CCW and Flared Magwell? Suarez International Says Their Compatible – The One Piece CCW Magazine Guide

    Coming from the competition world, the concept of flared magazine wells and concealed carry has generally been viewed as incompatible ideas. What is good for every day carry and a street fight tends to be a bit slow for go-fast guns. And likewise, what makes magazine changes lightning-quick would typically not be concealable.

    Suarez International thinks they have found that middle ground for those “…who wants that extra 3% edge necessary to win the fight.” Their new release, the Suarez One Piece CCW Magazine Guide purports to break the difference between the two worlds and provide some advantages to the shooter while doing it:

    The beveled insertion-edges extend minimally off of the weapon’s frame and do not “print”, yet drive the shooting hand higher up onto the frame for a proper and consistent grip. Moreover, a stuck magazine can still be manually “ripped out” during an “under duress” malfunction clearing maneuver. The design also supports one-handed clearing manipulations.

    According to Suarez, the single-piece system is just as good as two-piece systems but “low profile enough to be carried concealed everyday by the gunfight-focused end user.” It is compatible with both Generation 3 and Generation 4 handguns (a mean feat of engineering though does not state what Generation 4 backstraps it fits) and is compatible all standard 9mm / .40 / .357 Sig frames such as the G17, 19, 34, 26, etc. The magwell works with all standard Glock magazines including standard magazine base plates.

    Construction is from aircraft-grade aluminum and the One Piece CCW Magazine Guide is then type 3 hard-coat anodized. Pricing is pegged at $59.99, which includes the magwell and mounting screw.

    Nathan S

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