Arex Rex Zero 1T Tactical and Compliant Models

    FIME Group, the Las Vegas-based importer of the Arex Rex Zero 1 pistol announced the arrival of a tactical version of the Slovenian wonder-nine on the group’s Facebook page. According to the social media post the Arex Rex Zero 1T just arrived in the US and will be at distributors soon.

    The new Arex Rex Zero 1T joins the rapidly expanding selection of optic-ready handguns. The Arex Rex Zero 1T adds a threaded barrel, high profile sights, and a slide machined to accept red dot optics to the standard Arex Rex Zero 1. The tactical version also ships with a Mec-Gar plus 2 base pad making the magazine capacity an even 20 rounds. The 20 round Rex Zero 1 magazines are available separately. The Arex Rex Zero 1T is offered in traditional all-black and with an FDE anodized aluminum frame. MSRP is $869.99 for either colored model. I expect street prices to be closer to $715 depending on MAP policies.

    The same FIME Group Facebook post also announced the arrival of compliant, 10-round version of the compact Arex Rex Zero 1CP for those living in states that do not allow civilians to own full-capacity magazines.

    You can check out the standard Arex Rex Zero 1S, the compact Arex Rex Zero 1CT, and the new tactical Arex Rex Zero 1T here on Fime Group’s web site.

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