Fuchs Over & Under Bolt Action Rifles

Earlier we showed a side by side bolt action double rifle on TFB. Today we’ll take a look at a couple of over and under bolt action rifles made by the same company – Fuchs. The O&U versions of these rifles seem to be more slimline and handy if this kind of action can be handy at all.
So the idea behind these rifles is to combine the advantages of double rifles and bolt action rifles. It has the advantage of a double rifle to make a quick second shot by just pulling the second trigger. No bolt action can obviously allow such a fast second shot. At the same time, the gun has the advantage of a magazine fed bolt action rifle over double rifles when it comes to making the third shot. Unlike a double rifle, it doesn’t require to break the action and load it with another pair of cartridges. Instead, you just cycle the bolt and as fast as you can do it you’ll have next two rounds chambered.
Fuchs offers two versions of rifles with this action. The simpler one is called Blue Boy. Both barrels of this rifle are chambered in 8x68mmS cartridge. It feeds from a two or four round side mounted magazine. So you can keep it light using the two round magazine and having a 2+2 capacity (2 in the mag and 2 in the chambers). Or you can have the larger 4 round magazine and have 6 cartridges in the gun – 4 in the magazine plus 2 in the chambers. The rifle also features free floated barrels and has a Picatinny rail section for attaching a scope. This rifle weighs 11.5 lbs with 23.6″ barrels.

Fuchs Blue Boy

Next model is called African Queen. It is a more high-end rifle than the previous one. As you can see, the African Queen has engravings with gold inlays all over the metal parts. According to Fuchs, half of this rifle’s metal parts are made of titanium. Just like the Blue Boy, it also features free floated barrels, has the same magazine capacity options, barrel lengths and overall weight. The African Queen rifle is chambered in .416 Remington Magnum (both barrels).

Fuchs African Queen

That’s it – a brief look at another weird action and design from a European firearms manufacturer.

Hrachya H

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