Arex Rex Zero 1T Tactical and Compliant Models

FIME Group, the Las Vegas-based importer of the Arex Rex Zero 1 pistol announced the arrival of a tactical version of the Slovenian wonder-nine on the group’s Facebook page. According to the social media post the Arex Rex Zero 1T just arrived in the US and will be at distributors soon.

The new Arex Rex Zero 1T joins the rapidly expanding selection of optic-ready handguns. The Arex Rex Zero 1T adds a threaded barrel, high profile sights, and a slide machined to accept red dot optics to the standard Arex Rex Zero 1. The tactical version also ships with a Mec-Gar plus 2 base pad making the magazine capacity an even 20 rounds. The 20 round Rex Zero 1 magazines are available separately. The Arex Rex Zero 1T is offered in traditional all-black and with an FDE anodized aluminum frame. MSRP is $869.99 for either colored model. I expect street prices to be closer to $715 depending on MAP policies.

The same FIME Group Facebook post also announced the arrival of compliant, 10-round version of the compact Arex Rex Zero 1CP for those living in states that do not allow civilians to own full-capacity magazines.

You can check out the standard Arex Rex Zero 1S, the compact Arex Rex Zero 1CT, and the new tactical Arex Rex Zero 1T here on Fime Group’s web site.

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  • Stuart Hunter Keough

    Finally!! 6 months later than they told me I would see them.. now to butter up the wife.

  • roguetechie

    The pistol makers in that region are seriously kicking ass lately…

  • Lee Attiny

    So its a cheaper Sig P226?

    • Flounder

      It started as a knock off. Then they added more features/changed the controls. Like it has a safety and i guess the slide lock is also the decocker? I need to get my hands on one to see for sure but youtube has a few thorough reviews (usually all positive too).

      It’s kinda a competitor right now and odd. But getting more popular.

      • Lee Attiny


    • Reef Blastbody

      eh. It superficially resembles a cross between a 226 and a CZ999, but is better built than either, IMO. I’ve owned SIG 229/226, and sold it and now have an AREX.

      • Lee Attiny

        Better build how? Just curious

      • pun&gun

        I’m also curious as to how it’s better built. Tighter tolerances? Less rattle? Better chamfering?

        • Reef Blastbody

          The overall fit of the gun is better than the SIGs I owned, so less rattles. The machining seems to be at least on par with the SIGs I’ve owned. The interior of the slide on the AREX is nice and smooth, almost glassy, where my SIGs were smooth and even, no chatter marks, but not as polished as the AREX.

          The ergonomics are better for my hand with the AREX. The SIGs had a fat spot right below where the beavertail would be, and wasn’t quite comfortable to shoot for me for an extended time. The AREX feels almost CZ-like to me in how it naturally fits my hand.

          Aesthetically, I like the lines of both, though the AREX and it’s full length dustcover gets the nod.

          Both the SIG and the AREX do suffer a bit from muzzle flip compared to other marques due to the higher relative bore axis. I can’t recover my sight picture quite as fast as with my SP01 or P09.

  • Gary Kirk

    Eeeeeeeeeekkk!! It has a hammer!!

  • Ragged Hole

    I really liked the idea of these Sig 226 knockoffs but the price on them is way to high. You can pick up a new Sig 226 MK25 with the threaded barrel for $900. Why would I spend $200 less for a knock off? If they were $500, thy would be a good deal.

    • john huscio

      Anecdotal evidence suggests it’s more reliable and well built than the crap comming out of exeter.

      • Kelly Jackson

        From the sort of people who claim to buy and return guns before they even hit the market?

        • Stan Darsh

          I believe he’s talking about the M.A.C. torture test of the standard Arex Rex Zero vs Sig P226 Legion.

    • Joe

      Thumb safety. Machined slide for red dot. The only thing SIG has on it is the E2 grip.

  • john huscio

    Alex, beating SIG at being SIG

    • Holdfast_II

      Too bad it doesn’t take Sig mags for those of us who would like to supplement our Sig with this McSig.

  • Maxpwr

    Still not legal in Kalifornia. Price point is good for those of us that live in free states.

  • jonp

    I keep looking at Arex handguns but there are a number of firearms on the market for several hundred dollars less and I can’t justify the price. They sure look nice and the reviews are great on them

  • pun&gun

    Red dot milling *and* a threaded barrel, with tall irons already installed. Attention pistol manufacturers: start doing this.

  • Sermon 7.62