Our own TFB writer Erik B. is a member and champion IPSC shooter on the Swedish National Team. Erik sent us this photo of the new team jersey with the important sponsors of the Swedish Team. It just so happens that the TFB patch was chosen as one displayed on the jersey. The TFB patch is in the center about half way down.

Erik B. is a national champion. Erik just won the IPSC French Nationals. The photo below shows Erik in action using a Troy PAR.

Erik B. running a course at the French nationals.

This is a new photo of the Swedish National Team taken in Russia where they are currently competing. The USA Team is also there competing. Best of luck everyone!

The Swedish National IPSC team in Russia.


  • MrBrassporkchop

    Picture the Swedish chef leading a tactical carbine class and try not to laugh.

    But seriously can you buy these jerseys and wear them like normal people wear sports jerseys?

    • Gary Kirk

      “Hurr dee durr, duh dee dee durr.. BANG, BANG, BANG”…

    • No they just got them for the team.

    • Edeco

      I used to watch that. It was in reruns at the time and my negligent parents let my watch violent movies like Robocop, so I just assumed that in some of the episodes the chef did succeed in killing and cooking another muppet, like the turtle (de tort-leh).

      • Dougscamo

        Killing them, no….popping out of the pots and pans, yes….

  • mikebike

    I know a few of those…