Nosler’s New M48 Long Range Rifle

    Model 48 Long Range Rifle

    For 2017, Nosler introduced a number of new products. One of the company’s new rifle offerings is the Model 48 Long Range Rifle. As the name suggests, Nosler designed the new M48 for target shooting and hunting at long ranges.


    There are a wide range of features included in this rifle. I will touch on just some of them here.

    • action: Nosler uses the M48 Custom action that is machined from a single block of steel. The bolt is said to precisely match machined rails for a smooth operation.
    • barrel: The stainless steel, match grade Shilen barrel is 26″ long and free floated. It is threaded and equipped with a muzzle brake.
    • trigger: A single stage Timney trigger is used. It has a two position safety.
    • stock: Nosler uses a 100% carbon fiber Manners MCS-T Elite stock. The stock is textured for a good grip in poor weather conditions.
    • finish: Nosler uses a Cerakote All Weather finish on ¬†all of the external metal surfaces.

    Model 48 Long Range Rifle


    The M48 Long Range Rifle is available in six different calibers. Not surprisingly, many of those chamberings are for the company’s own cartridges. The calibers are:

    Pricing and Availability

    Nosler set the suggested retail price at $2,495. Rifles can be ordered directly from the company (either online or by phone) or through your local gun shop.

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