PSA: Zev Tech Out Of Spec Trigger NOT DROP SAFE

    Brandon H. shared this harrowing experience with us. Disclosure: Brandon and TFB are in no way trying to discredit Zev Tech and their products. This is just one documented instance but it is an important one. For those running a similar trigger, please check them and make sure they are safe.

    I put a gun up for sale a few days ago, and I had to take it down, because what I thought was the trigger getting caught and making it go off when it was dropped accidentally, was actually something much worse . It fell off my headboard and got between the bed and the frame and started tumbling down. When it finally made it to the ground it went off, sending a round through the ceiling. Not far at all from where my head was. I thought the trigger was just too light because Glocks just don’t go off in stock form when dropped. It must have gotten caught on something while tumbling down and that’s why I thought that it was just too light of a trigger. Couldn’t figure out what else it could be, but I was wrong. This is the Zev Pro trigger that is non adjustable. Zev has already contacted me ( on saturday ) and told me there was a problem with a batch of trigger bars from 2013-2014 in the pistol, these bars defeated the drop safety because they are out of spec. Sharing this so in case you have one you can be careful, and test it. Figured a drop in for a pistol would be like a drop in for an AR. Nope. Think I’ve learned my lesson not to mess with what isn’t broken.

    This gun was not modded by me. It was modded by Zev and sold direct to a dealer

    UPDATE: Zev’s official stance has changed after talking with them. They backpedaled on the trigger bar thing and said they need to see it. Local smith confirmed it was the bar so we’ll see what they say
    Once again wanna point out I’m not trying to throw Zev under the bus, it might be a freak one off, but it can’t hurt for people to check. TFB will also update you with any additional information.

    Here is a video Brandon filmed to show how the Glock is not drop safe.

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