MegaBoom Pressurized Bottle Targets | NRA 2017

    This is something I saw while walking down the aisles of the NRA Annual Meeting. MegaBoom target by Do All Outdoors.

    The booth rep’s hat is what caught my attention. No he does not recommend using the MegaBoom in this manner.

    The MegaBoom is a simple target system. It uses any standard plastic PET bottle. When screwed into the stand, you use a pump to pressurize the bottle. Then you can set the target down range and you can shoot at it with an arrow, pellet or bullet and the release of the pressurized air creates a mega boom. Supposedly it is a sonic boom. you can use 2 liter bottles and that boom can be heard 3/4 of a mile away.

    They even make and sell steel protective plates that can handle rimfire and pistol rounds. The base is made of stainless steel and costs $45 or you can get polycarbonate plastic version for $35 . You can get them at


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