BREAKING: Trijicon To Announce New RMR Model?

    It looks like Trijicon is releasing a new RMR model that has been revised to addresses many of the concerns with the original model. It appears that the RMR Type 2 will retain all of the features that we know and love with the addition of some new ones as well as refinements that should make it an all around better optic.

    The leak comes from G&R Tactical on Instagram, the original post is below so you can give them some love for keeping us in the loop.

    Thankfully Trijicon is not changing the mount pattern, so the new Type 2 red dots will work with solutions already on the market. I also was rather pleased to see a button lockout mode listed on the dealer one sheet. Every now and then when I am carrying one of my RMR’ed guns, I bump the adjustment a bit and end up changing the brightness a level or two. It hasn’t been an issue due to the intensity setting I keep my dot at, but a lockout would be rather nice.

    Trijicon also says there will be a new battery conservation mode that will adjust the dot to ambient lighting conditions after 16.5 hours of inactivity, great news for those of you that only use the dot intermittently and keep it in a gun safe when not in use.

    There is also mention of ruggedized battery contacts that might alleviate the small issue of dots flickering under heavy recoil. There is already a homebrew fix for this, but if Trijicon has fixed it in house, that will be a welcome addition.

    The rumor states that there will be a full press release within a few days, expect us to keep you in the loop as soon as we know more. The best news? The price appears that it will be lower.