Taking a page out of Hannibal’s war manual, it looks like some unit tried their hand at war-elephants and a slightly different approach to “Elephant Gun”. I am not sure what the thought was to mounting a belt-fed machine gun to the top of this Elephant. Perhaps as an alternate all-terrain vehicle that has offensive capabilities. The machine gun looks to be a “potato digger” M1895 Colt-Browning.


  • BFG3000

    Dr. Seuss Newest children novel
    Horton PTSD diagnosed elephant

  • TechnoTriticale

    Tripod is not secured. Not sure it would help.

    Unless that’s a deaf elephant, within 3 rounds, that corporal would be on the ground and picking the rear sight out of his teeth.

    • valorius

      Much like war horses, War elephants were trained to be immune to the sounds of battle.

  • valorius

    That’s just awesome.

    • DIR911911 .

      actually it’s disgusting how we are so into war we drag all sorts of animals into something which they know nothing about

      • valorius

        OK then.

  • RealitiCzech

    No time for laughing here, this is serious business. What will YOU do when the Carthaginians come swarming over your nearest mountain range with their organic grass-fed technicals?
    You’re gonna feel mighty undergunned with that LCP when a proboscidean decides to mug you. Best to upgrade to a .375 H&H derringer at least.

    • Some Rabbit

      That’s why I always keep a couple of mice tucked in my vest pocket.

      • RealitiCzech

        Organic vs organic? The Sierra Club approves this method of warmaking.

    • The_Champ

      Real men carry 700 Nitro Express for self defense. It’s the only round I trust to have the “knock down power” I need.

  • Justin Roney

    I don’t think anyone makes ear protection that large. I’m surprised PETA wasn’t out protesting.

    • missourisam

      Ever wonder why Roy Roger’s Trigger and Gene Autrey’s Champion didn’t go around saying, huh? I never owned a horse that would not shy away from a shot close to their head, and after a few times they got to the point that they would go bronc when you raised a gun. I figure they had wax warmed and inserted in their ears.

  • robert57Q

    I don’t have any personal experience with elephants, so I can only wonder how it would react to that muzzle blast right on top of its head. Not well, I would suspect.

    • EC

      It’s really the same way you deal with cavalry horses and their riders firing rifles. Or even hunting dogs and the sound of a shotgun blast. Or even humans if you think about it.

  • missourisam

    You would sure want your elephant gun broke, I have had to shoot from horse back on a horse that was not gun broke. You had better make the first shot count in that case. It is hard to get off a second aimed shot when you are participating in a rodeo. At least a horse don’t have a trunk that can reach you to use you to beat that loud gun to death.

  • EC

    Historically, Central and Southern Asians did mount weapons on elephants and camels. It makes sense. You start off with a guy with a spear fighting from the back of an elephant.

    Switch the spear with a bow and arrow.
    Switch the bow and arrow with a crossbow.
    Switch the crossbow with a rifle.
    Switch the rifle with a small cannon.

    My understanding is that elephants could fire on the move (however inaccurately), but the camels had to lay down before the weapon could be fired.

  • MrBrassporkchop

    This doesn’t seem like a good idea.

    First thing I’d do if I were getting shot at is shoot at the thing he’s riding that’s as big as the side of a barn.

  • .45

    I suspect that this is an example of troops clowning around in front of the camera, possibly the first recorded example.

  • Philip Williams
  • Cal.Bar

    If this guy weren’t wearing a uniform, I’d swear that what was said just before snapping the picture was “dude, hold my beer”.

  • Edeco

    I read that in the 17th cent. they’d fire away from the side if the horse or over its butt to minimize discomfort. I’d been assuming, movies notwithstanding, that that was de-rigeur for the entire era of cavalry with firearms. It would be closer to the one-hand-olympic shooting form anyway.