DRD Tactical Announces Law Enforcement Use of Kivaari Rifles


DRD Tactical announced that two Georgia law enforcement agencies are now using the Kivaari rifles. According to the company one agency is a “large” department while the other is a “medium” sized agency. DRD Tactical did not elaborate on the identities of these departments.

It appears that the rifles were selected for the departments’ SWAT teams.

The Kivaari is a semi-automatic rifle that is similar in appearance to the AR-10 platform. The guns use a non-reciprocating side handle for working the bolt. Unloaded, the guns weigh about 13.6 pounds with an attached bipod. Ten round magazines are standard. The rifle ships with two magazines.

The rifles can be had in .338 Lapua Magnum and 300 Norma Magnum. According to DRD Tactical, the rifles picked by the two Georgia law enforcement agencies are chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum.

DRD Tactical is the same company that makes the Paratus takedown rifle. Likewise, the Kivaari also takes down into a backpack sized package. Fully assembled, the gun is 47″ long with a 24″ barrel. The barrel has a 1:10″ twist. The company backs the gun with a 1 MOA accuracy guarantee (when shot with Lapua ammunition.)

According to the company’s website, the pricing on the Kivaari starts at $5,000 and can increase to $5,400 with the NiB Battle Worn finish.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Patriot Gunner

    I work in the gun industry and I never understood why companies would advertise their sales to agencies, and then not list that agency. Plus gov is cheap, they hammer you on prices (margins in this industry are already terrible) and suck up all your support time. Unless they are buying in cargo container loads it ain’t worth it.

    • Drew Coleman

      My guess is that the agencies don’t want it advertised.

    • neckbone

      If it wasn’t for gov. spending most of these corporations wouldn’t be in bidness.

      • Patriot Gunner

        Yes, it is quite unfortunate that gov intervention picks winners and losers which props up companies that would otherwise fail in a free market.

        • neckbone

          That’s why it’s odd to see people spewing the capitalistic bs. Corporations buy the politicians and get market control through favorable laws and regulations. It’s crony capitalism. And it’s sickening. Everything is propped up

          • Patriot Gunner

            Exactly. We haven’t had real free market capitalism in such a long time that most people (even so called PhD economists) believe that what we have now is in fact free market capitalism when it is a corrupt and perverted mutation of a once free system. Many corporations spend all their R&D money on lobbying to create favorable laws and regulations like you mentioned, then turn out sub-par, low quality, bland products. If they had spent the money on R&D they could create products that are genuinely better. I think that this is one primary reason why we’ve had such a plateau in the firearms industry. People will comment that “it only costs the gov approximately $600-$700 dollars to buy an M4, why would they buy something new?” But the whole point of capitalism is not only to make better products, but to make them cheaper as well. The plateau will be surpassed when a private company on its own volition makes a product that the free market accepts, not a product that is the outcome of a gov boondoggle where hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money is spent on a project centrally planned by a few at the highest levels of gov.

  • 22winmag

    When they say “use” do they mean blow federal grant money and play with them at the range?

    • Juggernaut

      God forbid they buy a Ruger Precision in .308 for $1200 and put a $400 Vortex on it.

    • neckbone

      Exactly what they mean. Only well funded departments can spend on these. It’s easy when you spend money you don’t have to work for.

  • Juggernaut

    The best gear the taxpayers’ $ can buy for these idiot cops.

    • 22winmag

      Are we allowed to denigrate the boys in blue… err …black here? It’s definitely frowned upon over at pro-cop, pro-police state Glock Talk.

  • Jim N Jenna SK

    No law enforcement needs .338

    • noob

      Being an anti-materiel cartridge and in times of peace there should not be enemy war materiel in your country, i concur that this has no police purpose… UNLESS the politicians wouldn’t mind a sportsman owning a gun with no sporting purpose. That would be fair. Sporting, even.

      • anon

        .338 and 300winmag aren’t anti-materiel cartridges

        • Renato H M de Oliveira

          Not for the military. But for LE they are, unless bad guys start using Bradleys.
          In any case, I fail to see a point for 338LM for LE.
          The longest reported police sniper shot was around 400 m – 308Win is overkill at this range.

          • Vitor Roma

            6.5 Creedmoor would be the perfect round for LE. More accuracy with a bit less recoil than .308.

          • Renato H M de Oliveira

            Still overpowered. FBI stats show >95% LE sniper kills are under 100 yd.
            At this range, a 300BLK or even 223Rem will do the trick with both hands tied in the back.

      • OC

        “Si vis pacem, para bellum”

        “If you want peace, prepare for war”

        • Vitor Roma

          It’s more like “if you want a ever growing budget, pretend you need to prepare for war”.

    • Vitor Roma

      Came here to post that, a clear example of the cops wanting to feel like soldiers. 300winmag would be more than enough.

      • 22winmag

        I’ve had more than I can take with people implying cops are not civilians. The only folks who aren’t civilians are card carrying ACTIVE DUTY military.

      • iksnilol

        300 winmag is a mall ninja round, 338 is better.

    • Badwolf

      And that is why…DRD Tactical did not elaborate on the identities of these departments.

    • MeaCulpa

      In numbers no, but for blowing through the engine block of a truck or construction equipment it might come in handy and events where that might come in handy are not unforeseeable.

      • jonp

        and how many times has that happened?

  • $400 more for “battleworn” finish? That’s gayer than Siegfried and Roy.

    • Patriot Gunner

      What better way to prove to everyone that you are high speed low drag lol.

  • Danno

    I’m sure everyone here with their brilliant responses have factored in shooting through different types of glass and plexi glass at various angles and ranges. Surely .308 is good enough. Just like all of those Remington 700’s that would shoot on their own… Let’s not evolve and find better safer tools.

    • Renato H M de Oliveira

      Unless bad guys start using Bradleys, I fail to see a situation where a 308Win rifle firing something like the M80A1 will be too weak for LE use.
      And if you have a gang with the resources to deploy advanced armour en masse, then no LE agency will be able to deal with that by their own. That’s a job for the National Guard, or beyond.

    • jonp

      If you need more power than a 308 then a 300Win Mag is the logical step unless you want to play soldier. If guys want to spend their own money on these then no problem. If they are gearing up like a door kicker in Mosul at my expense then I would like an explanation. The reason the departments are not identified is that there would be more than a few irate citizens showing up at the city meetings asking what the hell is going on.

  • jonp

    Some reason a Police Dept needs a 338 Lapua not to mention dropping over $5k on a rifle? A bolt Savage Target is 1/5th of that price. Must have gotten some DOJ Gov’t grants

    • Patriot Gunner

      I’ve sold to LE’s and other alphabet soup agencies and I can tell you right now that they are not paying anywhere near 5K. I think the more prescient question is what need could ever justify a 338 lapua. The average shot taken by a SWAT sniper is 54 yards with extremes going out to 220 yards. At those distances 308 has plenty of grunt.

      • jonp

        Yeah, I get that what we pay is not what law enforcement or any government agency would but you think they will sell one as low as an off the shelf Savage or other make? Probably not and my caliber question is one that you answered,. No use for this on a local level and very little on a Federal level. I’m looking at agencies that continually scream poverty dropped such coin on firearms they have little use for other than the cool factor

        • Patriot Gunner

          Oh no doubt in my mind that whatever they paid for it could have bought 3 Savage rifles or a a bunch of Rem 700’s with decent glass and enough money left over for ammo.

  • Aaron

    Here is where reality meets fantasy and more than likely the case with the dubious amount of information from DRD.

    SWAT sniper: Hey boss would it be alright for me to use this rifle?

    Police Chief: Just as long as you can achieve the hit/miss qualify with it.

    SWAT sniper: Cool! Thanks boss.

    Police Chief: Whatever. Oh and have my secretary bring in my morning coffee and doughnut.

    Unless DRD provides a purchase order with a Department letterhead I’ll go with the above being the truth as opposed to a team firearm mandate.

  • Mr. Ninny

    Good Lord…. That was spectacular… I’m honestly at a loss for words