New MSR Hand Guard and MSR Package from Ergo Grips


Ergo Grips announced several new products for the AR style rifle. The first product is the new MSR Hand Guard, and the second new offering is the MSR Package.

MSR Hand Guard

The new Ergo MSR Hand Guard is a drop in replacement for the standard two piece polymer hand guard that is found on many AR pattern rifles. The Ergo product is also a two piece, polymer hand guard. However, it adds the functionality of having M-LOK attachment points for the addition of accessories. The M-LOK attachment points are located in the 6 and 12 o’clock positions (top and bottom).


In addition to the natural airflow allowed by the unused M-LOK slots, the MSR Hand Guard also has 36 additional ventilation holes. The Ergo MSR Hand Guard is available in both black and flat dark earth colors. The suggested retail price is $19.99, making it one of the least expensive ways to add M-LOK compatibility to your AR.

MSR Package

Ergo is now offering a furniture package for your AR pattern carbine. In addition to the MSR Hand Guard mentioned above, the kit includes the recently introduced MSR Stock and MSR Grip.

The MSR Stock is designed to fit mil spec tubes, has an adjustable length of pull and two sling attachment points. It weighs less than 7 ounces. The company states the grip has a better shape and texture than the A2-style grips and that custom textures and designs are available. The MSRP for the MSR Package is $79.99.

All of these products are designed and made in the United States. They are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Richard Johnson

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  • yodamiles

    Innovatively ugly….

  • Twilight sparkle

    Apparently the package includes forward bolt assist removal too

  • PeeDee

    The Ergo package includes a Magpul grip instead of an Ergo grip?

  • Kurt Ingalls

    ALL ABOARD!!!!!…..the AR-15 sh#t train……….. 🙁

  • USMC03Vet

    Those handguard not come with heatshield? That would explain the price.

  • Raginzerker

    Kinda like it…. But I’m into fairly basic guns

  • spencer60

    Not impressed. My B5 Systems looks to be the same kind of ergonomics, fits better and comes with a heatshield.