Update: FIME Releases A Very Limited Statement About New Molot Sanction

When we reported about the new sanction that prohibits US companies from importing new Molot VEPR rifles and shotguns we said that we requested comment from FIME Group about the new Molot sanction. Currently, the management and lawyers with FIME are looking over all associated documentation to see what the impact of the change will actually be. It may be a few more days before we get a full statement from the only importer of Molot products to the US.

Sadly the change with the new sanction, FIME is just as affected as the consumer and will no doubt be working towards finding a way to continue importation of what some readers have called the best AK style rifle under $1200. Some others don’t understand the allure of the VEPRs, but losing an option when shopping for a new rifle sucks.

It is unfortunate that the United States Treasury Department designated Molot-Oruzhie as a sanctioned manufacturer. As the exclusive importer of Molot products, we are in the process of reviewing the implications of the sanctions before we are able to make any additional announcements. As always, we appreciate the cooperation and understanding of our loyal customers.

Hopefully, FIME Group has a statement that will clue the rest of us in reasonably soon. As frustrating as the situation is, FIME is undoubtedly working overtime to get the information out to the masses.

I wish this had been more of a comprehensive update, but things take time when trying to navigate the maze that is foreign policy and government agencies.

Patrick R

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  • Mike K.

    Russians are not the only manufacturers of good AKs, certainly not sole cornerstone on which world supply hinges. as they say ‘warm spot is never empty’. Poles make good AKs, Bulgarians do to. for very least we can still get our AK fix based on those two. this is also an incentive and yet another chance for local US manufacturers to get their act together and fill the need. we knew that Veprs are going to go away in the next year-two due to Molot’s financial trouble and debt they can never repay. Whomever wanted to buy one – did, every one else who likes to bitch about it and still never got one should just buy now or STFU.

    • BrandonAKsALot

      Except that the poles refuse to work with us and make money, because it’s never enough money for them. This leaves Romania, Bulgaria, and Serbia as the last importable AKs. It sucks to have a good, quality source squashed because of politics.

  • andrey kireev

    Hopefully it can be resolved… I have 3 veprs, 2 of which, I absolutely love

    • Twilight sparkle

      What about the third??

      • Gary Kirk

        It probably suffered an unfortunate boating accident, and he just “forgot” that part..

      • Anonymoose

        I’ll be the third is a 16″ 5.45. Way too much gun for such a small cartridge. lolololol

        • Russ Kell

          Heh. My Vepr in 5.45 definitely has grandmotherly recoil. The barrel is like 4x the diameter of the round for about half its length. 🙂

          • Anonymoose

            I’d like an RPK-16, but that would take a lot of work.

      • andrey kireev

        Third is a 7.62x54r rifle which I’ve gotten somewhat mixbag…. it’s a type 2 squareback, which came into country with a firewood grade furniture, I have had a general accuracy issues with it, which I was able to narrow down to either an improperly installed side trail or the optics mount attached to it. It has very harsh recoil for semi-auto and managed to sheer off a lip from my bipod adapter, and managed to untighte multiple limited screws, including those retaining an aftermarket stock.

  • Sermon 7.62
    • Anonymoose

      wtf it’s not even bulged!

  • jpcmt

    Hooray for Trump!…. already WORSE on gun rights than Obama was his first term. Obama allowed guns in national parks, while Trump has allowed restriction of popular firearms for absolutely nothing. And yes, he presides over this all you damned Trump apologists who thought he was a conservative.

    • Anonymoose

      Obama was only good for gun rights because things were snuck in under his nose while he tried (and failed) to pass gun bans, registration schemes, and other BS. We can’t do anything overtly without being blocked or turned around the other direction.

    • Dan

      You’re right Trump specifically brought sanctions against Russia just to restrict access to guns and that’s the only reason. I’m not a Trump apologist I just understand how sanctions work. I also understand sanctions don’t in any way constitute a violation of the 2A some people needed to pay more attention in school apparently.

    • Dan

      You must have also Missed where the White House(The place the gun hating President lives) wants to ease some of the restrictions in those sanctions. And how congress is trying to make it more difficult for the President to ease those sanctions. I guess though you’d rather just lash out on a process you don’t understand. Probably not time to wave the Gadsden flag and scream “what part of shall not be infringed do you not understand!”

  • James

    I am a little confused on this Molot factory thing. I read in March that Molot was bankrupt and finished and the plant and equipment was probably going to be sold off. Now there is noise Kalashnikov Concern could buy it but it hasn’t taken place yet. This would only leave any parts or completed firearms as in the pipeline only inventory. So how does this new ban really affect anything?

    • Tritro29

      It was bought by Rostech, which holds 51% of CK and is Russian state affiliate. Sanctions actually are very logical. They suck, but fall in line with what was done before. All things connected with the Russian State = Sanctions.

      • James

        Thanks much, Tritro.

  • Anonymoose

    You know, when they bring sanctions against Russian arms manufacturers preventing them from importing sporting weapons into the US, those Russian arms manufacturers will probably retool and make more weapons of war for their Syrian and Novorossian friends. These Democrats and other Warhawks are shooting themselves in the foot. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6d51c48ccc40df260fb0f121a56a864b7e3b4a6ece1f271cffc39645974406dc.jpg

    • uncle bobedy

      Perhaps that is what they want so they can claim it as proof of the Russia collusion nightmare. McCain is a warty toad of a geni tial wart, he should have been born a Democrat. There’s a reassignment surgery for that I think?

      • Billy Jack

        Yup. They just swap the colon with the frontal lobe and voila you’re a registered Dem.

        • uncle bobedy

          Genius! So that is what they mean when they say “shyt for brains”.

      • Ed Ward

        I don’t know how his daughter works for Fox as a “Conservative Republican” when her Dad is a Donkey mole disguised as an Elephant…

    • Doug73

      Interesting. And here I was, under the apparent misunderstanding that the Trump Administration is part of the Republican Party.

      The agency that added these new sanctions IS accountable to President Trump, no? I don’t understand why his administration gets the free pass, while Democrats are apparently shooting themselves in the foot for the policies carried out under a Republican administration.

      Strange times we live in. I really miss the seemingly extinct “Reagan conservatives”, who understood that Russia is not our friend. If Reagan was President today, after the Russians attempted to interfere with our elections I’ll guarantee you that more than just Russian weapons would have been embargoed. If the Russians want to sell ANYTHING to the U.S., maybe they should stop conducting cyberwarfare on us first?? Frankly, I think we’re going too easy on them.

      • Anonymoose

        Russia didn’t interfere with our elections. America interferes with everyone else’s election, and Democrats tried to interfere with our elections here but “Russian hackers” called them out on it. We ought to be thanking Putin that we aren’t under Queen Hillary’s boot right now.

        • Doug73

          Actually, all 17 of America’s intelligence agencies, Obama, Trump and Congress have acknowledged Russia’s attempted interference with our elections. And that isn’t my opinion…that is what’s known as a “fact”. Believe it or not, denying facts doesn’t cause said facts to stop being facts.

          On your second point, yes, America has interfered with foreign elections. What’s your point, exactly? It can’t be that two wrongs make a right, because you seem to be denying that the first wrong even happened. Perhaps you’re just a Russian apologist? Honestly, it kinda seems like it.

          On the third point, yes, Democrats tried to slant the election. It was against one of their own (Sanders) however.

          Your last point literally makes no sense. You say we should be thanking Putin that Clinton didn’t win, while you simulataneously claim Russia didn’t interfere with the election. So what exactly should we be thanking Putin for??

          Logic much? Apparently not.

    • Ed Ward

      Your pic of one of the Nation’s top ‘Democrats’ indeed accentuates your point 😉

  • Seth Hill

    So if I was FIME, I’d go after licensing to build them here. Since the ban is on importing new GUNS, that must mean that any parts that they have can be imported and then they could be used in any new guns built in the US.

    • Doug73

      These sanctions contemplate doing ANY business with the companies that are sanctioned. I.e., an American company can’t even discuss licensing with Molot…much less actually do it.

      This is ultimately how Kalashnikov Concern got its trademark “stolen” in the U.S. You can’t have a valid trademark in the US if you’re not even legally allowed to conduct business in the US.

      • Seth Hill

        So then just need to get hands on one that was imported prior to the sanctions, reverse engineer it, build new ones (with slight improvements) here in the US. Problem solved.

        • Doug73

          Easier said than done.

          Reverse engineering is a time intensive and expensive process. Then you have to ask, does anyone really WANT a US-made VEPR? The only reason people buy US-made AK’s these days is because foreign ones are drying up. And frankly, none of the US-made variants are as good as the Russian originals.

          • Mark Brockway

            Indeed. I’d say Arsenal is the way to go now. They’ve always been solid.

  • Gregory S. Armand

    This isn’t about politics – the US had an agreement to protect Ukraine borders. We did not do it. The agreement was even reaffirmed by Obama who promptly ignored it because it didn’t fit his idea of a perfect society.

    Russia can end the ban and sanctions very quickly if they so choose! If enough businesses in Russia protest their annexation of Crimea and their continued war in Ukraine it will be a win-win!

  • Rich White

    If the government really wanted to hit Russia in the proverbial pocketbook, they’d ban Smirnoff and not Veprs.

    • Lemdarel

      Why? Most Smirnoff is not made in Russia, nor is Smirnoff a Russian owned company. I don’t get it.

      • Rich White

        It was a joke at the expense of the government.