New Belarusian Pistol called PSN-V

During MILEX-2017 military exhibition, a Belarusian company called BSVT has introduced a new compact semi-auto pistol. The pistol is called PSN-V which is an abbreviation meaning “Vasilyev Concealed Carry Pistol” (ПСН-В – Пистолет Скрытого Ношения Васильева). It is chambered in 9x19mm and dedicated for undercover concealed carry use by law enforcement officers.

According to the designer of this handgun (Igor Vasilyev), it is intended to replace the PSM pistol in law enforcement. PSM is a very compact handgun, but the cartridge it is chambered in (5.45x18mm) has insufficient terminal ballistic characteristics. So Belarusian LEOs needed something similar in terms of weight and dimensions but chambered in a more capable caliber.

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The gun uses a Browning short barrel recoiling mechanism. It feeds from six or eight round magazines and weighs a little over 1 lb (460 grams). From what is seen in the images, it features a slide mounted ambidextrous safety selector, large serrations both on the rear and front portions of the slide and a slide release lever. Note also the tiny magazine release button and sights.

Reportedly, PSN-V has successfully passed a 5000 round firing test. With a muzzle velocity of about 1150 fps, this handgun is claimed to be twice as accurate as the Makarov pistol which is still the main handgun of Belarusian police.

Hrachya H

Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. His knowledge of Russian allows him to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
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  • Spencerhut

    That is one ugly handgun. Good thing it functions properly.

    • ostiariusalpha

      If it were ugly, it would at least be interesting. Other than the weirdly long grip area, this thing just lacks any aesthetic ambitions at all. Kind of a waste of the pretty grain patterning on the grip panels.

      • Scott Willbanks

        Nyet, pistol is fine

    • M.M.D.C.

      That ain’t ugly, it’s FUGLY.

  • USMC03Vet

    Not sure which is more comfortable holding. Porcupine or this handgun….

    • JSmath

      The porcupine might warm up to you and stop stabbing you at some point.

  • Major Tom

    Is pistol you can use as hammer!

  • PK

    I’m fine with being the odd man out, here… I like how it looks. I especially like the idea of what is essentially a modernized P64/PPK/Rk59 type of handgun in 9×18 that isn’t direct blow back.

    I’d buy one, in the vanishingly unlikely event that any make it to the USA somehow.

    • john huscio

      Belarus isn’t russia. No sanctions im aware of, They already sell night vision gear here, why not pistols?

      • PK

        Size, sights, caliber… without being old enough or otherwise on the C&R list, it wouldn’t be easy to import, even assuming the company would ever sell any for civilian use, or export any.

        Small pistols have strict import restrictions in the USA.

        • Phillip Cooper

          There are plenty of 9X19 handguns that sell here.. small ones as well….

        • Risky

          It’s probably comparable to something like say, a Bersa. Give it a serrated ‘target’ trigger and adjustable sights and it would probably beat the sporting smell test. The thing looks like garbage, though… let it stay in eastern Europe.

      • toms

        Belorussia did have sanctions on it for a number of years. There were some changes made as their KGB leader helped broker a cease fire in the Ukraine with Russia. I have not seen a Belorussian firearm imported to the US before though.

  • Raptor Fred

    I feel for the guys that had to function test 5000 rounds through this. Sick ergos BSVT

    • DW

      Still better than slide bites. Not by much.

  • Ed

    Like the PyA and GsH-18 pistols in Russia. It’s doubtful that even if it’s adopted that it ever see wide use be military and police forces since Makarov PMs are so plentyful in Russia and the CIS.

  • Edeco

    I like it, reminds me of cheesy late 70’s early 80’s luxury car interior.

    • LGonDISQUS

      With blue velour interior of (car and) holster.

    • Jack_A_Lope

      It’s the Cordoba of handguns?

  • Veteran for Trump

    Do you hold your pinkie out like with a teacup?

  • Some Rabbit

    Who knew you could manufacture handguns in your garage in Belarusia? For that matter, who knew you could use a $100 Harbor Freight drill press as a milling machine?

  • JJ

    I understand why old com bloc pistols were fairly plain and simple in construction, but why is that method still employed today? Flat frame has bare minimum of machining to complete. Slide looks molded. Still sport small, basic designed operating levers. Some basic ergonomics built in couldn’t hurt. I’m betting inside looks like the tooling was dull and severely used up to finish the metal. That has been my biggest hangup with most soviet guns, very rough machining inside and out. Most makarovs ive owned, Russian, Bulgarian or others, looked like a chisel was used to carve out the interior. They did work though.

  • richard kluesek

    Well said, this would be a fine example of state of the art Iron Curtain firearms technology of …. 1979, or there abouts. 007’s adversaries would pack these.

  • Tonewall Jaxon

    if its not soft round and baby blue it won’t sell in the states…

  • Rogertc1

    I’d buy one for my collection. I have every old Iron Curtain pistols. Should be under $200? As are SCCY’s.