UPDATE: Gander Mountain Transitioning into the Camping World Family

Camping World

An e-mail was recently sent out to all Gander Mountain customers with a simple message from the new CEO, Marcus Lemonis.

An Important Message to Gander Mtn. Customers from Marcus Lemonis, CEO of Camping World & Good Sam.

We are delighted to announce that Gander Mtn. is now part of the Camping World & Good Sam family following Camping World’s successful bid for certain Gander Mtn. assets in a bankruptcy auction in April. Camping  World & Good Sam is the nation’s largest network of RV-centric retail locations and the only provider of a comprehensive portfolio of services, protection plans, products, and resources for the outdoor enthusiast. At Camping World & Good Sam, we place a high value on customer satisfaction and our goal is to keep as many as 70 or more Gander Mtn. stores open following the bankruptcy liquidation process. Following the liquidation process, you’ll also see a fresh release of GanderMountain.com. By leveraging Camping World & Good Sam’s scale, operating infrastructure, and product expertise, we will be able to provide new products and services to the Gander Mtn. customer. We are very excited for the next chapter of Gander Mtn. as part of the Camping  World & Good Sam family of companies.

As part of the transaction, ownership of the Gander Mtn.’s customer database is being transferred to a Camping World & Good Sam subsidiary that will operate the new business. Camping World & Good Sam will continue to abide by the existing Gander Mtn. privacy policy. In the event that there are any significant changes to the applicable privacy practices in the future, you will have an opportunity to decide whether to opt out of or accept such changes before they are implemented.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this new adventure and we look forward to earning your business!

Marcus Lemonis had recently taken to Twitter soliciting his followers to help him create a new logo for the company. He also stated that Gander Mountain would become “Gander Outdoors” so it is interesting he did not use that name in his message.

At this time, Marcus Lemonis had not indicated he was backing down from the name change. In the future look for the new name and logo to make an appearance as Gander Mountain continues to evolve throughout their liquidation process.

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  • Warren Ellis

    So do these people make guns or sell guns as well?

    Are they going to make armed RVs or something? 😛

    • dlkjfljslkaser

      Didn’t before, but they sell guns now…

      • Paul White

        are they going to continue to do so, and if so will they charge more rational prices now?

        • dfdjfkljslkfj

          Yes, and yes.

    • adverse4

      An armed RV sounds good.

    • mazkact

      Urban assualt vehicle………………….”Stripes”.

  • Paul White

    so far this buyout seems rushed and haphazard to me. Am I the only one feeling that way?

    • dlfkjsdklfjls

      Well, it was. The terms of the bankruptcy necessitated as much. There was only about 2 months between the filing and the closing of the sale, which was the path mandated be the previous ownership. You make do with what you have. CWH has done a very respectable job with what they’ve been given.

  • Sam Damiano

    Who’s taking bets that Gander Outdoor will not sell firearms?

    • Ddjsjshdj

      Already decided. Guns stay. No point in speculating.

    • P161911

      My guess is fewer “tactical/defensive” firearms and more “hunting” guns. Probably look more like Wal-Mart or Dick’s current gun selection with maybe a few handguns.

  • Griz Hebert

    Gander Outdoors? How about Firearms World. Heh.


    Camping World are only taking the locations, no Inventory.