REV Arms Looks to be No More – No Impact, No Idea

REV Arms, also called Revolution Arms, noted for “selling” (more on the quotes in a second…) sub-MOA guarantee AR-15s is highly likely to be no more. While formal bankruptcy papers have not been filed, the company has gone eerily silent. Numerous customers are reporting lack of delivery of product to the local BBB.

According to WSET, a Virginia based ABC affiliate, the retail store for REV Arms is closed and that the business is no longer in operation. According to their article and the BBB, numerous customers have filed complaints against the company on their pre-payment of firearms, custom work, and other items that have not yet been delivered.

The local Better Business Bureau has given the company an “F” rating due to their lack of response to said customer complaints and failure to return contact from the BBB. Both the BBB and the local ABC affiliate have attempted to contact the owners Gregory Littlefield and Rob Winer to no avail. Complaints filed after January 7th have not been reviewed.

A notable one from the BBB:

Problems with Product/Service


Purchased firearm in store on 7/28/16, Because the firearm is custom made I was advised they require payment in full, and advised it would take 6 to 8 weeks before it would be completed. i paid a total of $1322.04 for a standard 5.56 17 inch AR-15. After 8 weeks passed i started contacting the… company by multiple phones numbers they provided ###-###-####, ###-###-#### were the main two they provided me to use. i called multiple times after that and was told each time the barrels were on back order from their vendor, and the shipment would be in a few weeks. The same story was told to me time and time again, i left multiple messages for Greg Littlefield and he never returned my phone calls. I spoke with a person named *** by phone on December 6th and advised i wanted a complete refund. He told me he would pass that information to Greg Littlefield so i could be reimbursed and was sorry they had so much trouble but blamed it on their vendor who they claim has not shipped the barrels. Since that point i have made several calls, left messages and no calls returned. i went to the store and it was locked up. I did some research online and found this site which gives Rev-Arms federal firearms license if this is helpful: **********************************************************************************(Show Less of Complaint)

Desired ResolutionWould like a complete refund of the monies $1322.04 i paid for custom made firearm i have never received.

For those stuck with the bill, there aren’t too many options, but you can file a complaint with the VA Attorney General’s office, the BBB, and the FTC.

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • 22winmag

    If another slippery, shady AR15 manufacturer falls in the forest, and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

    • Swarf

      Yes. The sound of money swirling through a toilet shaped hole and in to liability protected accounts.

      It’s faint.

  • Vhyrus

    That’ll teach you saps to build your own damn ARs!

    • Get Gudder
      • JumpIf NotZero

        Here is the thing, I never would have appreciated that until I took my Saiga 12 apart, reworked the gas system, cut the barrel down, threaded, and put it all back together.

        Simply made? NO. Made on simple machinery, YES.

        • DanGoodShot

          I couldn’t agree more! I did my own “dream build” AR. It really reminded me of playing with Legos as a kid. How some people screw it up and can’t get them to run right is beyond me. I too did a complete teardown and custom re-build of an S12. That reminded me of my 1970 Firebird build when I was in my 20s. A lot more cursing involved.
          Edit: In the end they all ran great! Btw, the alg ak trigger is a godsend for that thing!

          • Sunshine_Shooter

            Most of the time when someone has an AR that they built and won’t run right, I assume it’s from parts with stacked tolerances that never would have passed QC in a decent factory.

          • Wow!

            Building guns is like cooking, if you follow the instructions it is easy. Problems happen when people cut corners because they think they “know better”.

      • Wow!

        I don’t know. If you know the right order to build an AK, it really is just as easy as building an AR. Weld builds also help the simplicity. The biggest pain is dressing up the parts kit.

  • Norman

    Sue them. $1300 might be over small claims depending on the juristiction, but if they don’t show that’s an easy default judgement.

    If you paid with a credit card, call them and they’ll go after Rev Arms.

    • Vhyrus

      You can sue all you want, if they aint got no money you might as well piss straight up a rope. The gov isn’t going to take it from them at gunpoint.

      • bee O bee

        Yeah, but some pissed off customer might.

        • Not REV Arms

          With what guns? Check-mate, customer. :^)

          • bee O bee

            I’m pretty sure the pissed off customer has more guns than the one he got screwed out of.

    • Random Disabled Person

      If they were incorporated and/or formed a LLC the person(people) can have all the cash but the “”company”” has none. Hence the bankruptcy for debt chasers and people they stole from. Which is why the system is broken. That step to avoid having your personal family assets taken in civil suits and liability protection, has now become away for people to hide without being accountable. All they have to do is recreate a new LLC/Inc and open up shop. Nothing you can do. The new company isn’t the old in the eyes of the law.

      The entertainment industry’s promoters/productions companies & nightclubs/bars are notorious for this. The level of scamming and dissolving and reappearing is level of corruption that Berry Madoff would be proud of.

      Anything the llc/incorporate legally liquidated for assets and then used those funds for payments, is gone. Even if it was cycled to paying themselves.

      People with credit cards have options and the cards carry insurance for such but if using a debit card, the odds just got worse for you.

      May the BATFE go after them with vengeance for taking money for sales they knew they couldn’t cover. While money coming in probably went to make sure they got their weekly perceived self grandiose projected paycheck worth.

      To quote the comment reply post on the link from this article,

      -REV Arms
      “Hey all, I just came across this review and thought I would chime in. My name is Gregory Littlefield, CEO of REV Arms and I appreciate the post. …. We do offer a SUB MOA Guarantee on our Single Edge Land barrels as well as a lifetime Guarante (SIC)”

      We spent this week with Army, Marine, and Navy snipers pushing our barrels to 800 and 1000

      So much for that “”lifetime”” Guarantee …. Oh what will all those Army , Marine and Navy snipers do without him…..

      • jimmy craked corn

        Slightly off of the subject but insurance paid restoration companies that come after a fire or flood love the llc for this same reason

        • Random Disabled Person

          At least the issues will stop them from getting another FFL.

          It’s a very well known problem and surfaces where people can get advances and then run. Although, I doubt the corrupt politicians would ever fix that law. That would cut too close to their own practices of “… using, brilliantly, the laws of the country”…

          Part of the problem is the states that allow people to form multiple non-bonded cheap LLCs for the tax/filing fee from out of state folks. Because they get free money from it with no harm to their residents.

          Thanks for the insurance reminder. I hope people read it and remember that a “warranty” is not always worth much. One need to look at how “lifetime” has been redefined to mean less and less time.

          People don’t have honor who use the “Caveat emptor” behavior. We all hope for the best but sadly the most trusting who gave the new guys the chance will be the ones screwed.

          The old phrase of “burning the lot” comes to mind.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Such an interesting business case. How during the highest years a market has ever seen does a mfg making the hottest product in that industry go under…?

    Obviously competition was insanely high in the AR-15 group, and to my knowledge REV brought absolutely nothing unique. But still, it sure does SEEM like it was hard to not make money.

    • Andrew

      The firearms market isn’t hot. Sales are down more than 20 percent compared to last year. All the fly by night companies who got into the AR market because of the predicted Hillary panic are going bust. Lots more firearms companies will be closing up.

      • ostiariusalpha

        Judging by the date of the complaint, things were going pear-shaped well before the election, which is when the buying bubble burst. This wasn’t caused by the downturn in sales for the general firearms market, REV Arms was falling apart during the panic buying spree.

    • randomswede

      If the prime ambition is to make money as opposed to make money by providing a service/product…

  • Kivaari

    Don’t some credit cards offer refunds when a supplier shafts the buyer?

    • LGonDISQUS

      Can confirm Visa does. A “chargeback”, as it is called.

      • int19h

        All credit cards do. But there’s a time limit on how long after the purchase you can do that.

  • SpartacusKhan

    reminds me of Shaolin, except they did make and deliver excellent guns – and then ‘poof’. gone.

  • Bigg Bunyon

    Buyers should dispute the charge; the CC company will back the customer in cases like this. The few times I’ve disputed claims, I got 100% satisfaction; however, I’ve never dealt with a dispute involving a defunct company. There may not always be remedy, or in the case of bankruptcy … get in line with all the rest and wait.
    Sometimes it just “pays” to do business only with well established companies. Sometimes it hard to tell which are reputable and sometimes you end up taking a loss … Caveat Emptor.

  • USMC03Vet

    Firearm buyers need to practice better consumer habits so they aren’t taken like a sucker.

  • bee O bee

    This sounds a bit like an outfit in Tucson that was named “Black Weapons Armory”. On 3 April, 2013 I went into Tucson with the intention to buy a new on the market 1911 9mm/22TCM pistol made by Armscor. I went to their store and gave them about $500.00 in cash to order the gun since it was brand new to the marketplace. A couple of days later I was in town again for a doctor’s appointment and paid them the balance, again in cash. The total I paid was $689.92. A few weeks went by and then a couple of months so I called them and I was told it was on back order. Apparently It was on intergalactic back order all the way back to the iron mine. I called Armscor and they said they were selling like hotcakes and there were no back order issues. Later, I found out from a friend at my American Legion post that the store was closed and all boarded up. Anyway, I was only one of dozens of people that got screwed by these thieving bastards. I filed an official complaint with the Arizona attorney general’s office and I finally got my money back about a year ago. Always be wary.

  • BigR

    During “odumbo’s” two runs as “pres”, everybody wanted to get into the black rifle business. All these small company’s started popping up making black rifles!!! Now that “billiary didn’t make the grade, they’re all going broke. Everyone should have stayed with the big guys, ie. Colt, Ruger, S&W, FN, etc. They’re in better condition to weather the drop in gun sales.

  • Bravi

    Nathan, I actually have the contact info for the gentleman who was turning the Feddersen barrel blanks into finished barrels for REV Arms. He told me that one of the joint owners took everything and left, screwing REV completely. Let me know if you’re interested in his info.