Honor Defense Now Offers 16 Different Variations of Honor Guard Pistol

HG9SC colors

Honor Defense is seemingly going through a fairly rapid expansion of its line of Honor Guard pistols. These 9mm compact handguns were introduced in 2015, and as of May 2017, the company now offers 16 different variations of the gun. This would certainly suggest the guns have enjoyed some commercial success.

Right now, the company offers two basic models: a compact and a sub-compact pistol. The subcompact Honor Guard pistol has a 3.2″ barrel and has been frequently compared to general size of the extremely popular Smith & Wesson Shield. A larger version of the pistol, the compact model, has a 3.8″ barrel. Both guns are available with or without a manual safety.

The compact models have an accessory rail while the sub-compact models do not. However, the sub-compact model can be had with the company’s F. I. S. T. frame. F. I. S. T. stands for Firearm with Integrated Standoff. The frame adds a small extension that protrudes beyond the muzzle of the gun. The idea is to prevent the slide from being pushed backward and out of battery should you need to shove it into an attacker’s ribs and pull the trigger.

In addition to these basic differences, the guns can also be hand in a number of different colors. Both the compact and sub-compact Honor Guard models can be had with FDE, OD green and mahogany colored frames in addition to the basic black.

I know a lot of readers have expressed dismay at the size of the lettering on the slide, but other than that – what experiences have you had with the guns? If you own one or have shot one, please share your experiences in the comments section.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


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  • James Young

    I actually like how they look, but I trust my life to an M&P Shield. Not sure I would do the same with the Honor Guard. Maybe in a few years, we’ll see.

    • Being a Certified S&W Armorer on the M&P series guns…
      I’d rather have an Honor Guard.

    • Jimmy Wayne Williams Jr.

      I have both: like the HG much better. Better balance, feels “solid” compared to the Shield. I got the HG when my wife took the Shield for her EDC. I like both, but I prefer the HG. I am left handed but right eye dominant, so I can carry on either side (carpal tunnel surgery left me no choice). the ambi controls make a big difference.

  • Mike Myers

    It’s baffling. Ever since this pistol hit the market, one complaint has been more common than any other among people who say they won’t buy the Honor Guard.

    What’s that? The gaudy HONOR GUARD on the slide in giant letters.

    How many sales has that cost? Wouldn’t they like to sell more guns? Seems that’s an issue which would be easy to fix. Taurus puts the gaudy logos on its revolvers—“RAGING BULL” in giant type, but people buy Taurus revolvers because they’re the cheapest game in town, so they deal with the logo. The Honor Guard isn’t cheaper than the competition, and it’s not necessarily better, so WHY BE UGLIER?

    • Raptor Fred

      Grip Zone

    • This x 1000.

      If you look at a photo of the flip side of the HG, where there is no logo, it looks like a really sweet, semi custom pistol. Would buy in a second, especially the 3.8″ version.

      But then you get to the other side, H O N O R G A U R D, and it looks like cheap, silly product.

      Much in the way that a beautiful $10,000 Saville Row suit would not look good if it had S A V I L L E R O W across the 40% of the chest.

    • Slab Rankle

      It is better in one way. It has a modular chassis. If you like that then there isn’t much competition. The SIG P320 subcompact is bigger.

    • They didn’t learn the Charles Daly lesson. Look up the CD High Power. Shame.

    • LGonDISQUS
      • LGonDISQUS

        “Hi LG,
        Thanks for the note and input.
        Yes, there are people that criticize the logo.
        But there are also others that like it.

        There are functional reasons for that lettering, and some of the online folks have covered that.
        Our firearm is designed with input by professionals that carry a firearm and trained others.
        Everything on the firearm, is done with a purpose, (including the lettering).

        Will we change in the future?
        It’s possible. We assess every feature on an ongoing basis……that never stops.


        • Dan

          What purpose does the Giant billboard serve?

          • LGonDISQUS

            Beats me…

    • Ruben Leal

      my thinking is, they are afraid that is they remove the huge logo, the pistol is similar enough in appearance to the sw shield that there might be issues.

  • lolwat

    I was going to make another comment on gun hipsters buying pretty barbie guns. However in this case, who are we kidding? No one buys Honor Guard pistols. /nelson haha

  • USMC03Vet

    I wish more of the bigger manufacturers offered frame colors like these. I’m a sucker for anything OD green. FDE makes me wanna puke.

    • Shankbone

      Do your friends know you care this much about pistol color?

    • jcitizen

      I’m a sucker for anything sand or coyote brown colored.

    • ConcentrateFire

      I’m with you on that. I buy everything in OD because I now live in Tenntucky. It’s green as a Vietnam jungle here. The Camo just makes practical sense. The same reason I sprayed my brand new fluted chrome molly barrel with rattle can high heat black the same day I got it. I have a thing about not being a shiny target. The first time I ever had to draw down on someone I got the jump on the guy because of his shiny ass clunky chrome. I guess that made me paranoid.. or maybe it was someone trying to kill me. FDE is on enough of my gear i need to break it up.

  • Bigbigpoopi
    • LGonDISQUS

      Pure sexiness.

      Did this to an edc p3AT with nickel slide.

    • L Cavendish

      have you seen the Taurus Spectrum?

    • L Cavendish

      KelTec also has color options

      • ConcentrateFire


  • robert57Q

    I really can’t see the attraction to this, especially in direct competition with the M&P Shield, which has a longer history, better track record, and is currently available everywhere at fire-sale prices, AND has a rebate offer.

  • Laserbait

    I hope they fill in the billboard with white or gold lettering! I just want to see the frothy mouths here just bellyache more about it! 😀

    • USMC03Vet

      I bedazzled my grip zone lettering on my XD in the hope someone has a stroke when they witness the glory. Ok. I didn’t really, but I’ve thought about it.

  • 1LT Homer

    The current M&P Shield rebate program makes the Honor Guard a harder sell than ever. Regarding the obnoxious rollmark, how many complaints need to occur to affect change?

  • Caffeinated

    Less is more. Start with the logo.

  • rs

    It’s ergonomically great for me (average size male hands). My partner thought the grip texture was a bit aggressive for her taste. It’s got a good trigger; sights are just fine; the slide release is small, no-snag and only works as a slingshot; and the mag release is a bit cranky – requires a firm, deep press. Recoil is mild and accuracy is fine.

    Our pistol came with either a mis-machined chamber, or or some kind of debris stuck in the chamber that a brushing didn’t remove. After about the third shot, it jammed so hard that I had to pull the extractor off from the chambered round, disassemble the pistol, and tap the round out with a stick.

    Honor defense shipped us a new barrel the next day, and the new barrel works properly.

    I’m experimenting with and practicing with the gun, and I’m getting the occasional failure to fire – about 1 round in 50. The primers appear deeply indented, and this has happened with a couple of different brands of ammo. I spoke to Honor Guard, and they would be happy to service the pistol under warranty, but I decided to detail strip the slide first and just make sure there was no junk in the firing pin channel.

    Unfortunately (thanks, age and stiffness), the recoil spring slipped out of my hand as I disassembled it, and the guide shot across a cluttered workshop never to be seen again – I think it went down behind a heater unit. So, I have to order a new guide in order to continue with the pistol.

    This pistol has real promise, I love that it’s US made, and it’s a pleasure to shoot – but I do suspect this one is jinxed.

    • ConcentrateFire

      That reminds me of just how much I hate takedown detents and springs on an AR- I always buy 10 at a time if i know im going to need them. I wonder if anyone really needs them ever? I mean why not cram the takedown pins in without them and give it the finger.

  • L Cavendish

    Maybe a company out there could offer a service to cover or remove the large print somehow?

  • Jimmy Wayne Williams Jr.

    I’ve been carrying my HG as my EDC for over a year now; not once has anyone commented on the big ole words on the side. But then, that may be because it is tucked neatly inside my waistband out of sight. Cracks me up that folks focus on appearance more than function. Do I like a “cool” looking sidearm? sure, but is that a reason to buy-or not to buy-a device designed to save your skin? I have several pistols now fit for CC, but I keep going back to my HG. I have a long slide now, and I like the balance of it at the range better than the shorter one, and found that I really don’t have any issues concealing it, either. I know most of our opinions are no more than that, but it still ‘feels’ better in the hand than any other compact/subcompact I have shot. Great factory stippling, great balance, true ambi controls, quality build, Never a misfire. The only improvement I can think of would be a double stack grip and mags to make the combinations somewhere north of 50.