REV Arms Lightweight Rail and Guaranteed Sub MOA ARs

    I came across REV Arms at a local gun show. They claim to have the lightest 15″ aluminum rail on the market.


    The RAL15 weighs in at 9.8 oz and that is including the barrel nut and hardware. You can get this rail for $225 on their website. They also offer this rail in 13″ down to 9″. The 9″ rail is a mere 7 oz.



    This light weight AR weighs in at a mere 5.5 lbs.



    REV Arms also has a low mass BCG, but it is not on their website.



    REV Arms is not just about light weight accessories. They also make accurate barrels that are guaranteed for life. That guarantee is based on its accuracy. Every rifle barrel is guaranteed sub MOA for life.

    What makes REV-Arms barrels so accurate? The secret is Single Edge Land Rifling. First and foremost, our barrel blanks are straighter than any other blank we have seen with average run-out of less than 0.0005 per inch. The blanks are then button rifled using a Hybrid Cut/Polygonal Rifling This process uses a 90 degree shoulder and one polygonal side. Our barrels are made from 4150V and Black Nitrided inside and out as well as the extension.

    Unlike Polygonal Rifling, Single Edge Land Rifling does not compress the projectile to stabilize it in flight. Instead, it engraves the projectile. The primary function of this innovation is to provide for improved rifling of the gun barrel, which has a single edge area and a polygonal area separating the grooves. In essence, it is a combination of standard and polygonal rifling. This hybrid reduces any substantial deformation of the bullet due to its minimal engraving. It allows the bullet to move more symmetrically along the barrel, enabling a straighter line towards the target. Furthermore, the tighter seal of the projectile reduces forward escaping gases, and therefore, minimal loss of gas pressures. Ultimately, this design has the capabilities of shooting match grade ammunition at sub 0.5 MOA accuracy. We have field tested these barrels and all are achieving sub 0.5” groups with factory ammo. So far our best 3-shot group at 100 yards is 0.15.” Most people cannot fathom that level of accuracy out of a standard AR platform.


    In conclusion, where else can you find a SUB MOA Guarantee from an AR without spending a fortune for a custom rifle? Oh, and if the SUB MOA Guarantee isn’t good enough for you, we even offer a no hassle LIFETIME warranty on every barrel. That’s right, if you somehow manage to shoot it out, we’ll replace it at no cost. Now that you’re done asking why REV-Arms, click here to place an order.


    At the show they also had their 3Gun Muzzle Brake for sale for $95.

    The holes are to compensate for right handed shooters. This helps with the 2 o’clock muzzle rise.

    IMG_6920 IMG_6921


    For more information, check out their website.

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