TAX EXTENSION: Silencerco Extends their $200 Rebate

Tax Rebate

The Silencerco rebate started on February 1st was meant to run only until April 30th. Silencerco has had a change of heart and is now extending their $200 tax rebate all the way through June 30th, 2017.

A lot of people were upset when they read the fine print of Silencerco’s tax rebate the first time around. If you have not heard of the rebate until now it is slightly deceiving in its face value.

The gist of it is, times are tough in the firearm industry especially for silencer makers. So to hopefully drum up some sales, Silencerco is offering what they call a $200 tax rebate for anyone who purchases a Silencerco silencer.

Tax Rebate

Unlike what some people may deem a traditional rebate where you get money back in your wallet, Silencerco is giving people a $200 credit to their web store. Yes, it is a bit of a debbie downer you do not just get money back, but lets be honest. If you buy a silencer, you are probably in the market for extra attachments and tools anyway. Its like cracking open a bag of Doritos… When you buy a silencer, try and stop at one.

So you have until June 30th to purchase a Silencerco silencer to be applicable, and once you get your web store credit you have until December 31st, 2017 to cash in on it. It is important to note that you do not have to be Approved on your Form 4 for the silencer, you just need to buy one and have a store receipt to prove you got the ball.

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  • It’s not for me on account of poverty, but that is a pretty good deal for the kind of person who actually buys suppressors; it’s basically Buy One Get $200 Off Your Next One.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Except that it’s not. Its $200 to their web store where they don’t sell silencers, just accessories (last I looked).

      And their web store is full retail which if you pay right now you’re foolish. Everyone is hurting to move silencers and accesories.

      • Hahahaha yeah, screw that, this is just as bulsht as it sounds then.

  • SP mclaughlin

    What’s the point in putting a solid FAL stock on an FNC?
    It does look like it was carried around by a bearded guy with a red arm and eyepatch in the 1980’s, though.

    • ProLiberty82

      MGS V was the first thought that popped into my head when I saw the picture even though all the guns in that game are made-up by an airsoft designer. That was in fact my biggest peeve with that game, could have been so much more interesting had they used real guns from around that period and let us set them up in various configurations.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      They’re going for that Pesh look.

    • Big Kat

      Many FNC’s were imported with fixed stocks not just the folding stocks.

    • #datamine

      That is a factory fixed stock for the FNC; which was an options offered by FN. Many of the US imported rifles came in this configuration.

  • AndyHasky

    It’s perfect for me as I’m getting a hybrid and you need to buy a ton of accessories for it. This gets me the 9mm and 45 booster for free.

  • Phrederick

    Something something silencers. Dat FNC tho.

    • Michael Valera

      Me want… the FNC.