Magpul Shipping UBR GEN2 AR-15 Stock

    Right on the heels of the Mapul PMAG 30 AK74 MOE magazine announced earlier today Magpul Industries Corp let loose another Facebook post announcing the shipping of another anticipated product, this time the Magpul UBR GEN2 Collapsible stock for the AR-15 platform.

    An update on the original Magpul Utility/Battle Rifle stock the UBR GEN2 retains the original stock’s integrated receiver extension, storage compartments, QD swivel points, consistent cheek weld section and the “solid ‘fixed-stock’ lockup”.

    The new GEN2 version adds another position of adjustment bringing it to 8 total and the entry-length receiver extension has been replaced with and A5 length. The replaceable rubber butt-pad remains, but is now MOE SL/MOE AK/Zhukov-S version instead of the CTR/STR/ACS version. The stock is compatible with 308 AR platforms and ships with no buffer or spring but does include a spacer for using standard carbine parts instead of the A5 stuff.

    According to Magpul the important changes are that the Magpul UBR GEN2 is 21.7 ounces versus the original’s 26.1 ounces and the price of $199.95 on the GEN2 vs $265 for the old UBR. If you do some internet searching you will probably come to the conclusion that the only complaints about the UBR were the price and the weight, so it seems as though Magpul was listening to their customer base.

    You can read more or order the Mapul UBR GEN2 on Magpul’s website here and check out the video on Magpul’s Facebook or Youtube channel here.

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