Update: FIME Releases A Very Limited Statement About New Molot Sanction

    When we reported about the new sanction that prohibits US companies from importing new Molot VEPR rifles and shotguns we said that we requested comment from FIME Group about the new Molot sanction. Currently, the management and lawyers with FIME are looking over all associated documentation to see what the impact of the change will actually be. It may be a few more days before we get a full statement from the only importer of Molot products to the US.

    Sadly the change with the new sanction, FIME is just as affected as the consumer and will no doubt be working towards finding a way to continue importation of what some readers have called the best AK style rifle under $1200. Some others don’t understand the allure of the VEPRs, but losing an option when shopping for a new rifle sucks.

    It is unfortunate that the United States Treasury Department designated Molot-Oruzhie as a sanctioned manufacturer. As the exclusive importer of Molot products, we are in the process of reviewing the implications of the sanctions before we are able to make any additional announcements. As always, we appreciate the cooperation and understanding of our loyal customers.

    Hopefully, FIME Group has a statement that will clue the rest of us in reasonably soon. As frustrating as the situation is, FIME is undoubtedly working overtime to get the information out to the masses.

    I wish this had been more of a comprehensive update, but things take time when trying to navigate the maze that is foreign policy and government agencies.