Breaking: New Aimpoint Nano Mini Red Dot Sight

    TFB has learned that the Swiss company B&T will be introducing an exclusive new mini red dot sight from Aimpoint tomorrow called the Nano at a police firearms meeting along with their brand new duty weapon, the B&T Universal Service Weapon. We are going to follow up with some exclusive content in a separate post on the USW later today.

    TFB spoke to the very kind people at Aimpoint about the Nano. It was developed specifically for the USW and there are no plans to offer the Nano separately from the USW. Sadly there was not very much information available for us to share with you as a result of how new the Nano is. The new red dot does appear to be a touch bigger than other MRDS offerings currently on the market and has an interesting mounting system.

    Would we like to see Aimpoint develop this into a competitor to the RMR style sights that have become very popular on the market? Hell yes! Aimpoint has kind of ignored the MRDS market and has forced many fans of the brand to turn to the Micro line of sights from competitors.

    Would you like to see Aimpoint develop this into a competitor to the RMR? I know I would!

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    Phil Note: As Patrick said the sight will be offered on the USW and will likely not be sold in the US at least not for a good while.