Joshua To took these photos during The Singapore Open House just last weekend. This SAF officer demonstrated parachuting and landing among the Red Lions. SG Army’s version of the Golden Knights.

The geared up SAF has an H&K MP7 with suppressor across his chest. I did not know the SG Army has MP7s. Considering the SAR21 that is issued to their soldiers, the MP7 seems out of place.


On his helmet is a pair of Thales Lucie Bioculars. They are rather flat compared to other NVGs.

The interesting feature is the objective lens. Traditional Biocular (not binocular) NODs, have an objective lens in the middle. But these have an offset lens. So you can use your weapon sights in conjunction with the Lucies.



  • Steve

    Anyone know the camo they use? I think its pretty cool and was just wondering.

    • Nicholas C

      Looks like Multicam Black to me.

      • Irfan Zain

        Yes the SOTF use multicam black

  • valorius

    4.6mm is a very odd candidate for suppression.

    • CommonSense23

      That’s why it got popular in the US.

  • winterhorse

    wonder how the night vision unit and helmet act at 120 MPH. I remember in the 70’s that even small 8mm cameras would cause some weird oscillation.

  • To Tin Fung

    OP: Correction, that’s a special operations soldier. Not a commando. The SAR21 is for all units, for the SOF their main choice is the HK416. But they still have a variety such as MP7, P90, and FN57.

    • noob

      what ever happened to the Singapore Kinetics Compact Personal Weapon? it had a cool translucent pistol grip that let you check your ammo remaining by looking through it – just like an ASP pistol.

      • To Tin Fung

        the CPW by ST Kinetics is made for sale. Doesn’t mean that the military adopts everything they sell. For example we still use the Ultimax MK3 even though they sell the new MK8 version.

        • noob

          I can’t seem to find any declared user nations for the CPW, seems to have a number of desirable features like the ammo window and the ability to be chambered in 5.7×28, 4.6×30 and 9mm. What kind of things are holding the CPW back from more widespread adoption?

          • To Tin Fung

            It’s relatively new. Probably on the sales team to market it enough for more sales contracts. Personally I handled one at the airshow but it just wasnt my cup of tea.

          • noob

            Thanks – What turned you off it?

          • To Tin Fung

            The buttstock lol

          • noob

            lol it looks like they were trying to copy the MP7 but the right side charging handle would get in the way of two rails down the barrel axis, so they went with two rails under the 12 o’clock rail. big ask for a thin piece of steel

          • To Tin Fung

            The CPW buttstock has one steel bar only. It is pretty stiff, but what i didnt like was the cheek weld and height of optic. If you notice the bar is almost at the same height as the picatinny rail.

  • Irfan Zain

    Book deal incoming

    • B-Sabre

      He’s probably going to need a ghost writer then.
      (Ouch! Too soon?)