BREAKING: Trijicon To Announce New RMR Model?

It looks like Trijicon is releasing a new RMR model that has been revised to addresses many of the concerns with the original model. It appears that the RMR Type 2 will retain all of the features that we know and love with the addition of some new ones as well as refinements that should make it an all around better optic.

The leak comes from G&R Tactical on Instagram, the original post is below so you can give them some love for keeping us in the loop.

Thankfully Trijicon is not changing the mount pattern, so the new Type 2 red dots will work with solutions already on the market. I also was rather pleased to see a button lockout mode listed on the dealer one sheet. Every now and then when I am carrying one of my RMR’ed guns, I bump the adjustment a bit and end up changing the brightness a level or two. It hasn’t been an issue due to the intensity setting I keep my dot at, but a lockout would be rather nice.

Trijicon also says there will be a new battery conservation mode that will adjust the dot to ambient lighting conditions after 16.5 hours of inactivity, great news for those of you that only use the dot intermittently and keep it in a gun safe when not in use.

There is also mention of ruggedized battery contacts that might alleviate the small issue of dots flickering under heavy recoil. There is already a homebrew fix for this, but if Trijicon has fixed it in house, that will be a welcome addition.

The rumor states that there will be a full press release within a few days, expect us to keep you in the loop as soon as we know more. The best news? The price appears that it will be lower.


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  • BattleshipGrey
    • Nick

      Kinda like hoping Ferrari will offer a budget priced option.

      • Dual sport

        They did. It was the 308 GTB. Pricing is relative.

    • shooter2009

      If anything, it will probably be more expensive.

      • BattleshipGrey


  • Raptor Fred

    Do these have, Never Flicker – No More Bicker mode?

  • Lead Kisses

    What’s the flicker fix?

    • Howard

      I bought the thin Trijicon plate/cover that has a really tiny curve built into it and it took care of the flicker issue I was having. I don’t understand why it didn’t come that way in the first place.

    • HSR47

      The fix is to use the “RMR Sealing Plate” that Trijicon sells, and to use it in conjunction with something else to increase the thickness of the battery. Typically, that ends up being either electrical tape or RTV. In my experience it helps, but it doesn’t alleviate the problem entirely.

  • pun&gun

    Three changes I’d hope they would make: Make it slimmer, to match a Glock 19 slide; make it shorter, so you no longer need suppressor sights as backups; and implement a way to change the battery without removing the sight and possibly losing zero.

    • Jess

      That’s pretty much what got me interested in the Shield RMS, you can use normal height sights, coin battery is loaded in on the side, and it looks quite sleek on a Glock 19. Can’t say how it runs though, getting a red dot on my Glock will be a little ways into the future.

      • pun&gun

        I’m in the same boat. Having a MOS also changes the equation a bit, because red dots sit more shallowly on those than in a custom milled slide. Right now I’m leaning in favor of the RMS, but it doesn’t seem very water resistant, and the RMR definitely looks more durable.

    • jonjon7465

      So a Shield RMS?

      • pun&gun

        The RMS is my first choice for putting on my G19 MOS when I have the money. I worry about water resistance in the battery compartment and general durability relative to the RMR, but with its assorted benefits and price, right now it still seems better. If the new RMR makes the changes I suggested, I would start saving for that instead.

        • jonjon7465

          Their products are used by the British military so I suspect they are durable enough for escape. Although I havent seen them really tested yet. On the other hand the rmr is known for turning off from normal recoil.

    • DaveGinOly

      They shouldn’t be so wide, we’re not hunting deer with an EDC handgun. The sighting area should be turned on its side, so it’s taller than it is wide (like most humans). They’ve been designing them like they’re wild-field hunting scopes. But if that would make them too tall, then, yes, make them narrower so they fit neatly on more slides. It looks untidy when they hang over the edge of the slide top.

  • PTMcCain

    Hope they realized how stupid it is NOT to be able to change the battery from the top. Whatever improvements are available, this will be a good example of how competition is good for all of us, it has forced Trijicon to up their game.

    • USMC03Vet

      The battery being underneath must be tied to being able to go swimming with it. For civilians there are obviously better more accessible alternatives to this with features they’d use.

      • PTMcCain

        Sorry, that makes zero sense. Many optics are easily submersible and the batter is not “underneath” the optic.

        • USMC03Vet

          what other micro reflex allows 20 meters waterproof?

          • Force Multiplier

            Good point, but I could still swim in most pools with a deltapoint pro, and I don’t need to worry about electronics failing.

    • Will B.

      With a 4 year battery life at the middle setting, whats the big deal? Oh no, you have to take out two whole screw every 2-4 years.

  • plumber576

    How the RMR is still “The Standard” with all the other micro-reflex sights available is beyond me. From what I’m reading the Gen 2 doesn’t offer any significant improvements to match or exceed offerings from other companies.

  • Jack

    Not everything is “breaking”

  • BR549

    Sounds like MicroSoft; leaving the customers to bear the brunt of hasty R&D in order to rush the product to market.

  • Scottie Mince

    I think the waterproof issue is being overblown. I’ve carried milled Glocks with a JPoint and RMR since 2011. While I have never taken them ‘swimming’, they have been in numerous rainstorms with no effect on the electronics. Seeing the dot in a water covered screen is another issue.

  • Walter Stein

    So the Agency Arms that I am currently building is obsolete before I have even gotten it?