MegaBoom Pressurized Bottle Targets | NRA 2017

This is something I saw while walking down the aisles of the NRA Annual Meeting. MegaBoom target by Do All Outdoors.

The booth rep’s hat is what caught my attention. No he does not recommend using the MegaBoom in this manner.

The MegaBoom is a simple target system. It uses any standard plastic PET bottle. When screwed into the stand, you use a pump to pressurize the bottle. Then you can set the target down range and you can shoot at it with an arrow, pellet or bullet and the release of the pressurized air creates a mega boom. Supposedly it is a sonic boom. you can use 2 liter bottles and that boom can be heard 3/4 of a mile away.

@doalloutdoors #megaboomtarget at the @nraam2017

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They even make and sell steel protective plates that can handle rimfire and pistol rounds. The base is made of stainless steel and costs $45 or you can get polycarbonate plastic version for $35 . You can get them at


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  • Looks like a good tannerite alternative. I wonder if there’s a possibility of the bottle exploding while pressurizing…

    • James

      Standard PET soda bottles are good to at least 150 PSI in an undamaged state, I’d go no farther than 100PSI and be extremely confident in structural integrity during pressurization.

      • Scott Tuttle

        a drill and a tire stem and you’re all set. reuse the lid on new bottles.

        • SGT Fish

          I’m thinking the exact same thing.

  • JPG

    What a complete pain in the rear….. Can you imagine first the cost of buying about 10 of these… Then the act of attaching the bottle (10 times) then the act of pumping up all 10 bottles. Then you get 5 minutes of fun and repeat. Not worth the time involved…

    • Ryfyle

      Not a fan of the 4th of July?

    • Hinermad

      I think I could probably pop 10 bottles in less than five minutes. Besides, plastic bottles around here have a deposit on them.

      • HSR47

        Only a handful of states have can/bottle deposits…

    • HSR47

      That’s what compressors are for.

    • It will appeal to muzzle loaders, archers, and anyone with a single shot gun. All three weapons require depending on one shot when hunting. This takes someone who enjoys accurate shooting and is patient! Another thing, you don’t have to use pop bottles with a deposit on them (all though it’s still cheap fun). There are plenty of pop and juice bottles left in carts or boxes around bottle return stations that do not have the refund statement on them. I know because I use them. Finally, you don’t have to buy any megabooms at all! I used a wood spade bit the size of pop caps to drill 12 holes in flat side of a 6ft-long 2 x 4. I only drilled the holes deep enough that when you insert cap it is flush with top of hole, not all the way through. Next I used just enough hot melt in each hole to fill the space around inserted caps. gluing them solidly in place. This takes the stress off the cap so it won’t be destroyed when bottle goes boom. Last thing, I drilled through caps with drill bit that just fit tubeless tire valve stems, installing them up side down so the stem sticks through bottom of 2 x 4. I screwed bottles into all twelve caps, turned 2×4 on it’s side and filled all bottles with compressor air (made sure that no leaks were heard) My self and one grandson have made over 100 bottles go boom with this setup, it’s still working strong, and I got big points from the grandson for being creative! Total expense for 2×4, a dozen valve stems, and some hot melt came to less than $30.

  • Giolli Joker

    A similar contraption is used by The Slingshot Channel to shoot arrows from pressurized bottles.

  • Gary Kirk

    Yyyyep.. Everyone wanting to make their guns quieter.. And targets “louder”???

  • jre92

    Looks like good clean fun

  • gunsandrockets

    Very cool!

    And of course, a felony crime in the State of California. And no, I’m not kidding.

    • Dougscamo

      What isn’t anymore?

    • BillyOblivion

      Which part is the felony?

      • gunsandrockets

        It is a crime in California to rig a soda bottle to “explode”. Regardless of the means used (such as pressurization) they are the legal equivalent to a pipe bomb.

        • Blue Centurion

          Well there goes my idea of filling it with hydrogen……

        • Nicholas C

          Fill it with flour and set a road flare next to it.

        • BillyOblivion

          That’s insane.

          Dude, throw the f*ing ring in the f*king volcano and GTFO.

          • gunsandrockets

            I’d have already left by now if I wasn’t such a chronic procrastinator!


        • Blake

          you mean like a little kid jamming a Mentos into the mouth of a (full) Coke bottle?

  • allannon

    King of Random did something similar, DIY (valve stems, steel pipe cap, and a bottle top).

  • A whole lot safer then the DIY exploding targets I made as a kid.

  • Nashvone

    They know how much tannerite costs, right?

    • Marcus D.

      Tannerite is banned in some places, like any where there is a drought. Tannerite is banned in California completely. You can legally have the components, but you can’t mix them.

      • Nicholas C

        Why would a drought be a factor of it being illegal?

        • Marcus D.

          Because, despite the manufacturer’s advertising that Tannerite is flameless, Tannerite has been directly implicated in several wildfires in California and Utah. And drought increases the risk of fire, such that a little grass fire can spread to consume hundreds of acres in a very short period of time.

  • Billy


  • robert57Q

    Not a new idea, just a higher priced version. On the plus side it’s likely more durable than a cap on a string, and harder to lose as well. Seems it would only be fun the first couple of times, and then setting up new targets would just get old fast.

  • Trotro

    Hickok45 just got a twitch in his eye….

  • You can make these yourself with about $2 in parts from tractor supply and you don’t have to worry about a low round wrecking your $25 base.

  • spencer60

    Wayyy too much work. And you know some dummy would end up shooting the valve anyway.