Suarez International Debuts V5 Slide, .45 CCW Mag Well

Suarez International out of Arizona has released their latest Glock 17 slide, the V5. This slide improves upon previous Version of slides from the company and can be ordered with different optic cut outs. However, the base slide is meant for iron sights to be installed, which can be your factory Glock sights, or after-market versions. Some of the modifications made to the slide are mostly to do with tighter tolerances, using quality 17-4 aerospace steel in a Black Melonite finish, and custom cuts to the ejection port area that allows for better ejection processes. Essentially the slide is meant to be a match grade, out of the box ready modification to a standard Glock 17 that shooters can purchase.

While companies such as Zev, Saliant, Agency, among others are going the way of the “cool” look with various cuts down the length of factory slides, lightening different portions of it, Suarez appears to be going the opposite direction in trying to give customers a very well made no frills base product. In addition, Suarez appears to be doing their own manufacturing, which is an added benefit that some of these other companies don’t have, instead having to make do with factory slides. Price is $275.

From the press release-

The Version 5 Suarez International Slide is made from the same 17-4 aerospace steel we have used since the beginning. It is heat treated to perfection and precision manufactured to more exact tolerances. The front of the slide is angled and contoured for ease of holstering and comfortable carry, as is the top edge of the slide. The front and rear serrations are cut for best use either over or under in adverse conditions without being overdone or ostentatious.

Unlike the V3 and V4 slides, this slide is not cut for a red dot and is made for use with iron sights, or to be cut for a specific red dot of your choice (other than RMR or Deltapoint Pro).

The barrel locking areas at the front and rear of the ejection port are manufactured with greater attention to detail and more exact tolerances for a greater accuracy over the OEM model while still using the factory barrel. When used with a match-quality barrel, accuracy will be increased over what is possible with the same barrel in an OEM factory slide.  The ejection port on the Suarez Match Slide has been lowered by .100″, and contoured to increase the reliable and predictable ejection of spent cases. In our tests, all ejected brass landed within a 26″ circle to the shooters 2 o’clock.

The Suarez Match Slide comes in black melonite (tennifer type finish). This slide is by far, the best precision made custom slide available for the Glock platform available anywhere, and exceeds the quality and performance of the OEM model.



NOTE: All our Suarez Slides come with a channel liner installed.

The other product Suarez is releasing happens to be a magazine well that fits Gen 4 .45 ACP Glocks such as the 20, 21, 41, and 40 models. Earlier we covered their 9x19mm magazine compatible version, but this one is their .45 ACP one. In a market saturated by 9x19mm NATO handguns, the .45 ACP can be forgotten about, but there is a substantial number of shooters out there that still prefer a .45 ACP handgun over other calibers. This particular magazine well is intended to be a CCW variant, allowing for quicker magazine changes while still maintaining a low profile. Price is $59.99.

From the press release-

The Suarez CCW One Piece Magazine Guide was designed as a super simple, easy to install, addition to the combat handgun. Intended for the professional gun man that carries his pistol all day-everyday, in direct anticipation of an armed confrontation, who wants that extra 3% edge necessary to win the fight. The One Piece design maintains all the benefits of the two piece systems, and remains low profile enough to be carried concealed everyday by the gunfight-focused end user.

The beveled insertion-edges extend minimally off of the weapon’s frame and do not “print”, yet drive the shooting hand higher up onto the frame for a proper and consistent grip. Moreover, a stuck magazine can still be manually “ripped out” during an “under duress” malfunction clearing maneuver. The design also supports one-handed clearing manipulations.

Our CCW One Piece Magazine Guide is made in the US from Aircraft Grade Aluminum then Type 3 Hard Coat Anodized. Gen 4 back straps may need to be modified if used. This mag-well is designed to fit both Gen 3 & 4 Glock frames which features a solid 1 piece design.

  • Compatible Glocks Gen 3 21SF, Gen 4 20, 21, 41, and 40.
  • Designed for the professional gun man.
  • Provides extra 3% edge speed in reloads.
  • Equally at home on the street or on the range.
  • Allows the use of factory Glock magazine base plates.
  • Supports one-handed clearing manipulations.
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum then Type 3 Hard Coat Anodized.
  • Made in the USA by dangerous and refined capitalists.

Emphasis mine.


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  • Havok

    One and only experience with Suarez, the rear sight dovetail was oversized. Customer could not get Suarez to replace the slide.

    • BillC

      Seems like the norm for them.

    • 1LT Homer

      Similar experience with an AUG barrel. Spoke to Gabe about it, did not go well.

    • GnarlyNardHair

      Similar experience. Spent a ton of money on a Glock slide from this psycho and it didn’t work, got told I was lying and email threats when I asked them to fix it. I’ve read that he has doxxed customers before as well on his message board.

  • Will

    These little carry magwells are so stupid. I’d love to hear how they quantified a 3% increase in speed. “It shaved 9/100s off my 3 second hyper-choreographed reload. This vids going on instagram.”

    • Blake

      Do you really not get the point of a minimal magwell on a Glock? It’s not primarily about speed, it’s about consistency. The divider between the magwell and the stupid back portion of a Glock’s grip can grab onto the rear of the top bullet in a magazine and stop a reload dead. Same with the numerous other sharp edges in the stock magwell.

  • Cal S.

    After working in manufacturing, it never ceases to amaze me how people will sensationalize common metals with fancy names. It’s just 17-4 steel, 6061-T6 Al, or 7075-T6 Al. I’d be more interested in the ‘H’ number they chose, lol.

  • David

    Not for all the tea in China would I do business ever again with that off-the-rails psycho. As if the CS weren’t bad enough, I’d be giving money to a guy who promotes a class called “Gentleman Killer.”

    There was a time he was a sane individual with a lot to offer, but some where around the time success and money caught up with him, it all fell apart on the personal end. Sad since I’ve followed his career from the early Gunsite days and broken bread with him a number of times.

  • Saint Stephen the Obvious

    I had an email discussion with GS and it was all good until I asked if he had slides without the huge Suarez name on it. He was, lets say “not very christian” in his answer.

    Oh well, he will never get my money.

  • Blake

    Too bad Suarez is a shitbag.