Magpul Shipping UBR GEN2 AR-15 Stock

Right on the heels of the Mapul PMAG 30 AK74 MOE magazine announced earlier today Magpul Industries Corp let loose another Facebook post announcing the shipping of another anticipated product, this time the Magpul UBR GEN2 Collapsible stock for the AR-15 platform.

An update on the original Magpul Utility/Battle Rifle stock the UBR GEN2 retains the original stock’s integrated receiver extension, storage compartments, QD swivel points, consistent cheek weld section and the “solid ‘fixed-stock’ lockup”.

The new GEN2 version adds another position of adjustment bringing it to 8 total and the entry-length receiver extension has been replaced with and A5 length. The replaceable rubber butt-pad remains, but is now MOE SL/MOE AK/Zhukov-S version instead of the CTR/STR/ACS version. The stock is compatible with 308 AR platforms and ships with no buffer or spring but does include a spacer for using standard carbine parts instead of the A5 stuff.

According to Magpul the important changes are that the Magpul UBR GEN2 is 21.7 ounces versus the original’s 26.1 ounces and the price of $199.95 on the GEN2 vs $265 for the old UBR. If you do some internet searching you will probably come to the conclusion that the only complaints about the UBR were the price and the weight, so it seems as though Magpul was listening to their customer base.

You can read more or order the Mapul UBR GEN2 on Magpul’s website here and check out the video on Magpul’s Facebook or Youtube channel here.

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  • Jeff Smith
    • FightFireJay

      Hopefully they’re trolling us.

    • magpul endorses the use of crisco in their guns?

  • Jared Vynn

    Eh for almost same cost I can get the Luth AR MBA-3 kit (which includes buffer tube assembly) and get more adjustability (except for 6 position buffer tube, but the butt stock adjustability makes up for that) with less weight.

    • ostiariusalpha

      It doesn’t actually weigh less; the 18.5 oz only refers to the MBA-3 stock by itself, minus the receiver extension and buffer assembly. The UBR is less fussy, sleeker, and considerably tougher than the Luth AR.

      • Jared Vynn

        The UBR doesn’t include the buffer though. So weight difference is a toss up.

        Durability hasn’t been thoroughly tested on either to my knowledge so it’s only speculation. But the Luth AR does have more adjustability based on it’s modular design.

        • ostiariusalpha

          The gen 2 UBR is new, so it hasn’t been tested outside of Magpul. The gen1 has been tested extensively by independent sources, including in combat, and has proven itself the most durable adjustable AR stock ever created. Time will tell if the new lighter weight version can inherit the mantle.

  • Anonymoose

    I wonder if they’ll ever make a CTR-SL to replace the original CTR, then. They’ve finally taken down the original UBR from their site. RIP ;_;7

  • valorius

    Gee, only $200 for a stock that is really no better than a $35 magpul MOE collapsible, and looks heavier.

    • ODgreen34

      Thing is that the stock is for people that are nose to charging handle. The MOE and luth stocks have your cheek on receiver tube.. Not a big deal for some but I greatly prefer the feel of the UBR. Plus if you go wiggle and MOE vs a UBR it’s a significant difference. UBR feels closer to fixed. It is very expensive though.

      • valorius

        I can nose to charging handle (as we were taught in the Army) with an MOE stock, seems comfortable to me.

      • valorius

        On the wiggle thing, i wrap a small section of the receiver tube with black duct tape then put the MOE on, it totally removes all wiggle and makes it nice and tight.

        • iksnilol


          Blue tape, man, BLUE TAPE, that’s the tactical thing. Geez, Louise, you’re killin’ me.

          • valorius


  • Henry Reed



    Like bringing a tug boat to an international sail racing competition. Clearly this thing isn’t high speed/low drag.

    Makes me wonder how much the M16 stock weighs…

    • ostiariusalpha

      I like to think it’s more like bringing a naval frigate to a yacht show. An A2 stock is 20 oz sans the buffer weight.

      • int19h

        Does A2 stock weight include the tube?

        • ostiariusalpha


  • 22winmag

    Can you drive tent stakes into the ground with it? I watched a Magpul Zhukov stock shatter when a guy carefully and gently mortared his rifle during an extreme cold weather test. Ever since, I have been leery about all stocks, especially folding and collapsable.

    • USMC03Vet

      The black supremacist that killed those cops in Texas with the ak that was subsequently blown up with a bomb. The magpul stock survived. If you want to break it you can but otherwise it’s fine.

    • int19h

      If you want a stock for skull-bashing, get an ACE. Even their folding stocks have such a beefy hinge, you’ll beat your hands into bloody pulp driving it before that thing breaks.

      • ostiariusalpha

        I love the ACE stocks.

  • Marcus D.

    That is one darn expensive piece of plastic.

    • koolhed

      $156, shipped from Brownells. Coming in three days.