The Flat Top Grips from Ergo

    flattop grip

    I’m not sure there are many things less exciting to discuss than pistol grips for your rifle. Yet, the pistol grip can make a big difference in how comfortable you are with shooting the gun. Aesthetically speaking, a mismatched grip can make an otherwise good looking rifle look like a Bubba failure.

    One of the companies that knows a great deal about grips is Ergo Grips. Ergo has been making pistol grips for your rifle for a bunch of years, and many of their products can be found on modern rifles today. For 2016, the company introduced a new Flat Top Grip for AR type receivers.

    While many aftermarket grips have a beavertail, these grips have a squared off top, closer to the style of the standard M-4/M-16 grip. However, unlike the A2 type grip, these have:

    • internal storage
    • non-slip grip
    • different finger grooves
    • available in a range of colors

    These grips are made with an overmolded material the company calls Suregrip. Suregrip is designed to provide a non-slip grip and is impervious to cleaning solvents and gun oils. Colors available include black, flat dark earth, olive drab green, graphite grey (a color the company added last year), pink, purple (a color the company added across its line this year) and robin’s egg blue.

    These grips come with The Gapper. This is a small piece of Santoprene that is designed to fit in the open space between the trigger guard and the pistol grip. It is intended to cushion the knuckle and prevent abrasion.

    Pricing on these runs from $24.95 (for the black version) to $27.95 (for the other colors.)

    Richard Johnson

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