Nosler Varmageddon Rifle Now in 22 Nosler

Varmageddon AR Rifle

Nosler announced that its current Varmageddon AR rifle is now available in 22 Nosler. These rifles are built by Noveske Rifleworks, a company with a significant following in the shooting industry.

The Cartridge

Announced around the beginning of the year, the 22 Nosler is a cartridge designed for use in the AR platform. A standard AR can be converted to the cartridge with an upper swap and the use of 6.8 SPC magazines. The same bolt carrier group used in a 5.56 NATO AR can be used for this cartridge.

The cartridge offers the advantage of increased velocities when compared to the 5.56 NATO. The company lists the 22 Nosler 55 grain load at 3,350 fps with an 18″ gas operated, semi-automatic rifle.

The Gun

The Varmageddon AR rifle is a semi-automatic gun designed for varmint hunting, but it could be equally good at other kinds of hunting and shooting. The gun’s features include:

  • 18″ barrel, threaded (1/2″-28)
  • Geissele SD-E trigger (two stage)
  • Super Badass charging handle
  • flat dark earth finish
  • KeyMod compatible handguard
  • ambidextrous safety selector
  • Magpul MOE pistol grip
  • Magpul PRS Gen3
  • Precision Reflex 15 round magazine
  • accessories included: soft sided carrying case, MBUS Pro folding sights, sling, patch

The guns have a suggested retail price of $2,869.95 for the base model. Customizations can drive the price up from there.

Richard Johnson

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  • Sunshine_Shooter

    “Super Badass charging handle” Is that an opinion, or an actual component name?

    • Juggernaut

      That’s one of Noveske’s douchey touches that neckbearded Operators will pay a premium for.

  • Andrew

    The cartridge seems pointless. There’s hardly any advantage over .223, but no compatibility.

    • Yeah the numbers seem quite low; per Rifle Shooter, XM193 is clocking 3200fps from an 18″, and 3300from a 20.”

      However, the case itself is very promising, as it’s a 6.8 SPC that can use a 5.56 bolt.

      Necked up to 6mm I could see it being pretty awesome.

    • Edeco

      yeah, I’m waiting for better numbas, because it’s not that impressive over choice 5.56 so far, apparently. I think better numbers will come if 22 Nosler is allowed to mature and particularly with 24 and 26″ barrels.

      I mean it should be faster with short barrels but adding propellant at similar (I assume) peak pressure means staying closer to peak longer, so I think it will shine brightest in longer tubes.

  • Daniel

    As Noveske fan and owner- $3K for a .22!!!!???? Daaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmn. Thankfully the ammo is in the >$300 per K range…….. oh wait….

    • Daniel

      I’ll add that I don’t have a beard. Neck, tacticool or otherwise.

  • USMC03Vet

    $3k for keymod.
    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.