Aimpoint Supplying Army With 30,000 M68CCOs

Aimpoint was very recently awarded a 10 million dollar contract for the delivery of 30,000 M68 Close Combat Optic reflex sights to the U.S. Army. The commercial variant of this sight is the Aimpoint CompM4. These sights have already been in use with the U.S. Army for some time now, seeing much usage in Iraq and Afghanistan. Primarily they are for the M4 carbine, but can also be used for the M16A4, M249, and M240 weapon systems. Although some Army units have purchased Trijocon RCOs and Elcan Spectres with their own budgets, the M68CCO is mounted on a majority of the Army’s individual weapon systems. The price equates to around $360 per sight, but this is also including spare parts and other pieces of equipment that the Army stipulated, so the actual per sight cost might be somewhat lower.

From Aimpoint-

Aimpoint, the worldwide leader in reflex sight technology, has been awarded a contract for supply of 30,000 M68 Close Combat Optics (M68CCO) to the U.S. Army.  The Aimpoint CompM4s sight is type-classified as the M68CCO when used by the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force. These sights will be supplied with a killFlash® anti-reflection device, rubber lens covers, and adapters which allow the sights to be deployed on all versions of the M16 rifle, M4 Carbine, and light machineguns such as the M240 and M249.

From the original contract announcement on

Aimpoint Inc., Chantilly, Virginia, has been awarded a maximum $10,800,000 firm-fixed-price contract for reflex sights. This is a one-year contract with no option periods. This was a sole-source acquisition using justification 10 U.S. Code 2304 (c)(1). Locations of performance are Virginia and Sweden, with a Feb. 20, 2018, performance completion date. Using military service is Army. Type of appropriation is fiscal 2017 through fiscal 2018 Army working capital funds. The contracting activity is the Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime, Warren, Michigan (SPRDL1-17-C-0127).

It appears with this contract that the Army is either replacing previous M68CCO sights that are nearing the end of their life cycle timeline, or the service is simply getting sights out to units that don’t have them yet in the Reserves for example. Overall the Army hasn’t made the jump to a magnified optic, something that the Marine Corps has done with the Trijicon RCO. One of the driving factors for magnified optics in the Marine Corps was gaining accurate positive identification of targets at longer ranges. In addition, it greatly aids in searching for IED indicators.


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  • codfilet

    I paid a lot more for my CompM4……..I guess I don’t have an Uncle in the Government business…..(any old Detroiters recognize this jingle?)

    • Dan Lunn

      Joshua Door and Robinson Furniture both used that jingle. its a shame a Detroit area company didn’t get this contract. Without reviewing the merits of their offerings in this part of the market EOTECH and Trijicon are both local SE Michigan companies. UTG Leapers is as well but I recognize they might be importing their optics. Aimpoint comes from the land of Abba and inexpensive furniture.

      • DanGoodShot

        I went to Ikea. I bought a lamp, a kids desk, chair and an Aimpoint Comp M4.

        • codfilet

          did it come with a wrench?

          • Tim

            Actually my PRO came with a hex wrench.

    • Stephen Paraski

      He was found in trunk at Metro Airport. I had a Uncle in Collection Business.

  • Ron

    Although some units in the past have purchased ACOGs, the M150 RCO is in common usage in the Army and not a unit purchased item.

    • Joshua

      Yep, depends on where you are.

      In Afghanistan I saw far more M150s than M68s.

      • SGT Fish

        We had m68s for everyone, and some with acogs if they wanted

        • Hem90

          That’s how my unit is. Everyone vies for the acogs.

  • DanGoodShot

    I have a comp m4 I bought 6 months ago. But I like to shoot farther out latley. So I’m thinking aboit selling it and getting something like the Primary Arms ACSS 1×6 or 8. I cant decide what I want to do though. Should I just get a magnifier or sell the comp m4 and buy something else. If I go that road… what do I get thats good for close in AND out to 4-500 yrds? Anybody?

    • Jambo

      I have an IOR fixed 4x optic and a comp m4. What I did is just put QD mounts on both optics and I switch between them depending on what I want to do. I prefer the aimpoint, though.

    • Rem870

      I have an AR15 set up with an Aimpoint with an Eotech flip to side magnifier. I will sometimes shoot it out to 300 or 400 yds (200 zero, match handloads). Hitting steel is very possible using 2 moa dot to “imagine” dot stacked on 1/2 or 1 dot width above targets at 300 or 400. Can not remember exact spacing- i use Strelok when shooting. I tried 600 with this set-up and while it is “possible” (not many hits) it is not practical to “imagine” several dot widths above the target for hold over at those longer ranges.

      I also have other AR’s with various optics. One other has a Vortex Razor 1-6. It does very well out to 600 yards. Using Razor’s mil hashes or adjusting turrets for ballistics.

      While the Razor goes down to 1 magnification, it is not as easy or fast to get situated behind, or walk around behind, as an Aimpoint type optic is. There is a reason some military or police use Aimpoint or Eotech type sights.

      Up to you on what use you want it to be good for.

  • Joshua

    Likely to replace broken M68s, because no matter what the internet or famous “SME” celebrities say they break, and fairly often.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Probably. I’ve never seen a civilian one break, but they clearly aren’t unbreakable.

      I just can’t get over that the right side of the glass is blurry by design, once seen can’t unsee. That and the eye relief is right when your eyeball is touching glass.

      But I do like one or two models with extended eye relief.

      • Joshua

        I had a few pictures once of tables full of Comp M4’s that were broken.

    • Sean

      Aimpoint makes the most reliable red dots for military/commercial applications. Simply no other red dot can stand up to abuse and daily use. PERIOD

      In every tactical rifle course I have taken, most people run an optic like Aimpoint, EOTech, Trijicon and to this day I have never seen an Aimpoint break or malfunction. Their battery life still cannot be matched by any other manufacturer.

      I have seen dozens of EOTechs have issues of every type. EOTech is finally addressing that big recall that affected military and commercial consumers. It is sad though that our military has to pay a Swedish company to equip our special forces.

      • Joshua

        I’ve seen tables full of broken Comp M4’s, even took a few pictures once.

        • Sean

          The fact that I have taken tactical rifle courses does not mean I served in the military.

          I am sure you came across tables of broken M68s, but this amount cannot compare anywhere near the amount of defective EOTechs. The U.S. gov’t had to sue L-3 and found out that L-3 knew of the defects years before and of course, did nothing to rectify it.

          • Joshua

            I never claimed Eotechs don’t break. I have photos of tables full of those as well.

            I also have a photo with about 7 broken ACOGs….those are by far the most durable optic on the market.

          • Sean

            ACOGs are damn fine magnified optics. We are solely talking about red dots though.

          • CavScout

            They aren’t that great… very short range of eye relief to see, and not very far from the optic either. Would choose a CCO over an ACOG, and just carry a 8x monocular or something.

          • Sean

            I would choose an M68 over ACOG also but one is a red dot and the other is magnified. apples vs oranges. But my favorite setup would be an M68 w/ magnifier.

    • CavScout

      Yep, they break, but they’re probably the best out there. More often they break from water/moisture from getting in when soldiers don’t makes sure the caps are on good and the o rings are intact. EOTechs I have no excuse for. They are fragile by comparison.

  • SGT Fish

    What is on that soldiers cover!

  • Lance

    Can be used on the M-16A2 as well.

  • H.C.

    I find this hard to believe, as they are literally getting of new in the box CompM4’s by the hundreds every day on DRMO.