PSA: Zev Tech Out Of Spec Trigger NOT DROP SAFE

Brandon H. shared this harrowing experience with us. Disclosure: Brandon and TFB are in no way trying to discredit Zev Tech and their products. This is just one documented instance but it is an important one. For those running a similar trigger, please check them and make sure they are safe.

I put a gun up for sale a few days ago, and I had to take it down, because what I thought was the trigger getting caught and making it go off when it was dropped accidentally, was actually something much worse . It fell off my headboard and got between the bed and the frame and started tumbling down. When it finally made it to the ground it went off, sending a round through the ceiling. Not far at all from where my head was. I thought the trigger was just too light because Glocks just don’t go off in stock form when dropped. It must have gotten caught on something while tumbling down and that’s why I thought that it was just too light of a trigger. Couldn’t figure out what else it could be, but I was wrong. This is the Zev Pro trigger that is non adjustable. Zev has already contacted me ( on saturday ) and told me there was a problem with a batch of trigger bars from 2013-2014 in the pistol, these bars defeated the drop safety because they are out of spec. Sharing this so in case you have one you can be careful, and test it. Figured a drop in for a pistol would be like a drop in for an AR. Nope. Think I’ve learned my lesson not to mess with what isn’t broken.

This gun was not modded by me. It was modded by Zev and sold direct to a dealer

UPDATE: Zev’s official stance has changed after talking with them. They backpedaled on the trigger bar thing and said they need to see it. Local smith confirmed it was the bar so we’ll see what they say
Once again wanna point out I’m not trying to throw Zev under the bus, it might be a freak one off, but it can’t hurt for people to check. TFB will also update you with any additional information.

Here is a video Brandon filmed to show how the Glock is not drop safe.

Nicholas C

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  • Jared Vynn

    Don’t tell California, they’ll outlaw using aftermarket triggers/parts.

    • Gary Kirk

      I’m surprised they didn’t outlaw pop tarts after that whole school thing..

  • Just Say’n

    Whole new meaning to “Drop-in-Trigger”!

    • Jared Vynn

      It’s a feature not a bug.

    • Major Tom


  • Major Tom

    Drop safe triggers and firing pins have been a thing for over a century, why does this still happen?

    • John

      Because companies monkey around with those safeties to try to get light trigger pulls

  • catfish252

    That really sucks, glad you weren’t injured.

  • Surfgun

    I had a lone wolf aluminum trigger installed and the damn safety in the trigger would not even engage the frame enough to block the trigger from firing the pistol. Double check every imaginable malfunction that these after market triggers can cause. Be safe out there!

  • Blumpkin

    gotta toss out the ol’ bed sheets since I would have made brown on them.

    • robert57Q

      I think I would have soiled my mattress too if that had happened to me.

  • Raptor Fred

    You should see the shenanigans that happen with their adjustable triggers. That is $250 of NOT IN MY GUN.

  • Gary Kirk

    ZEV.. We’ll make your Glock into a Taurus for no extra charge..

    • Jared Vynn

      You shouldn’t exaggerate, ZEV hasn’t demonstrated shake to fire yet.

      • Gary Kirk

        Or the whole

        T. actical
        A. utomatic
        U. serless
        R. apid
        U. nloading
        S. ystem

        • Jared Vynn

          Patent pending and trademarked.

    • DIR911911 .

      no , it will cost you at least $100

      • Gary Kirk

        Said “At no extra cost”.. Never mentioned the initial cost of the product that said service is included with..

  • Matt Ridenour ZEV

    Unfortunately, you have picked up a posting that is now more than a week old. There certainly has been some confusion in communication. I can say that as CEO, I am not aware of any “bad batch of trigger bars from 2013-2014”. We take safety and quality very seriously and are committed to thoroughly investigate this situation. We have been in constant contact with this customer and now have his firearm at ZEV for appraisal. We expect to get back to him very soon with the results of our testing.

    • Blake

      No that doesn’t seem to be the case. Everything you just said is right there in the article, including you guys backpedaling about the bad trigger bar batch.

    • Dan K

      How is it unfortunate that he picked up a posting are a week old? If things happen to guns with your product inside it only counts if it’s less than a week old?

      If you are actually the CEO the confusion in communication might start with you because your communication is poor at best.

      Was this trigger bar manufactured in 2013-2014?

    • Flounder

      The only thing that matters, is how do you show everyone none of your triggers will do the exact same thing when dropped. I don’t want to hear about it. I want you to show it, to prove your products are safe.

      And why is the CEO dealing with this? Are you so small you don’t have heads of customer service and marketing(I mean someone who is essentially a spokesperson for the company, goes to all the events, and whose job is social skills) or engineering/development?

    • robert57Q

      Unfortunate for your damage control efforts, maybe. WHO first told him that there was an ‘out of spec’ issue at all? If the mod was installed by your company, it’s still YOUR problem regardless!

  • joshv06

    Stop messing with your Glocks.. Buy ammo and shoot it.

    • Joey JoJo Jr.

      Ding! Ding! Ding!. We have a winner!

      Learn to shoot better, and you’ll care less about the stock, extremely safe (and warranted) Glock trigger.

  • Klaus Von Schmitto

    If you find yourself in one of Yeager’s classes, it might be worth asking the other guys what’s in their Glock.

    • Cal S.

      Don’t give Yeager excuses, it will only feed the beast…

  • JoshuaK27

    And why do we keep messing with triggers on e.d.c guns ? Have thoust not learned thy mistakes ?
    That ish belongs in race guns period, sorry Patrick, you made a compelling case on comps and micro dots . But far in between forget k.i.s.s

  • Gun Fu Guru

    I’ve had the same issue on two “drop safe” striker guns. That’s why I switched back to DA/SA hammer pistols.

    • Nathan Means

      I will always carry a da/sa. Striker fire has to many possible issues. Glad to see I am not alone.

      • Gun Fu Guru

        Plus the longer, heavier trigger pull when putting the gun back into the holster adds another level of inherent safety. (I have seen a guy ND into his left ankle with a Glock going back into a right-sided appendix holster.) On my CZ P07, the only thing that can prevent the gun from firing is dirt impeding the hammer. I don’t have to worry about grime in the striker channel.

  • MiamiC70

    Welcome to last weeks reddit news 🙄

  • DanGoodShot

    So… wouldn’t that fall into the (according to some) mythical territory of an accidental discharge?

    • USMC03Vet

      No it’s still a weapon malfunction.

      • DanGoodShot

        No excrement. I never said it wasn’t. It’s a weapon malfunction that caused an accidental discharge. Kinda seems open n’ shut. But, alas there will always be those who know better. 😉 Kind of like them Flat Earth Folk. No matter how many ways, how many times… heck Cletus, you could take em’ in a spacecraft and show them the planet they just left and that it is round. But, by God they will still no more than you… and that darn thing is flat I tell ya. FLAT!

    • Flounder

      It is an accidental discharge. NOT a negligent discharge. The owner/user of the firearm did absolutely nothing wrong in the operation.

      The gun is defective.

      • DanGoodShot


      • DIR911911 .

        he hit the gun with a pillow . . . the abusive bastard

      • pun&gun

        Wouldn’t dropping the pistol count as negligent?

        • Ebby123

          Nah that’s standard use. Seriously. Theres a reason SAAMI has specs for drop testing.

      • The ZEV drop-in trigger group is defective. The gun did exactly what it is designed to do when the striker goes forward.

  • you can do that to any glock if you take the pretravel away, zev, suarez pyramid, all do this.

  • Juice

    It’s almost as if companies like Zev and Salient Arms are just asking a whole lot of money to make guns look cooler, and don’t provide any actual quality!

  • Some Rabbit

    Doesn’t say much about “Glock perfection” when the company has to create certified armorers and there’s a thriving industry devoted to selling after-market upgrades.

    • RocketScientist

      Oh jesus. Not a glock fanboy, don’t even own one. Don’t really care. But for f***s sake, seriously? “Oh my god, i knew Chevy’s were total crap, they even have SERVICE DEPARTMENTS at their dealerships, can you believe it?!?! And the have a whole aftermarkets parts division, and people make upgrades for them. What a piece of junk. FORDS RULE!!!1!!1!” Give it a break dude.

  • Martingard

    Glock, Glock, Glock, isn’t there any other brand out there? I know Glocks are great but I also know there are others out there just as good if maybe not better. How much do they pay you anyway?

  • Ebby123

    Many of the small aftermarket trigger systems are not reliably drop-safe. That’s part of the reason why they are never adopted as an OEM option by pistol companies.