Glock Mag Dual End Plates, Why?!

Sometimes I wonder if accessory makers really think things through when they release a product. I guess there’s a market for stuff no matter how odd the product may seem. Remember the AR-15 Muzzle Brake with Picatinny Rails? I’m sure that one was a really big hit with customers. We actually did a review of it last year.

While surfing the web for something to blog about I stumbled upon, purveyors of the best probably not American made firearms accessories. They sell all the common goods, AR-15 hand guards, Muzzle Brakes lower parts kits etc. But they had one product that caught my eye, not because it’s something I’d be willing to buy, but because it made me think WTF?!

It’s a dual end plate for Glock magazines that allows you to connect two Glock mags end to end. I get it, they’re trying to create an easier way to allow shooters to quickly reload their Glock. I just don’t see how this accomplishes that, it can’t be any easier than just practicing quick reloads and carrying two extra mags on your belt. Their new dual end plates come in a 2 piece set and is made out of polymer. It’s available for 9mm, .40 SW, .380 Auto and .45 GAP model Glocks (no love for .45 ACP and 10mm shooters?). It’s available in multiple colors and retails for $14.99.

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  • txJM

    Because Glockers gonna derp, that’s why.

  • Andrew

    You bring up a good point about this not being any faster to reload, but you know what’s faster still? A 33 round happy stick that doesn’t really extend any further than this does. Why reload at all when you can just have double the magazine capacity in the same space as this?

    • Bean Guy

      How about two, 33 rounders with this base plate?

      • Vizzini

        And with a special rubber footpad on the bottom magazine, it doubles as a cane!

        • PK

          A cane for glocking around town, I presume.

      • Edeco

        Probably better to just tape the protruding parts of the shafts together tho. I just had a convo on another post about it.

        Come to think, one could get a little more overlap thus shorter with a G19 grip.

      • El Duderino

        It sucks when you go to a low ready and hit yourself in the crotch with your mag though.

  • Phillip Cooper

    “Range toy”

    Next dumb question?

  • Red McCloud

    The ‘why’ is probably Californians wanting to feel like they have more than 10 rounds along with the cool factor. If all I had available was a 10 round mag I’d definitely try to extend my capacity without breaking the stupid laws, so pseudo-jungle mags for the Glock is better than nothing I guess.

    • Edeco

      I remember mag couplers being a bit of a thing during the Late Unpleasantness*, pretty much as a crummy substitute.

      *AWB not War of Northern Aggression.

  • TheNotoriousIUD
    • mazkact

      Collect them all

  • PersonCommenting

    Maybe its for reliability. Sure you can have a 33 rounder but if that one goes down then you got another mag where as if you had just the one 33 your done. Idk thats all I could think of as to why but then again why not joined 2, 33 round mags?

  • Nicholas C

    Actually there is something similar by Brian Miller and Taccom. PCC allows for any size magazine in USPSA. So people are coupling mags. You can couple two 30 rd mags and it becomes one giant magazine. Obviously this is not the case.

  • Nicholas C
    • El Duderino

      Fine ninjaneering there, Nick!

  • Cal S.

    Darn it! For a minute there I was thinking it doubled the capacity like that one AR magazine baseplate coupler did. I’d kill for a Hi Point version of the latter.

    “Why don’t you just buy a Redball 20-rounder?” Shut up. Because Redball hates​ Colorado and won’t make a 15-rounder, and Hi Point hates Colorado and won’t let us use existing 15-rounders without voiding the warranty, that’s why.

  • Edeco

    Nopers, impractical since I’d have to forgo plates with glass breakers or peace-signs

  • Cymond

    You laugh, but I’ve always heard that “the fight will begin and end with what is in the gun”. When I was in California, I searched for one of these online. I didn’t find one, and in the end, I taped a pair of 10 round magazines together.

    My inner satirical mall ninja wants to attach a pair of 31* round mags, and then couple those with the recent Lone Wolf coupler.

    *They’re only 33 rounds with the +2 baseplate.

  • USMC03Vet

    Remember this next time before you’re about to reply to someone claiming that aftermarket equates to best product. I know I will.

    Coming down with some doodaditus. I hope they sell banana flavor it’s my fav.

  • Does this count as manufacturing a ~~high capacity~~ magazine in California? If not, there y’go.

    • Rick O’Shay

      California is what popped into my mind, too.

  • Bigg Bunyon

    I just bought 33 rounds magazines for 9mm and a couple of similar for 40 S&W. Thing is, I seldom use any of them. They’re unwieldy except for range use; I’d expect these things to be the same if not worse. But hey, I’m sure they will sell. Anything to help fight off the zombies that might come at ya. Or as my generation is more likely to want to protect against, the yellow hoard coming from the North, or East or whichever direction China is from you.

  • Gary Kirk

    “No love for .45ACP or 10mm”.. That’s because people that shoot those calibers know not to buy crap like this..

  • Some Rabbit

    Pfft! Why not a quad or hex floorplate adapter? Give your Glock that tacticool WWI radial aircraft engine look.

  • ArkhamInmate

    Because there is a lot of money to be made in derp.

  • Cynic

    I can actually see a use for me, airsoft where the 33 founder large capacity mags tend to get cold under rapid fire and/full auto fire because of the way propane/green gas works when the Mags get too cold performance gets sluggish and you can end up just venting gas.

    So 33rd sticks are cool but cool down makes them impractical unless you use co2 but the guns can be too hot to use depending on temp this is an issue with gas guns in general BUT more so for co2 so a pair of 20round mags on the gun vs a 50 round extended magazine i could see being useful especially in something like a glock 18 where your flipping the Mag to motivate cool down plus you could reload the bottom magazine on the fly. The only pain would be that you cant charge the Mags with gas but using co2 that wouldn’t be an issue i guess.