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Mean Arms is the genius behind the clever workaround of fixed magazine for California compliance. In California you have two options to stay legal with your AR-15 and not register. Either have a featureless rifle which maintains the removable magazine but no pistol grip. Or you have a fixed magazine that requires tools to be removed. Well now that the Bullet Button is banned, clever people like Mean Arms have come up with ways to make a fixed mag not be so bad.

Presenting the MA Loader.


The Mean Loader is a clever take on a stripper clip that is fed into the ejection port to load a fixed magazine. Mean Arms also has a simple device for helping you affix your magazines. It is the MA Lock. It replaces your magazine release button and spring. The T shaped part below has a shear bolt. So when you tighten it onto the mag catch, it will break off after it is tightened enough.  Thus making the modification semi-permanent. You can always drill it out or use an EZOut tool.


The beauty of the MA Loader is that it loads the magazine and when you remove the MA Loader, it closes the bolt and loads a round in the chamber.


Mean Arms makes this Feed Ramp which acts like a flared mag well. It attaches on where a dust cover would normally be on the side of the receiver.

But if you permanently lock your magazine into the lower receiver how can you reverse the process? There is this tool below. It is used to help prevent the MA Loader follower from releasing any rounds. You can also use it as a slim jim. If you want to remove your 10 rd magazine, you pop off the floor plate and remove the spring and follower. Then pop open the upper receiver. You slip the slim jim in between the magwell and the 10 rd magazine. Doing so will help free the mag from the mag catch and allow you to remove the magazine.


Mean Arms is working on an AR-10 version. The 5.56 version of the MA Loader works with .300blk

Nicholas C

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  • datimes

    Ok.. so the douche bags in CA make a new law tomorrow making this illegal. It’s a never ending spiral pitting ingenious engineers against block head politicians.

    • XT6Wagon

      you want the laws to stop being stupid? Remove all exemptions for law enforcement. Once the police have to arm like a civilian, we will get reasonable gun laws.

      • TDog

        Agreed. If gun laws are so effective, let the cops live with them as well.

      • I have genuine respect for Barrett; they refuse to sell anything to NY or CA government agencies as long as those states have such absurdly farcical gun control laws.

        If you’re presenting a “remove all exemptions for law enforcement” argument in a firearm-hostile environment, be sure to have a list handy of the many, many examples of “I’m the only one in this room professional enough that I know of to carry this Glock 40” type incidents for the inevitable kneejerk response of “but law enforcement officers have training and–“.


          well said!

      • whamprod

        I think it would be far more effective if gun manufacturers located outside of California simply refused to (A) ship their guns to LEO agencies in CA, and (B) refused to service or provide parts or magazines for any such agency owned firearms already in existence. Over the long term, that would ultimately leave the private population (including criminals) better armed than the LEO agencies. At some point, CA’s gov’t would have to acknowledge that their policies have hurt the power of the state rather than enhanced it. It would also give gun owners both inside and outside of California some sense of whom they ought to be doing business with – giving us the option to buy firearms only from those manufacturers who refuse to sell to California’s LEO agencies. For instance, if Sig continued to sell firearms to those agencies, but not Glock or CZ, we could decide to buy Glocks and CZs instead of Sigs. Furthermore, even if those agencies tried to get around the manufacturer boycott by reimbursing LEOs for personal purchases of firearms, the LEOs could only buy the same guns that are legal for everyone else in the state….. and the next wave of repressive gun laws, which as sure as God made little green apples will happen, would affect LEOs the same as it will private citizens.

        • Nunya Bidniz

          There’s another, longer term solution for *all* of CA’s [& the rest of the USA’s] poor legislative performance: only allow those who’ve paid more in taxes than they’ve received in govt. subsidies to vote! No more tail wagging the dog, no more useless eaters electing demagogues who only exist to sack the public treasury to buy more votes for the next election, so they can have another term in office to line their already well-lined pockets… Do the dependent children in your household get to vote on what bills get paid? No, of course not! Neither should the present-day voters subsisting on welfare…

      • Wow!

        That won’t do a thing. The Liberals WANT law enforcement to be disarmed too. The only way to stop these laws is to simply not follow it. Until people do that, they will have to deal with the consequences of lawlessness.

    • UCSPanther

      Makes me wonder how long before California outlaws stripper clip loading, even for older rifles like the Mauser…

      • Willy Rogers

        I wouldn’t bet on it, even dumbasses have limits, and outlawing a way of loading fixed magazines for over 100 years may just be it.

    • bs

      Its the problem when you have a group people triying to force other in their ideology.
      Liberals dont respect individual freedom, they want to rule people by law.

      • Yeah, good thing that’s totally a problem exclusive to “liberals”.

        Say, what are the “conservative” positions on women being legally allowed to decide what to do with their own internal organs, or adults being legally allowed to decide what other adults to marry, or legal immigrants/refugees being legally allowed to decide what religion to follow?

        • Thomas Moeller

          TexasUberAlles: A baby is not an internal organ.
          The fight is not for more marriage. It is against traditional marriage. Getting married is not the issue, destroying one man and one woman marriage is.
          There is no effort or movement to change the religious beliefs of immigrants or refugees by any law. Illegal or conduct harmful to others, that may or may not be promoted by religious beliefs is opposed.

          You are an idiot for saying what you say. Fake intelligence.

          • Have you always been unamerican, or were you indoctrinated into hating everything America stands for by right wing religious extremists?

          • Norm Glitz

            TUA You have strange ideas of what America stands for.

          • Willy Rogers

            No, you do, go to North Korea you unpatriotic PoS

          • Norm Glitz

            Very PeeWee Hermanesque retort. I’m rubber, you’re glue . . .

            At least you were able to edit the “don’t” to “do”.

            Ever heard of comma splice error?

            North Korea? There’s a non-sequitur!

          • Willy Rogers

            Yeah yeah, sure. Have fun in North Korea though!

          • Wow!

            TexasUberAlles is a reminder that the enemy lives among us. Never expect every gun owner to necessarily be a patriot. The key mechanism that all evil operates by is to blur the lines and increase the grey area. When that is done, more people move to darker sides of morality while still thinking they are on the right. Compassion has a way of making people love evil.

          • Just to be clear here, you are advocating for a level of totalitarian control over the lives of citizens which is so intrusive that it not only tells poeple who they are and aren’t allowed to marry, but literally tells them what they are and aren’t allowed to do with their own internal organs… and you claim to be “patriotic”? Your beliefs are as far from American and Christian as it’s possible to get without actually having a swastika and a pentagram tattooed on your face.

            Why do you hate freedom and liberty so much? This country was founded on the basic principle of the government not having the moral authority to force citizens to live the way it wants them to live.

          • Wow!

            -Gays can marry themselves but they have no right to force another religion to marry them against that religion’s teachings
            -It isn’t “your” internal organs, it is that of the baby’s. I would hardly think the parents have claim to their offspring’s body.

            You claim you are for liberty but you are the very image of that which you claim to hate. Godwin’s Law also looks upon you. Invoke the nazis and you lost your argument.

          • Willy Rogers

            This from a guy who uses the word Fake Intelligence. Has one man one woman marriage been deemed illegal? It hasn’t been destroyed, quit being a retard.

      • Bruce Rogers

        What law? They seem to take creative license with every law on the book. Liberal speak and shout down anyone who disagrees. Republicans in congress and senate are a bunch of spineless tools, kowtowing to MSM and liberal speak with that sheepish apologetic look on their face.

    • datimes

      ABC Firearms unveils the only 2020 California legal weapon. Available in State compliant .177 or .22 pellets. Choice of alternating or direct current.

      • Nunya Bidniz

        Very steampunk. Ironically, a pulse rifle [or pistol] *would* be totally legal in the PRK, since it’s a non-firearm, and there are no laws covering its use [yet!]

    • Joshua

      They would have to make stripper clips illegal.

      Which may be a problem.

      • valorius

        You don’t think that’s coming?

        • Marcus D.

          It would be easier to just ban all semi-auto rifles. Of course, that would raise quite the ruckus, since gone would be Garands (M1As too), M1 Carbines, Ruger Minis….you get the idea. That would get a lot of veterans upset. Banning semi-auto shotguns, though, might actually lead to a FUDD revolution.

          • valorius

            It’s coming man. One little chip at a time.

          • Willy Rogers

            Yes yes, i’m sure it is.

          • Joshua

            Wrong person

          • Wow!

            Nothing will happen until we as individuals make the decision to not follow illegal laws. We can hope, but that will not result in action. When garands are outlawed they will say you just need bolt actions. When bolt actions are outlawed they will say you just need muzzle loaders, and so on. Those who don’t make the decision to fight live with the consequences. There isn’t a tomorrow if you don’t defend today.

      • datimes

        Do you really think the politicians in CA would have a problem with outlawing stripper clips? They at one the verge of draconian and will quickly move to absurdity until slapped down and forced into reality. Check out the Illinois State Rifle Assn. news letter and see what the political scum bags are up to there.

        • Joshua

          I know they will try, however I think it will be the toughest fight they’ve had yet.

          A lot of FUDDs dont care if AR’s get banned, but you target semi auto shotguns and WWII/I weapons and all hell gonna break loose.

          It won’t be easy.

    • supergun

      The state of california has totally ignored the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. The majority of the people living there do not care anymore about their freedom.

  • Cal.Bar

    I LOVE the ingenuity. Nice to see the industry not ignoring CA. Not sure if this is better than just going featureless, but at least it’s another option.

    • allannon

      I think, to some degree, things like this occur just to poke a finger in the idiot legislators’ eyes.

  • GD Ajax

    Pistol grips are overrated anyways.

    • EC

      There are plenty of good rifles that work as designed without having to jump through these hoops.

      But if you already have an AR or just are really really fixated on a pistol-gripped one for some reason, this is probably the least worst way to keep such an AR.

    • Wow!

      Yeah, who needs X, all you need is Y. /s

  • Holdfast_II

    That should work in CT too.

  • Bfg3000

    Just a thought but, you can only get 10 in the magazine in cal but what about one more in the chamber, eleven round in total?

    • Nicholas C

      I believe they only specify 10 in the magazine. So while you could have 10+1, it is a bit of a pain to load the 11th round. I imagine you would load the fixed mag with the MA Loader, then pop open the upper receiver and shove the 11th round into the fixed magazine, topping it off.

    • Marcus D.

      How many people do you know who load 20 or 30+1 into their standard ARs?

  • USMC03Vet

    So basically a magazine for your magazine. Bullet to magazine osmosis to use firearms in California.

  • UCSPanther

    I wanna see an AR 15 that uses En Bloc clip loading in the style of an M1895 Steyr or a Carcano…

    • valorius

      An open top AR upper with a clip guide should be possible, and a whole lot more practical than all this other garbage.

      • All the Raindrops

        You would have to have a proprietary receiver, perhaps a proprietary bolt, the receiver would be weakened by having a large hole on the top rail, and it still might not work.

        • valorius

          I think it would work with the existing DI bolt design.

    • Marcus D.

      To do so, you would necessarily have to have a side charging handle. Plus you might want to modify the bolt to have top ejection , and close the off the ejection port. You presumably would want to do something about having a cover too, since this was the main issue, I have read, of the M! Garand and M1 Carbines: stuff would get in the action. You would also loose the ability to mount a scope unless it was offset, and the top rail would be quite short.

      What would be simpler would be to modify this particular device (if it doesn’t already have the ability) to be loaded with stripper clips. Instead of mags, soldiers would carry a bunch of these instead. Then all the changes needed for top loading could be completely avoided. And in a military application, you could eliminate the mag lock, eliminating one of the issues present with mag locked rifles.

  • noob

    if a big enough bore rifle was kitted out like this you could make cartridges with three stacked projectiles. 10 of those in a Mean Arms not-a-magazine and you get 30 projectiles, coming out at thee projectiles per trigger pull…

  • MrBrassporkchop

    “solutions” is synonymous with “loopholes” in California.

    • Artificially engineered permanent majorities are a hell of a drug.

  • Bask

    I love the american freedom and creativity, remembers me my grandfathers time when we were like you.
    Very good tool, smart people always searching the window and thinking out of the box.

  • Redbeckroadracer

    The loader is awesome, but the break off bolt design does not comply with the CA law since it can be removed without disassembly of the action. The regulations have yet to be published, but it simply doesn’t comply with the elements of the law.

  • marathag

    The real solution is via SCOTUS, not throwback stripper loading

  • Marty Ewer


  • Scott Connors

    This still does not address the biggest problem with fixed magazine ARs: clearing the rifle in the event of a malfunction. I much prefer featureless.

    • valorius

      I much prefer living in America.

      • Dollz

        Dude we get it, you have no love for patriots trapped in blue states.

        • valorius

          Fight or leave. I have no sympathy for anyone who does nothing but comply.

          • Wow!

            Exactly. I support blue states by helping shipping 80% and 10/30 15/30 mags around the country on the side (*cough* drill *cough*), but I do not support gun owners who passively follow illegal restrictions. I provide the opportunity, but not the result, as we all do/should.

    • Wow!

      The biggest problem is to not comply with illegal laws. Nothing will get better until the individual decides to make it better.

  • Keknian Nationalist

    How ABOUT the neutered California gun community spends their money on fighting for their rights instead of garbage like this?

    • valorius

      Great point- if california slaves, i mean gun owners, spent every single dime they spent on AR compliance nonsense on supporting pro gun pols and lobbyists instead, they might not have to deal with this crap for much longer.

    • As Republicans have Texas gerrymandered to hell and gone, so Democrats have California gerrymandered to hell and gone; the state level districts are arranged such that San Francisco and suburban parts of LA and San Diego basically control the entire state government, so that nobody else– and make no mistake, they absolutely consider rural Californians to be nobodies– has the ability to effect any real changes. There’s a reason Feinstein stays in office with a wide margin of the votes despite being a perfectly horrid legislator who actively costs her state jobs and economic growth.

    • Azlefty

      We do both

    • Wow!

      CA gun owners are of the top investors of 2A legal funds. More money isn’t the problem, it is that gun owners need to realize that they will always lose ground until they decide to not follow illegal gun restrictions. It isn’t a win when you are just getting back what you had.

  • valorius

    You gun owners in Commiefornia would be doing us all a huge favor if you overthrew your state government and rejoined America.

    Just sayin’

    • Just like in Texas, it’s gonna require federal intervention to forcibly redraw state congressional districts in a non-gerrymandered form before The Will Of The People is accurately represented in the state house. As it stands, rural Californians simply do not have the practical voting power to evict the crooks elected by urban voters.

      • valorius

        Good luck with that.

      • Azlefty

        Actually my friend they do not have the votes no matter how districts are drawn. then there is the CA GOP who seems intent on driving voters away

      • Cal.Bar

        There is NO way to “redistrict” CA to make it any less Blue.. Dems control EVERY branch of Gov. here. One or two districts would have NO affect on the overall make up of the state.

        • Wow!

          Agreed. CA’s issue isn’t political lines but the illegal alien voters they have. That, and also colleges that are pushing kids to vote a certain way, but that is seen throughout the country.

    • Bruce Rogers

      I agree, I don’t intend to register anything.

  • shooter2009

    Eventually, the Commies in CA and other states are going to realize IT’S NOT THE GUN!

    But, only after they try confiscation.

    See where this is going?

    • I honestly think they’re beyond any rational comprehension at this point; three of the four firearms used in the San Bernadino massacre were illegal under Cali law– both rifles and one pistol had standard capacity magazines, and one rifle didn’t have a (required at the time) bullet button– but it didn’t appear to set off a single light bulb over the heads of gun control advocates about the stark ineffectiveness of Cali gun laws.

  • AbsintheMakesMyHeartGrowFonder

    I have better ideas…Move the Hell out of California, fight harder for your rights, quit being compliant sheep, don’t purchase non-compliant firearms. If you’re not willing to fight for your “rights” and freedoms don’t complain about what you’ve had to suffer. You are Americans, start acting like Americans. This isn’t Europe, Australia or some other restrictive part of the world. No matter what you do to obey your State’s laws the people running California will want more. You keep up on your present direction and all you will able to own will be single shot air soft guns.

  • 1inidaho

    Obviously these things are intended only for the law abiding. The shooters in San Bernadino had plenty of illegal 30 rnd. mags and illegally modified AR15’s. By definition they were criminals and were not affected by stupid laws put forth by stupid politicians. I believe there was also a shooting in Santa Monica one or two years ago where the suspect finished a 80% receiver, built a gun, bought illegal magazines and went on his rampage. No laws will stop a killer intent on his quest.

  • Omer Woodruff

    Gunners just need to boycott any state that is anti gun . The only thing California understands is when tourist stop spending money there .

    • Wow!

      Boycotts do nothing. Your federal taxdollars still go to CA no matter where you live, and many companies are headquartered in CA. The fact you are on a computer means you already supported CA in some monetary way. The only way anything will become better is when an individual decides not to follow an illegal gun restriction.

  • BraveNewWhirled

    It’s easier to just leave California.

    • Wow!

      And then it spreads to the next state and the next. You don’t stop gun control by running away like a refugee. You fight it by resisting and not following illegal laws. “Join or die” echos to this day.

  • California will make this illegal, then another brilliant invention will come to light, then that will be made illegal. It’s an endless cycle to design the perfect gun. Remember, the gazelle gave the cheetah it’s speed.

  • Azlefty

    Put a Comp and a Thorsen Stock on my ARs – now they are all CA legal and I have a mag release