OD Green. There is no mentioning of how much HERA want for it yet, just don’t kill the messenger.

It would be nice with some more pictures to see how the grip can be configured, but it looks like there are two attachment points, and three axles that the grip can  – to some extent – move around.

Depending on the distance between the attachment points, the angle of the grip will be more or less aggressive.

It doesn’t look like you can make a completely vertical grip out of the design, there’s not enough length on the second piece.

Below: Multi position HERA Arms front grip 


One possible objection with the design is that if the joints are of poor quality, it will be nothing but a rattle snake on your Picatinny. But we need to examine the design before we can say for sure.

HERA will release more news as they are closer to release.

The HEAR Arms Multi-position front grip will be available from August 2017.

Eric B

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  • Rick O’Shay

    If there’s any rattle, it’d be due to loosening of screws on any of the three pivot points. I’d imagine if the product quality is sufficient, as long as there’s some blue locktite on those screws you’d be fine. It’s a clever take on the typical AFG.

    • Dracon1201

      Yeah, the pin pivot system will lock up solidly as long as the picatinny interface is correct. Those center 3 pins shouldn’t move being placed at a fixed distance on links. This should be an interesting product. If this is an AFG, I wonder how steep the shortest and most vertical position is on an AR pistol.

      • DanGoodShot

        That was my first question

  • DwnRange

    What’s it “weight”?

  • Hrachya H

    Cool idea!

  • Keiichi


  • YS

    Do they have a letter from the ATF saying this is not a VFG?

    • Veteran for Trump

      Doesn’t matter if on a rifle as shown. Only on an AR Pistol would it be a problem.

      • DanGoodShot

        I believe that was the point of YSs question.
        Edit, the AR pistol part.

    • int19h

      There actually doesn’t seem to be much clarify on which grips on the market do or do not qualify as AFG, aside from Magpul. I don’t think anyone else has a letter clearly saying so, and ATF didn’t explain why they decided it’s different from VFG. So all we really know is that Magpul AFG, or something really similar to it, is okay. But for various other designs – including stuff with e.g. a trigger shelf or a steeper angle, it’s an open question.

      Given that ATF is currently seemingly enjoying a period of relative sanity (witness the change of mind on “braces”), it might be prudent to write a letter asking this now rather than later. Any takers?

    • Like most “Will it blend Is it ATF-legal?” questions, the correct answer is “Don’t use it while committing a violent felony and you’ll never have to find out”.

  • Anonymoose

    They should do a stop-motion commercial where it’s inching along a 15″ rail.

  • Stan

    Since its a three axel, do you need a B class drivers license to operate it? Im asking for a friend

  • Alahahahah

    The next Lego Movie

    • noob


  • DanGoodShot

    It seems you attempted to nail down the MSRP. This time I will let the messenger live. This time…

  • DanGoodShot

    Oh man I loved that thing!